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Scottish Football Programmes

67/8 Rangers
68/9 Dunfermline (SC)
70/1 Dundee
71/2 Hearts, East Fife, Morton (SC)
72/3 Dumbarton, Dundee, Hibernian, St.Mirren (Dryborough Cup), Airdrie, Arbroath, East Fife (LC)
73/4 East Fife (LC & Mar), Dunfermline, East Fife (LC), Stirling Albion (LC)
74/5 Morton (Nov)
75/6 Rangers (Dec & Apr), Celtic (LC & Feb), Hearts (Aug),
76/7 Ayr (LC), Dundee Utd (Anglo Scot Cup & Mar), Kilmarnock (LC & Sep), Hearts (Jan)
77/8 Dundee United (Aug & Jan), Rangers (Aug & Dec), Cowdenbeath (LC), Ayr (SC & Mar), Hibs (Oct), Motherwell (Dec), Partick (Sep, Jan & Apr), St.Mirren (Apr)
78/9 Ayr (Nov & SC)), Dundee United (Mar), Morton (Aug & Dec), Hamilton (LC), Celtic (SC & Oct), Hibs (Nov & Apr), Partick (Sep & Feb), Rangers (Nov & Apr), St.Mirren (Apr),
79/80 Dundee (Mar), Rangers (Jan), Arbroath (LC & SC), Hibs (Aug)), St Mirren (Dec), Partick (Mar), Airdrie (SC), Celtic (Jan), Meadowbank (LC), Kilmarnock (Oct & Feb), Morton (Mar)
80/1 Dundee United (Aug, Oct & Dec), Morton (Sep & Feb), Rangers (Dec & (LC), Celtic (Sep & Dec), Berwick (LC), Hearts (Mar), St.Mirren (Oct)
81/2 St Mirren (Dec), Partick (Nov), Airdrie (LC), Celtic (Jan & SC), Rangers (May)
81/2 Morton (Oct)
82/3 Motherwell (Oct), Celtic (Dec - signed by 3 Aberdeen & Apr) , Morton (Sep & Jan), Kilmarnock/Hibernian (Double Issue - signed by 3 Aberdeen, Dec/Jan), Dundee United (LC, Nov & Mar), Rangers (Sep & Jan)), Hibernian (May), Dundee (Oct), St.Mirren (Nov & Apr), Dundee/Dumbarton/Morton (3 match Lg Cup)
83/4 Hibernian (Dec & May), Celtic (Oct & Feb), Dundee (LC & Aug), Dundee United (Sep, SC & Apr), Hearts (Nov), Kilmarnock (SC), Motherwell (Dec), Rangers (Nov & May), St.Johnstone (LC & Apr), St.Mirren (Mar)
84/5 Dundee United (Dec & Mar), Hearts (Sep, Feb & SC), St Mirren (Oct & Mar), Celtic (Dec & Apr), Rangers (Sep & Jan), Dumbarton (Apr), Dundee (Dec), Hibs (Sep & Jan)
85/6 Dundee (Nov, Mar & SC), Montrose (SC), Celtic (Nov & Apr), Dundee United (Mar), Hibs (Aug), Motherwell (Aug), Rangers (Feb), St Mirren (Sep & Jan)
86/7 Celtic (Nov, Mar & SC), Falkirk (Dec), Hamilton (Dec), Hearts (Jan), Hibs (Dec), Motherwell (Oct & Feb), Clydebank (Apr), Dundee (Aug)
87/8 Dundee (Oct)
88/9 Rangers (Jan), Hibs (Sep & Jan), Hearts (Feb), Celtic (Nov & Apr)
89/90 Rangers (Nov), Celtic (Feb), Hearts (Feb), St.Mirren (Nov)
90/1 Hibs (Aug)
91/2 Hearts (Mar)
92/3 Dundee United (SC), Hibs (Dec)
93/4 St Johnstone (SC), Rangers (Sep & Jan)
94/5 Partick (Sep), Hibs (Mar), Falkirk (Aug), Rangers Sep & Feb), Stranraer (LC)
95/6 Falkirk (Nov), Rangers (Oct & Feb)
96/7 Hearts (Aug), Kilmarnock (Sep & Feb), Hibs (Sep & Dec), Dunfermline (Oct), Raith (Oct & May), Dundee United (Nov & Mar), Rangers (Dec & Mar), Motherwell (Apr)  
97/8 Rangers (Nov), Kilmarnock (Aug & Feb), Dundee United (Aug), Dunfermline (Sep), Hibs (Oct), St.Johnstone (Dec)
98/9 Kilmarnock (Sep & Feb),
99/00 Dundee (Aug), Kilmarnock (May)
01/02 Hearts (Apr), Celtic (SC), Rangers (Jan)
02/03 Dundee United (Sep)
03/04 Moterwell (Nov), Kilmarnock (Jan)
04/05 Hibs (Mar), Motherwell (Oct), Dundee (Mar)
05/06 Berwick (Cup)
07/08 St.Mirren (Mar, )Hibs (Apr)
08/09 Kilmarnock (Nov), Rangers (Jan), East Fife (Feb), Hamilton (Mar),
11/12 Celtic (Mar),

61/2 Stirling, Raith
62/3 Partick, Raith
64/5 Clyde,
66/7 Ayr
67/8 Partick (LC), Morton
69/70 St Mirren,  Raith
71/2 Hibernian, Kilmarnock, Clyde
72/3 Hearts (LC), Kilmarnock, Motherwell, Morton (Nov)
74/5 Ayr, Partick (Nov & LC), Aberdeen, Morton (SC)
76/7 Raith, Dundee (Sep), Arbroath (Sep),
77/8 Alloa (Oct), Dumbarton (Jan), Morton (Oct )
78/9 Dumbarton (Nov)
80/1 Celtic (Nov), Morton (May)
81/2  Hearts (LC), St.Mirren (Sep), Morton (Feb & May)
82/3 St Mirren (Cup), Hamilton (Sep), Clydebank (LC)
83/4 Celtic (LC), Morton (Oct)
88/9 Falkirk (Apr)
89/90 Alloa (Mar)
91/2 Rangers (Oct), St.Johnstone (Sep & Feb)
92/3 St Johnstone (Nov), Partick (Mar),
93/4 Hamilton (B&Q Cup)
94/5 St Johnstone (Aug & Jan),
04/05 East Fife (CIS Cup)

Albion Rovers:  
72/3 Berwick
73/4 Raith, Queens Park (Feb inc May insert), Stranraer, Clydebank
74/5 Hamilton
76/7 East Stirlingshire, Stenhousemuir, Meadowbank  
77/8 Dunfermline (Oct), Raith (Mar), Falkirk (Dec), Stenhousemuir (Apr), East Stirling (Sep), Morton (SC)
78/9 Brechin (Oct), Stranraer (Nov)
79/80 Montrose (Dec)
80/1 Forfar (Apr), East Fife (Nov)
81/2 Stenhousemuir (Nov & May), Stirling (Nov), Inverness Clachnacudden (SC), Montrose (Feb), East Fife (Mar), Alloa (Mar), Brechin  (Apr),
84/5 Arbroath (Nov), Stenhousemuir (Jan), Alloa (Apr)
85/6 East Stirling (Sep & Apr), Stranraer (Nov), Cowdenbeath (Nov) Berwick (Jan), Stenhousemuir (Mar & May), Stirling (Apr), Queen of the South (Mar), Gala Fairydean (SC)
86/7 Whitehall Welfare (SC)
87/8 Queens Park (Apr)
88/9 Rangers (Fr, Sept), Dumbarton (Sep), East Stirlingshire (Aug)
89/90 Hamilton (Dec), Forfar (Apr), Partick (Dec)
90/1 Stirling (Feb)
91/2 Clyde (May)
92/3 Montrose (Sep), Forfar (Oct), Clyde (Dec), Queen of the South (Jan),
94/5 Alloa (Jan), Cowdenbeath (Feb), East Stirlingshire (Mar), Arbroath (Mar), Ross County (Dec)
95/6 Ross County (LC & Nov), Brechin (LC), East Srirlingshire (Oct), Alloa (Oct), Livingston (Nov), Deveronvale (Dec), Caledonian Thistle (Dec), Queens Park (Jan), Cowdenbeath (Feb), Arbroath (Mar)
96/7 Arbroath (Apr)
00/01 Peterhead (Sep)
01/02 Brechin (Mar), Peterhead (Feb)
04/05 Hibs (CIS Cup)

60/1 Dumbarton (SC)
61/2 Stirling (LC)
62/3 Arbroath, Morton
63/4 Berwick, Morton
77/8 Dundee (Apr), Dumbarton (SC &Apr),
78/9 Stenhousemuir (Nov), Albion (Nov)
80/1 Albion (Mar)
82/3 Arbroath (LC), Celtic (LC), Queens Park (Dec), Morton (SC)
83/4 Ayr (Dec)
85/6 Morton (Oct), Airdrie (Aug)
86/7 East Stirling (Nov)
88/9 Stirling (Skol Cup)
91/2 Berwick (Dec)
94/5 Cowdenbeath (Dec), Ross County (Nov)
95/6 Forfar (LC)
98/9 Arbroath (Nov)
00/01 Clyde (Oct)
10/11 East Fife

Annan Athletic:
88/9 Queens Park (SC)
08/09 Stenhousemuir (Aug), Cowdenbeath (Oct), Montrose (Nov), Elgin (Mar)
09/10 East Stirlingshire (Aug), Elgin (Sep), Albion (Jan)
10/11 Albion (Jan)

Annbank United:
87/8 Auchinleck Talbot (@ Kilmarnock)

68/9 St Mirren
70/1 Alloa, Berwick, Queens Park
72/3 East Fife,
73/4 Ayr (Nov),
75/6 St.Mirren (Nov), Dumbarton (Spring Cup),
76/7 Hamilton (Jan), Clydebank (Nov), Celtic (LC), Dumbarton (LC)
77/8 Raith (LC), Hearts (Apr), East Fife (Oct), Queen of the South (Sep)
78/9 Dumbarton (Aug), Stirling (Nov), Airdrie (LC & Dec), Dundee (Oct), East Fife (LC), Hamilton (Nov), Stirling (Jan)
79/80 St.Johnstone (Aug), Clyde (Feb), Clydebank (Sep), Hamilton (Sep), Raith (Oct), Stirling (Mar)
80/1 Stranraer (Nov), Queen of the South (Apr), Clyde (Dec), East Fife (Oct), Meadowbank (Nov), Stranraer (Nov)
81/2 Cowdenbeath (Sep), Stenhousemuir (Aug & Sep), Meadowbank (Aug), Stranraer (Aug), Brechin (Sep), Clyde (Oct), Albion (Aug), Berwick (Oct), Stirling (Jan)
82/3 Stenhousemuir (May), Albion (Sep), Berwick (Nov), Brechin (Apr), Celtic (Aug), East Fife (Dec)
83/4 Cowdenbeath (Mar), Queen of the South (Sep & Apr), East Fife (Apr), Albion (May), Montrose (Dec), Stranraer (Oct), Queens Park (Mar), East Stirling (Feb), Dunfermline (Jan)
84/5 Stenhousemuir (Apr)
85/6 Dunfermline (Aug), Aberdeen (SC), Dundee United (Sep), Meadowbank (Dec), Stenhousemuir (Nov)  
87/8 Alloa (Feb), Stenhousemuir (SC)
88/9 Hibs (July)
92/3 Aberdeen (Skol Cup), Brechin (Feb), Clyde (Nov), East Fife (Sep), East Stirling (Aug), Forfar (May), Stenhousemuir (Mar), Stranraer(Jan & Apr)
93/4 Alloa (Oct), Albion (Nov & May), Berwick (Jan), Celtic (LC), Dundee United (SC), East Fife (Dec), East Stirlingshire (Feb), Forfar (Aug), Montrose (Forfar Cup), Queens Park (Apr), Stenhousemuir (Sep), Stranraer (Feb)
94/5 Rangers (LC), Ross County (Nov)
98/9 Clydebank (LC), Stirling (Aug)
00/01 Queen of the South (Feb)
01/02 Airdrie (Aug & Feb), Ayr (Sep & Jan), Falkirk (Sep & Jan), Inverness Cal Thistle (Oct, SC & Mar), Partick (Aug & Feb), Raith (Nov & Mar), St.Mirren (Nov & Apr)
02/03 Alloa (Oct), Ayr (Nov & Mar), Clyde (Aug & Feb), Falkirk (Oct & Jan), Forfar (LC), Inverness Cal (Nov & Mar), Queen of the South (Nov), Ross County (Aug & Dec), St.Johnstone (Aug & Jan), St.Mirren (Sep & Mar), Rangers (SC)
05/06 Alloa (Play Off), Queens Park (Dec)
07/08 Albion (CIS Cup)

Ayr Utd:
58/9 Morton
59/60 Stirling
62/3 Dumbarton, Forfar, East Fife
63/4 Stranraer (LC), Arbroath
64/5 Berwick, Albion
65/6 St Johnstone (SC), Cowdenbeath
66/7  Hearts
68/9 Stranraer (Mar)  
69/70 Raith, Dunfermline
70/1 Cowdenbeath
71/2 Dunfermline, Hearts, Morton
72/3 Rangers, Arbroath, Kilmarnock (Ayrshire Cup), Partick, Motherwell, Falkirk, Dundee, Dumbarton, Celtic
73/4 Motherwell, Dundee United, Hearts, St.Johnstone, Celtic, East Fife, Dundee
74/5 Motherwell (Sep), Celtic (LC), Aberdeen (Feb), Dunfermline (Apr), Queens Park (SC), Partick (Oct), St.Johnstone (Nov), Dundee (Dec), Morton (Dec), Clyde (Jan)
75/6 Hibernian (Nov & Mar), Rangers (Oct & Feb), Celtic (Nov & May), Hearts (Dec), Motherwell (Nov)
76/7 Partick (Mar), Kilmarnock (LC & Jan)), Dundee United (Sep & Jan), St.Mirren (LC), Rangers (Oct & Feb), Motherwell (Nov)
77/8 Dundee United (Oct & Feb), Hibernian (Ang Scot & Dec), Aberdeen (Sep), Celtic (Aug & Dec)
78/9 Montrose (Dec), Clydebank (Oct), Hamilton (Mar), Stirling (Dec)
80/1 Falkirk (Nov), Dunfermline (Mar), Clydebank (Feb), Dundee (Dec), Hamilton (Sep), Morton (LC)
81/2 St Johnstone (Sep) East Stirling (Oct) Queen of the South (Dec), Kilmarnock (Jan), Clydebank (Feb),
82/3 Sirling (Aug), Airdrie (Feb), Clyde (Jan), Albion (SC)
83/4 Raith (Sept), Morton (Mar)
84/5 Airdrie (Oct), Keith (SC)
86/7 Meadowbank Thistle (Mar)
87/8 Stenhousemuir (Jan)
88/9 Clydebank (Apr), Dunfermline (Apr), Meadowbank (Dec)
90/1 Clydebank (Oct & Feb), Clyde (Oct, Cent Cup Semi)
91/2 Forfar (Oct)
92/3 Hamilton (Oct)
94/5 Raith (Dec), St Mirren (Jan)
96/7 Clyde (Jan)
97/8 Greenock Morton (Dec)
98/9 Stranraer (Sep), Albion (Feb teamsheet)
99/00 Raith (Aug), Livingston (Feb) ‘
00/01 Falkirk (Dec), Raith (Apr)
01/02 Raith (Aug), Falkirk (Apr)
02/03 Cardiff/Wycombe/Stranraer (Pre season Fr - £2)

Berwick Rangers:
59/60 Hamilton
63/4 Morton
65/6 Brechin, Arbroath, Raith
66/7 Dumbarton
69/70 Queen of the South
70/1 Alloa (LC), Stenhousemuir
71/2 Clydebank, Queens Park, Alloa  
73/4 Queen of the South
74/5 Stirling Albion (Feb), Montrose (Mar), Brechin (Aug)
76/7 East Stirling (Apr), Albion (Jan), Cowdenbeath (Sep)
77/8 E.Stirling (Apr), Albion (Oct & Feb),
78/9 Cowdenbeath (Sep), Albion (Sep)
79/80 Morton (Anglo Scottish Cup)
80/1 Hamilton (Jan), Falkirk (Apr)
81/2 St Mirren (Fr), Dundee United (Fr), Clyde (LC), Stranraer (Apr)
82/3 Stenhousemuir (Jan), East Stirling (Apr)
83/4 Motherwell (LC), Stenhousemuir (Sep), East Fife (Mar), Albion (Apr)
85/6 Arbroath (Aug)
86/7 Arbroath (Oct), Stenhousemuir (Sep & Nov), Alloa (Mar)
88/9 Queens Park (Nov), Alloa (Jan)
90/1 E.Stirling (Mar), Cowdenbeath (Mar),
91/2 E.Stirling (Cup),  
93/4 Forfar (Nov)
94/5 Brechin (Nov), Queen of the South (Jan)
96/7 Hibernian (Pre season Fr)
97/8 Hearts (Fr), Celtic (LC)
00/01 Cowdenbeath (SC), Hearts (SC), Arbroath (Aug)
01/02 Cowdenbeath (Apr)
04/05 Brechin (SC)
05/06 Arbroath (Jan)
09/10 Annan (Aug), Stranraer (Sep)

Brechin City:
72/3 Forfar, St.Mirren
76/7 Berwick (Sep)
77/8 Queens Park (Sep)
80/1 Cowdenbeath (Nov), Albion (Nov), Forfar (Feb), Meadowbank (Apr), Stranraer (Oct), Arbroath (Nov)
81/2 Dundee United (SC)
82/3 Stenhousemuir (Dec)
83/4 Morton (Sep & Apr)
84/5 Airdrie (Apr)
86/7 Dumbarton (Apr), Partick (Nov), Morton (Aug)
89/90 Queens Park (Mar), Dumbarton (Mar)
94/5 Stirling Albion (Oct)
96/7 Livingston
99/00 Morton (SC)
00/01 Peterhead (Oct)

69/70 Rangers (SC)
70/1 Dundee
71/2 St.Johnstone (sof), Albion (SC), Motherwell
72/3 Aberdeen (Dryborough Cup Semi Final), Hibs (Dryborough Cup Final), Dundee United, Airdrie, East Fife, Hibernian, Hearts, Aberdeen, Falkirk, Stirling Albion (LC), Kilmarnock, Ayr, Celtic
73/4 Arbroath (LC), Clyde, Rangers, Motherwell (SC), Dumbarton, East Fife, Dundee United, Hearts
74/5 Arbroath (Oct), Hibs (Oct), Aberdeen (Nov), St.Johnstone (Dec), Clyde (Jan), Dundee United (LC), Kilmarnock (Aug), Ayr (Sep)
75/6 Dumbarton (LC), Dundee (Sep), Hibs (Oct & Feb), Rangers (Apr), Aberdeen (Apr), Ayr (Apr), Motherwell (Nov), St.Johnstone (Apr)
76/7 Motherwell (Oct & Mar), Arbroath (LC), Rangers (Jan), Ayr (SC), Queen of the South (SC)
77/8 Motherwell (Aug & Jan), Partick (Dec), Dundee (SC), St Mirren (LC), Stirling (LC), Clydebank (Sep & Jan), Kilmarnock (SC)
78/9 Hearts (Aug & Dec & May), Aberdeen (SC), St Mirren (Sep), Partick (Nov), Morton(Oct & Mar), Dundee (LC), Dundee United (LC), Motherwell (LC), Montrose (LC)
79/80 Rangers (Oct & Apr), Dundee United (Sep), Morton (SC & Dec & Aug), St.Mirren (SC)
80/1 Airdrie (Sep), Rangers (Feb), Hamilton (Sep), Morton (Aug & Jan), Dundee United (Oct), Kilmarnock (Oct), Hearts (Dec & Apr), St Mirren (Mar), Aberdeen (Mar)
81/2 Morton (Sep), Aberdeen (Mar), St Mirren (May 3 and 15)
82/3 Dundee (Sep), Dundee United (Apr), Aberdeen (Feb), Rangers (Mar), Morton (May)
83/4 Aberdeen (Mar), St.Johnstone (Feb), St.Mirren (Jan)
84/5 St Mirren (Apr), Dundee United (Aug), Hibs (Oct & Mar), Inverness Thistle (SC)
85/6 Clydebank (Nov), Dundee (Apr)
86/7 Rangers (Apr), Dundee United (Nov), Aberdeen (Aug & Dec, Hearts (Oct)), St.Mirren (Oct), Hibs (Jan)
87/8 Aberdeen (Sep & Dec), Motherwell (Feb), Rangers (Aug), Falkirk (Mar), St Mirren (Nov), Dunfermline (May)
88/9 Hearts (SC and, Aug), Dundee United (Mar), Rangers (Apr), Dumbarton (SC)
89/90 Hearts (Oct), Hibs (Feb), Dundee United (Mar) Rangers (Aug & Jan), Aberdeen (Dec)
90/1 Dundee United (Oct & Feb), St.Mirren (SC)
91/2 Motherwell (Mar), St.Johnstone (Apr), St Mirren (Sep), Dunfermline (Nov)
92/3 Hibs (Mar), Motherwell (Jan), Hearts (Oct & Mar)
93/4 Hibernian (Aug and Dec), Aberdeen (Sep and Jan), Dundee (Oct), Partick (Nov), Rangers (Aug & Jan), Raith (Mar), Hearts (Apr)
94/5 Dundee United (Aug), Kilmarnock (Sep and Jan and SC), Hibs (Sept and Feb), Rangers (Oct and May), Motherwell (Dec & Apr), Hearts (Dec &Apr), Falkirk (Oct),Partick (Nov & May), Aberdeen (Oct)
95/6 Partick (Oct & Feb), Hibs (Oct), Aberdeen (Oct), Raith (Nov), Kilmarnock (Dec & Apr), Hearts (Mar), Dundee United (SC) Falkirk (Apr)  
96/7 Dundee United (Dec), Kilmarnock (Jan), Raith (Feb), Hibs (SC),Rangers (Mar & SC), Aberdeen (Apr)
97/8 Dunfermline (Aug & Feb), Rangers (Sep, Nov & Jan) ,Motherwell (LC), Morton (SC), Hearts (Mar), Hibs (Dec & Apr), St.Johnstone (May)
98/9 Dunfermline (SC, Aug & Dec),Kilmarnock (Sep & Feb), Dundee United (Feb)
99/00 Hearts (Aug), St.Johnstone (Aug), Hibs (Dec & Apr), Kilmarnock (Oct), Dundee (LC & Mar), Dundee United (Dec & May), Motherwell (Apr), Aberdeen (May), Inverness Caley Thistle (SC)
00/01 Dundee United (Oct), Motherwell (Aug), Hearts (SC & Nov), Hibs (Feb), Dundee (Apr), St.Mirren (Apr)
01/02 Aberdeen (Sep), St.Johnstone (July), Stirling (LC), Dundee United (Oct), Livingston (Dec), Kilmarnock (Oct)
02/03 Kilmarnock (Sep & Apr), Rangers (Oct, autographed, Mar), Partick (Nov, autographed), Inverness Caley Thistle (LC), Dundee (Dec), Dunfermline (Aug)
03/04 Dundee (Dec), Rangers (May), Hearts (Apr)
04/05 Falkirk (CIS Cup), Livingston (Jan)
05/06 Hearts
06/07 Motherwell (Oct & Apr), St Mirren (Jan)

59/60 Arbroath
61/2 Arbroath
62/3 Stranraer, Cowdenbeath
67/8 Falkirk
68/9 Partick, Rangers
69/70 Hibernian
70/1 St.Mirren  
71/2 Ayr (SC), Morton, Hibs
72/3 Raith
74/5 Dundee (Mar), Motherwell (Nov)
75/6  East Fife (Dec)
76/7 Alloa (Apr), Meadowbank (Sep), Stenhousemuir (Jan)
78/9 Clydebank (Dec),Celtic (Anglo Scottish Cup), Raith (Aug)
79/80 Rangers (SC),
80/1 Montrose (Sep), Partick (Glasgow Cup)
81/2 Arbroath (Mar), Cowdenbeath (Apr), Berwick (Feb)
83/4 Rangers (Glasgow Cup Semi), Falkirk (Sep), Airdrie (LC), Raith (Nov), Ayr (Sep), Brechin (Nov), Aberdeen (SC), Dumbarton (Jan)
86/7 Dunfermline (Oct),
88/9 Queen of the South (Apr), Falkirk (Sep)
90/1 Ayr (Apr)
93/4 Clydebank (Nov), Falkirk (Nov), Hamilton (Feb), Morton (Dec)
94/5 Meadowbank (Oct)
95/6 East Fife (Dec), Rangers (SC), Stirling (Nov)
96/7 Dumbarton (Sep), Celtic (LC), Huntly (SC)  
98/9 Spartans (Cup), East Fife (Feb), Inverness CT (Sep), Partick (Dec), Stirling (Oct)
99/00 Hibs (LC)
00/01 Morton (LC)
01/02 Arbroath (Aug)
03/04 Ross County (Feb), Brechin (Aug)

76/7 Rangers (LC)
77/8 Ayr (Dec & Apr), Aberdeen (Dec), St.Mirren (Mar), Hibs (Nov), Celtic (Apr), Motherwell (Feb), Dundee United (Sep)
79/80 Airdrie (Sept), Dumbarton (Aug)
84/5 Partick (Mar), East Fife (Dec)
85/6 Rangers (Apr)
86/7 St.Mirren (Mar), Rangers (Apr)
87/8 Hamilton (Oct)
88/9 Kilmarnock (Sep)
89/90 Rangers (Pre Season), Ayr (Nov)
99/00 Morton  (Oct,teamsheet)

Cove Rangers:  
92/3 East Stirlingshire (Cup)

70/1 Clyde (Feb), Dundee (Aug), Morton (Oct), Celtic (Mar), Kilmarnock (Sep), Airdrie (Feb), Ayr (Dec), Aberdeen (Apr), Falkirk (Nov)
71/2 Stenhousemuir (Sep)
73/4 Alloa (Nov)
74/5 Queen of the South (Nov)
78/9 East Fife (Nov)
79/80 Stenhousemuir (Mar),
80/1 East Fife (Jan), Brechin (Sep), Queen of the South (Jan) 83/4 Vale of Leithen (SC) 86/7 Raith (Mar), St.Johnstone (Skol Cup) 89/90 Dumbarton (Sep), East Fife (Feb) 92/3 Hibs (SC) 00/01 Peterhead (Apr) 04/05 Gretna (Mar), 06/07 St Johnstone (Pre season)

Dalbeattie Star:
98/99 East Stirlingshire (SC)

Dalkeith Thistle:
82/3 Celtic (Fund raising)

91/2 Rangers (Fr)

75/6 Kilmarnock (Jan)  
76/7 St Johnstone (Dec), Dundee (Nov), Montrose (Jan), Raith (Dec), Arbroath (LC)
77/8 Hearts (Aug & SC), Hamilton (LC, Feb), Dundee (Apr), Airdrie (Sep), Queen of the South (Aug), St.Johnstone (Feb)
78/9 St Johnstone (Oct), Clyde (Mar), Hamilton (Sep), Arbroath (Mar), Raith (Dec)
80/1 St.Johnstone (Aug)
81/2 St.Johnstone (Oct)
82/3 Clyde (Dec), Alloa (Jan), St Johnstone (Sep), Hearts (May), Partick (Apr), Ayr (Sep), Hamilton (Oct & Apr), Airdrie (Mar), Dundee (Aug), Dunfermline (Mar), Morton (LC)
83/4 Hibernian (Aug)
84/5 St Mirren (Feb), Dundee United (Skol Cup)
87/8 Forfar (Dec), Celtic (Aug)
88/9 East Stirling (Oct)
89/90 Celtic (LC), Queens Park (Oct)
91/2 Queen of the South (Feb), Clyde (Apr)
92/3 St Mirren (Oct)
00/01 Peterhead (Dec & May)
02/03 Ayr LC)
04/05 Alloa (Nov),
05/06 Alloa (Feb)
07/8 Celtic Reserves (Fr)

58/9 Aberdeen
60/1 Ayr
62/3 Dundee United (LC), Aberdeen (Sep),
63/4 Dundee United (Sep), Dunfermline (Oct)
64/5 Morton (Dec)
65/6 Stirling (Mar)
66/7 Dundee United (Jan), Clyde (Dec), Falkirk (Feb), Motherwell (Oct), Partick (Feb), Stirling (Mar), St.Johnstone (Nov)
67/8 St Johnstone (Oct)
69/70 Kilmarnock (LC)
70/1 Dundee United (Jan), Ayr (Feb), Falkirk (Oct), Hibs (Mar)
71/2 Falkirk (Oct), Queen of the South (SC)
72/3 Falkirk (Apr), Hibs (Oct), Celtic (Sep & LC)
73/4 Aberdeen (Jan), Falkirk (Sep), Dunfermline (Nov), Hearts (May), Rangers (Dec), Morton (Apr), Arbroath (Feb), Ayr (Oct), Dumbarton (Nov), East Fife (Sep), St.Johnstone (Apr)
74/5 Aberdeen (Sep), Hibs (LC), Morton (Oct)
75/6 Hibs (Dec), Celtic (Nov), Rangers (Sep)
76/7 Montrose (Oct), Arbroath (Sep)
77/8 Hearts (Oct), Queen of the South (LC & Mar), Arbroath (Oct), Morton (Apr & Dec)
79/80 Rangers (Nov & Apr), Morton (Sep & Jan), Celtic (Dec), Dundee United (Mar)
80/1 Hamilton (Oct), Arbroath (LC), Berwick (Mar), Kilmarnock (LC), Ayr (Jan), Clydebank (Apr), Falkirk (Sep)
81/2 Partick (Sep), Morton (LC, Nov & Apr)
82/3 St Mirren (Mar), Celtic (Nov), Morton (Jan & Sep & LC), Hibs (Feb), Kilmarnock (Apr), Motherwell (Sep)
83/4 Hearts (Jan), Rangers (SC, Oct), Motherwell (Apr), Celtic (Mar)
84/5 Celtic (Sep & Feb & SC), Morton (Dec), Hibs (Dec), Aberdeen (Mar)
85/6 Celtic (Sep & Feb), Rangers (Nov)
86/7 Dundee United (Mar), Rangers (Mar)  
87/8 Rangers (Jan), Celtic (Feb)
88/9 Hearts (Dec & Apr), Celtic (Sep) Hibs (Oct),
89/90 Rangers (Nov, Mar), Dunfermline (Oct)
90/1 Kilmarnock (SC)
91/2 Stirling (Mar), Raith (Mar),
93/4 Hearts (Oct), Celtic (Dec), Rangers (Sep & Jan),
94/5 St.Johnstone (Oct)
95/6 Kilmarnock (LC)
97/8 Airdrie (Oct)
98/9 Aberdeen (Aug), Celtic (Aug)
99/00 Aberdeen (Feb)  ‘
00/01 Hearts (Aug)
01/02 Celtic (Sep), Partick (SC)
03/04 Celtic (Sep)
04/05 Dunfermline (Apr)
07/08 Livingston (Mar), Clyde (Mar)

Dundee United:
67/8 Partick, Rangers (LC)
68/9 Dunfermline (LC), Arbroath, Queens Park (SC), Celtic (Jan), Rangers
69/70 Hearts (LC), Hibs (Nov), Clyde (Dec)
70/1 Cowdenbeath (Apr), Clyde (LC), Airdrie (Oct)
71/2 St Johnstone (Sep)
75/6 Aberdeen (Mar), St.Johnstone (LC), Celtic (Nov), Ayr (Feb)
76/7 Celtic (LC)
77/8 Rangers (Oct, Feb), Partick (Sep), Clydebank (Nov), Celtic (Mar), Ayr (Apr)
78/9 Celtic (Feb), Morton (Sep & Mar)
79/80 Aberdeen (Apr), St.Mirren (Nov), Morton (Ar 12 & Apr 23)
80/1 Rangers (Sep & Feb), Morton (Aug & Feb)
81/2 Hamilton (LC), Morton (Nov)
82/3 Aberdeen (Sep), Rangers (Nov), Morton (Oct & Feb)
83/4 Aberdeen (SC), St Johnstone (Nov), Dundee (Apr), Motherwell (Aug & LC), Hearts (SC), Morton (Oct)
84/5 Aberdeen (Aug), Morton (Nov)
85/6 Dundee (Dec), Aberdeen (Aug), Celtic (Sep & Dec), St.Mirren (LC & Apr))
86/7 Rangers (Mar), Aberdeen (Aug)
87/8 Rangers (Oct) Aberdeen (Oct), Celtic (Dec), Hearts (Nov)
88/9 Rangers (Sep), Hearts (Jan)
89/90 Rangers (Dec), Celtic (Sep)
91/2 Falkirk (Nov), Airdrie (Jan), Hibs (Mar), Rangers (Oct), St.Johnstone (Oct), Motherwell (Feb)
92/3  St.Johnstone (Aug), Rangers (Feb)
93/4 Raith (May), Rangers (Oct & Apr)
94/5 Partick (Feb), Rangers (Dec & Apr), Falkirk (Feb inc update), Hearts (Mar), Kilmarnock (Apr)
95/6 Partick (Play Off)
96/7 Celtic (Sep), Rangers (Dec)
97/8 Rangers (Oct)  
00/01 Hearts (Oct)
01/02 Hibs (Oct), St Johnstone (Apr),
03/04 Dunfermline (May)

62/3 Hearts,
65/6 St Johnstone (LC)
66/7 Stirling (Apr),
68/9 Dundee United
69/70 St.Johnstone
72/3 Brechin (Oct), Forfar (Sep), Stirling (Jan), Stranraer (Mar)
73/4 Dundee (LC), Hibs (Dec), Partick (Jan), East Fife (Jan)
74/5 Rangers (Oct), Dundee (Oct), Morton (LC & Nov)
75/6 Clyde (Jan), Cowdenbeath (Spring Cup), East Fife (Jan), Falkirk (Oct), Partick (Feb),
76/7 Aberdeen (SC), Albion (Oct), Alloa (Sep), Brechin (Sep), Clyde (Mar), Clydebank (LC), Cowdenbeath (Mar), East Stirlingshire (Oct & Feb), Stenhousemuir (Apr), Stranraer (Apr)
77/8 Stenhousemuir (Jan)
78/9 Stenhousemuir (Dec), Cowdenbeath (Jan)
79/80 Hearts (Dec)
80/1 East Stirlingshire (Nov), Clydebank (Oct), St Johnstone (Sep), Hamilton (Dec), Falkirk (Nov), Dumbarton (Sep)
81/2 Hearts (Apr), East Stirlingshire (Nov)
82/3 Alloa (Jan), Partick (Mar)
83/4 Dundee United (LC), Albion (Apr), Arbroath (Apr), Stenhousemuir (Oct)
84/5 Celtic (Skol Cup), Raith (Jan)
85/6 Meadowbank (Oct)
86/7 Dumbarton (Oct), Queen of the South (Apr), Forfar (Aug), Morton (Oct & Mar)
87/8 Rangers (LC & Oct), Hibernian (Dec),  Dundee (Mar), Falkirk (Apr), Celtic (Aug & Jan), Aberdeen (Nov), Dundee United (Oct)
88/9 Raith (Aug), Kilmarnock (Mar)
89/90 Hamilton (SC)
90/1 Rangers (Mar)
91/2 St Johnstone (Aug), Dundee Utd (Nov & Mar)), Airdrieonians (Dec), Hibernian (Feb), Rangers (Mar), Forfar (SC), Hearts (SC),  
92/3 Rangers (LC), Clydebank (Aug), Cowdenbeath (May)
93/4 East Stirlingshire (LC), Airdrie (Aug), Greenock Morton (Sep), Stirling (Oct), Clyde (Nov), Brechin (Oct), St Mirren (Sep)
94/5 Meadowbank (LC), Raith (Aug), Hamilton (Sep), St Johnstone (Oct), Clydebank (Nov), St Mirren (Nov), Dundee (B&Q Semi)  
95/6 Bolton/Hibs (joint Fr), Dundee United (Aug)
96/7 Kilmarnock (Oct), Aberdeen (Dec), Celtic (Dec, Jan & Mar), Dundee United (Oct & Jan), Hibs (Dec), Partick (LC), Rangers (Aug), St Mirren (LC)
97/8 Celtic (Nov), Ayr (LC), Dundee United (Oct & Feb), Edinburgh City (SC), Kilmarnock (Jan), Motherwell (Feb), Rangers (Dec), St Johnstone (Jan), St Mirren (LC)
98/9 Motherwell (May), Dundee (Mar), Hearts (Sep), Dundee United (Apr), Celtic (May), Rangers (Sep)
99/00 Airdrie (Oct), Livingston (Nov)
00/01 Hearts (Nov)
03/04 Partick (Sep), Rangers (May)
05/06 Hearts (Jan), Livingston (Apr), Dundee United (Sep)
06/07 Rangers (CIS Cup), St Mirren (Sep)
10/11 Hibernian/Aberdeen/Hearts (Pre season)
13/14 Stranraer (Play Off Semi Final 2nd Leg - £3)
14/15 Greenock Morton (Oct)

East Fife:
59/60 Brechin,
61/2 Brechin
62/3 Stenhousemuir
63/4 Arbroath (LC), Raith
65/6 Ayr
66/7 East Stirling
67/8 Hamilton, Queens Park
69/70 Dundee,
72/3 Morton
73/4 Dundee, Ayr
74/5 Forfar
76/7 Raith (Jan)
77/8 Dundee (Dec), Hearts (Nov & Jan), Clydebank (LC), Morton (Nov)
78/9 East Stirling (Sep), Meadowbank Thistle (Nov), Falkirk (Oct), Queens Park (Jan)
79/80 Cowdenbeath (Aug)
81/2 Alloa (Oct), Stranraer (Aug), Arbroath (Lg Cup), Montrose (Feb)
82/3 Brechin (Aug), Forfar (Mar), Raith (SC)
83/4 Celtic (SC)
85/6 Forfar (Mar)
86/7 Rangers (Skol Cup), Morton (Jan & Sep)
87/8 Dumbarton (Sep), Forfar (Oct)
88/9 Arbroath (Sep)
89/90 Meadowbank (SC)
93/4 Rothes (Cup)
97/8 Kilmarnock (LC)
01/02 Peterhead (Jan)
04/05 East Stirlingshire (Sep)
05/06 Stranraer (CIS Cup)

East Stirlingshire:
71/2 Forfar (Dec)
75/6 Brechin (Sep)
76/7 Albion (Dec), Alloa (Jan), Stenhousemuir (Sep)  
78/9 Albion (Apr)
81/2 Queens Park (Sep), Dumbarton (Nov)
82/3 Stenhousemuir (Nov)
84/5 Arbroath (Feb), Queen of the South (Mar)
85/6 Raith (Skol Cup), Stirling (Mar), Arbroath (Apr)
86/7 Berwick (Nov), Albion (Apr)
89/90 Stirling Albion (Cup),
90/1 Stirling (Mar)
92/3 Clyde (Aug)
94/5 Caledonian Thistle (LC)
96/7 Brora Rangers (SC)
99/00 Falkirk (CIS Cup)

Edinburgh City:
17/18 Raith (Fr), Falkirk (Fr)

Elgin City:
89/90 Arbroath (SC)
99/00 Rangers (Fr)
00/01 East Stirlingshire (Nov), Hamilton (Aug), Cowdenbeath (Mar), Dumbarton (SC & Sep), Montrose (Sep), Peterhead (Sep & Mar), Queen of the South (SC,rearranged fixture)
01/02 Peterhead (Mar,rearranged fixture)
04/5 Gretna (Apr)
08/09 Annan (Sep)

67/8 Stirling (Sep)
68/9 Airdrie (Sep), Partick (Apr)
71/2 Ayr (Apr), Partick (Nov)  
81/2 Motherwell (Apr), Clydebank (Nov)
82/3 Dumbarton (Dec), Hamilton (Nov), Rangers (SC)
87/8 Dundee (Dec), Dunfermline (Aug), Rangers (Nov)
91/2 East Stirling (LC), St Johnstone (Nov), Dundee (Feb)
92/3 Hearts (Dec), St Johnstone (Nov), Hibs (Dec), Partick (Jan),
93/4 Cowdenbeath (B&Q Cup),
94/5 Partick (Jan), Hibs (Feb), Rangers (Sep & Jan)
95/6 Rangers (Sep & Jan)
98/99 Huntly (SC), Hamilton (Nov)
00/01 Alloa (Sep), Hibs (Sep)
02/03 Clyde (Sep)
03/04 Raith (Mar)
05/06 Hearts (Oct & Mar)
13/14 Hamilton (Play Off Semi Final 1st Leg - £3)

75/6 Stranraer (Nov), Stenhousemuir (Oct)
76/7 Stenhousemuir (Dec)
77/8 Queens Park (Dec), Meadowbank (Aug), Cowdenbeath (Apr)
78/9 East Fife (Dec & Mar), Cowdenbeath (Dec), Rangers (LC)
79/80 Berwick (Lg Cup), Brechin (Oct)
80/1 Rangers (LC)
81/2 Montrose (Mar), St.Mirren (LC)
82/3 Berwick  (Sep)
83/4 Montrose (Dec), Berwick (Dec)
84/5 Falkirk (Jan), Hibernian (Fr)  Kilmarnock (Nov), Meadowbank (Nov)
85/6 Rangers (LC)
86/7 Dundee United (SC)
87/8 East Fife (Dec), Hamilton (Jan), Clyde (Dec)
89/90 Albion (Dec)
91/2 Montrose (Nov), Raith (Oct), Hamilton (Oct), Ayr (Nov), Dundee (Jan),  
93/4 Cowdenbeath/Arbroath (Mar), East Stirlingshire (Apr), Queen of the South (Mar)
94/5 Albion (Feb)
98/9 Clyde (Sep), Livingston (Dec)
00/01 Peterhead (SC)

Forres Mechanics:
84/5 Aberdeen (Centenary match),
86/7 Hibernian/East Stirlingshire (Pre Season),
09/10 Buckie (Aug)

Fort William:
85/6 Inverness Thistle (SC), Clachnacuddin (Highland Lg)

90/1 Cove Rangers (SC)

Gala Fairydean:
80/1 Berwick Reserves (Dec)
86/7 Whitehall Welfare (SC)  
87/8 Easthouses (Tartan LC)
87/8 Pencaitland (Tartan LC), Hawick Royal Albert (King Cup), Civil Service Strollers (SC), East Stirling (SC),  
89/90  Celtic (Fairydean Challenge - £5)
93/4 Whitehall Welfare (Confed Life LC Final)
96/7 Hamilton (Pre Season)
01/02 Forfar (SC), Hibernian (Fr)
05/06 Hearts (Pre Season)

Greenock Morton:
58/9 Ayr 60/1 Dumbarton (LC) 63/4 Clyde (LC), Arbroath (Mar) 64/5 Clyde (LC), Hibs (Feb), Hearts (Mar), Falkirk (Apr) 66/7 Arbroath (LC), Brechin (LC), Stranraer (Apr) 67/8 St Johnstone (Oct), Rangers (Apr) 68/9 Celtic (LC), Kilmarnock (Jan), Dundee (Dec) 69/70 Motherwell (LC) 70/1 Dunfermline (LC) Clyde (Mar), Airdrie (Mar) 71/2 Dundee (Mar) 72/3 Partick (LC), Celtic (Sep), Falkirk (Dec), Rangers (Jan) Dundee United (Feb) 73/4 Hibs (LC), Aberdeen (Nov), Clyde (Nov),  74/5 Partick (Sep), Mothrwell (Oct), Dundee (Feb), Hearts (Apr) 75/6 Arbroath (Sep), Montrose (SC), East Fife (Feb) 76/7 Arbroath (Oct), Dumbarton (Dec) 77/8 Hamilton (Sep), Hearts (LC & Feb & Mar), Montrose (Nov),St.Johnstone (Nov), Airdrie (Dec & Apr), Meadowbank (SC), Kilmarnock (Mar) 78/9 Rangers (Sep & Jan), Partick (Oct), Celtic (Aug & Dec), Motherwell (Oct & Mar), Hibernian (LC & Dec & Apr), St.Johnstone (SC), Hearts (LC), St Mirren (Aug & Apr), Dundee United (Nov & Mar), Aberdeen (Apr) 79/80 Queen of the South (LC), Dundee United (Sept), Dunfermline (SC), Celtic (Mar), St Mirren (Nov & Mar), Kilmarnock (Sep), Dundee (Nov & Mar), Partick (Aug), 80/1 Dundee United (Nov), St Mirren (Aug & Jan), Celtic (Feb), Airdrie (Nov), Aberdeen (Apr & Dryborough Cup Semi), Albion (Dryborough Cup), Rangers (Oct), Kilmarnock (Jan), Clydebank (SC), Ayr (LC)  81/2 Airdrie (Mar), Rangers (May), St Mirren (Mar) 82/3 Dumbarton (LC), Aberdeen (LC), St Mirren (SC), Celtic (Oct) 83/4 Airdrie (Dec), Dundee United (LC), Alloa (Oct), Falkirk (Nov), Ayr (Sep), Partick (Sep), Raith (Dec), Dumbarton (Oct) 85/6 Airdrie (Apr), Brechin (Feb) 86/7 East Fife (Apr) 87/8 Rangers (Nov) 89/90 Alloa (Sep), Forfar (Sep), Albion (Oct), Rangers (Skol Cup) 92/3 Kilmarnock (Aug) 93/4 Clyde (Mar), Dumbarton (Sep) 98/9 Raith (Mar), Falkirk (Apr), Clyde (SC) 99/00 St.Mirren (Nov), Rangers (SC), Inverness CT (Apr) 00/1 Clyde (Oct)

02/03 East Fife (Apr)
04/5 Albion (Nov), Stenhousemuir (Dec & Apr), Queens Park (Mar), Peterhead (Mar)  

Hamilton Academicals:
61/2 Montrose (LC)
62/3 Arbroath
67/8 Queens Park
68/9 St Mirren (LC)
71/2 Stranraer, Brechin (LC)
72/3 St Mirren, Forfar (SC and Dec)
73/4 East Stirling (LC), Motherwell (Lanarkshire Semi Final), Alloa (SC)
74/5 Alloa (Jan & Apr), Celtic (LC)
75/6 Falkirk (Dec), Clyde (Nov), Dumbarton (Jan)
76/7 St.Johnstone (Jan), Clydebank (SC), East Fife (Feb), Montrose (Apr), Raith (Dec), Morton (Dec)
77/8 St Mirren (LC), Airdrie (Nov), Alloa (Feb)
78/9 Montrose (Dec), Ayr (Feb), St.Johnstone (Dec)
79/80 Stirling (Apr), Clydebank (Dec), Arbroath (Mar), Ayr (Nov)
80/1 Dumbarton (Sept)
81/2 Dumbarton (May)
82/3 Berwick (LC), Airdire (Jan), Kilmarnock (LC),
83/4 Alloa (Sep),
86/7 Hibs (Feb)
88/9 Rangers (Aug), Hibs (Apr)
89/90 Clydebank (Dec), Dunfermline (SC)
90/1 Celtic (Skol Cup)
91/2 Meadowbank Thistle (Dec)
92/3 Hearts/Rangers (Fr), Meadowbank (Jan)
94/5 Rangers (SC)
97/8 East Fife (Aug), Rangers (LC and SC)
98/9 Ayr (Oct), St.Mirren (Aug), Stranraer (Nov)
00/01 Peterhead (Sep & Jan)
03/04 Hearts (Fr)
10/11 Inverness Caley Thistle (May)

58/9 Ayr (LC (m)
59/60 Kilmarnock (SC), Stirling Albion
60/1 St Mirren (LC)
61/2 Raith (Mar), Dunfermline (tc), Celtic, Kilmarnock (LC & Dec), Aberdeen (Feb)
62/3 Dundee (LC)
63/4 Dunfermline (Summer Cup), St Mirren (Nov), Dundee United (Mar), Dundee (Nov), Falkirk (Jan)
64/5 Partick, Hibernian, Dunfermline (Summer Cup), Celtic (inc handbook), Morton (SC), Airdrie (Aug)
65/6 Rangers (LC handbook edition), Hibernian, Motherwell, Rangers, Dunfermline, Partick, Celtic, Dundee United, Falkirk, Kilmarnock,
66/7 Rangers, Hibernian, Dundee United (SC)
67/8 Falkirk, St.Johnstone, Rangers, Partick, Kilmarnock, Raith, Celtic, Hibs, Airdrie
68/9 Dundee (Lg Cup), Kilmarnock (Lg Cup), Rangers, Celtic, Kilmarnock, Partick, Raith, Hibs, Aberdeen, Dundee United, Dundee, Morton, Falkirk, Arbroath,  
69/70 Motherwell, St Mirren, St.Johnstone
70/1 Hibernian (Jan), Motherwell (Texaco Semi - £3)  
73/4 Burnley (Texaco), Motherwell (Jan), Partick (LC & Apr)), St.Johnstone (LC), Dundee (LC & Sep), Clyde (May)
74/5 Arbroath, Dundee United, Ayr, Celtic (Nov), Dunfermline (LC), Hibernian, Clyde (Apr), Airdrie (Anglo Scottish), Aberdeen (Oct), Morton (Dec)
75/6 Dumbarton (LC), Montrose (SC 2nd Rep), Queen of the South (Anglo Scottish Cup), Celtic (Scot Lg Cup & May), Aberdeen (Aug), Dundee (Nov), St.Johnstone (Dec)
76/7 Dundee (LC), Kilmarnock (Feb)
77/8 Dundee, Morton (LC & Dec)
78/9 Celtic (Oct & Apr), Morton (SC, LC & Sep)
79/80 Arbroath (Mar)
80/1 Partick (Oct and Feb), Dundee United (Nov), Morton (Sep and SC), Kilmarnock (Dec), Celtic (Jan), Rangers (Mar)
80/1 Morton (SC,Sep & Dec)
81/2 Airdrie (Aug), East Stirlingshire (Oct), Clyde (Mar), Queen of the South (Feb), Dumbarton (Sep), Hamilton (Jan), Queens Park (Dec)
82/3 Partick (Mar), East Fife (Feb), Ayr (Feb), Hamilton (May), Clydebank (Apr), Clyde (Sep), Queens Park (Dec)
83/4  Rangers (LC & Feb), Hibs (Jan), Motherwell (Oct), St.Mirren (LC)
84/5 Dundee (Feb), Dundee United (Mar)
85/6 St.Mirren (SC), Dundee United (Sep), Hibs (Aug)
86/7 Motherwell (SC), Dundee (May), Celtic (Dec)
87/8 Rangers (Oct), Falkirk (Dec), Morton (SC), Celtic (Apr)
88/9 Rangers (Sep, Dec), St Mirren (Sep)  
89/90 Aberdeen (Apr)
90/1 St.Mirren (Aug), Rangers (Sep)
91/2 Dundee United (Feb)
92/3 Falkirk (Mar)
93/4 Rangers (Nov & Mar)
94/5 Motherwell (May), Rangers (Nov & Mar and SC)
95/6 Rangers (Dec & Apr)
96/7 Dundee United (SC)
97/8 Rangers (Dec)
98/9 Rangers (Aug & Dec)
99/00 Aberdeen (Aug), Celtic (Nov)
00/01 Dundee (May), Hibs (July)
01/02 Motherwell (Dec), Hibernian (Dec)
02/03 Dunfermline (Aug), Celtic (Oct)
03/04 Aberdeen (Aug), Dundee United (Aug), Dunfermline (Aug & May), Kilmarnock (Dec), Motherwell (May), Rangers (Sep)
04/05 Rangers (Sep)
14/15 Hibs (Aug), Queen of the South (Dec)

60/1 Kilmarnock (LC), Kilmarnock, Motherwell, Celtic (SC)
61/2 Hearts
62/3 Aberdeen
63/4 Rangers, Kilmarnock (Summer Cup), Dundee United
64/5  Falkirk, Rangers, Celtic, Airdrie, Clyde, Hearts (Summer Cup, &  Lg),
66/7 Stirling Albion (LC), Kilmarnock (LC), Rangers (LC), Dunfermline, St.Mirren, Dundee United, Berwick (SC), Aberdeen, Clyde, Ayr, St Johnstone, Stirling
67/8 Hearts, Clyde (Dec & Apr), Kilmarnock, Motherwell, Aberdeen, Motherwell (LC), Falkirk, Clyde
68/9 St.Johnstone (LC), Aberdeen, Airdrie (Oct), Dundee (Apr), East Fife (LC), Partick, Raith (LC), St.Johnstone (Apr), Arbroath (Mar),
69/70 Raith, Dunfermline (Nov & LC), Motherwell, Celtic, Aberdeen, Clyde (LC), St.Johnstone (Mar)
70/1 Dundee United (Dec)  
71/2 Kilmarnock (LC), Motherwell (LC), East Fife, Falkirk (LC), Ayr, Falkirk, Rangers, Hearts, Dundee United, Aberdeen, Clyde, Aberdeen (Scot Cup), Airdrie (Mar), Partick (Mar), St.Johnstone (Apr), Morton, Dundee
72/3 Aberdeen (LC), Dundee United (Lg & LC), Airdrie, Airdrie (LC), Ayr (LC), Aberdeen, East Fife, Morton (Scot Cup), Rangers (Scot Cup), Dumbarton (t), Partick, Morton, Arbroath, St.Johnstone, Queens Park (LC)
73/4 St.Mirren (Dryborough Cup), Dumbarton (LC), Raith (LC), East Fife, Ayr, Aberdeen, Rangers, Motherwell, Motherwell/Dumbarton (double issue), Hearts, Dundee United
74/5 Hearts (Autographed,Jim Jeffries), Kilmarnock (Dryborough Cup), St.Johnstone (LC), St.Johnstone, Motherwell, Morton, Ayr, Dumbarton, Aberdeen, Dundee, Rangers (LC), Dunfermline
75/6 Hearts (Aug & Jan ), St.Johnstone, Aberdeen, Dundee United, Motherwell (Dec & SC), Dunfermline (LC), Dundee (Oct & Feb), Rangers (Nov & Apr), Montrose (LC, Celtic)
76/7 Rangers (LC), Montrose (LC), Partick (SC), Arbroath (SC), Ayr (Dec)
77/8 Clydebank/Hearts (East of Scotland Shield), Celtic (Apr)
78/9 Hearts (Nov), Rangers (Aug,Dec), Dunfermline (SC Rep), Dundee United (Oct), Motherwell (Dec), Clydebank (LC), Brechin (LC), Morton (LC & Sep)
79/80 Morton (Oct & Feb)
81/2 Celtic (LC and Oct), Aberdeen (Nov), Airdrie (Sep), Morton (Oct)
82/3 Dundee (Dec), Rangers (Dec), St Mirren (Jan), Aberdeen (SC) Kilmarnock (Apr), Celtic (Apr), Morton (Oct)
83/4 Celtic (Dec),
84/5 Hearts (Jan)
85/6 St Mirren (Dec) Celtic (Jan & SC), Hearts (Nov), Rangers (Dec)
86/7 Dundee United (Skol Cup & Jan), Rangers (Aug)
87/8 Dunfermline (Oct), Rangers (Dec), Queen of the South (SC), Aberdeen (Sep), Dundee United (Mar)
88/9 Aberdeen (Skol Cup), Rangers (Oct)
89/90 Clydebank (Skol Cup)
91/2 Rangers (Nov), Airdrie (Nov), Celtic (Feb), Dundee United (Aug & Dec), Falkirk (Dec), Hearts (Mar), Motherwell (Oct), St Mirren (Dec)
92/3 Airdrie (Feb), Motherwell (May), Rangers (Jan)
93/4 Motherwell (Dec), Celtic (Mar), St.Johnstone (Nov), Rangers (Nov & May)
94/5 Dundee United (Dec), Rangers (Oct & Mar)
95/6 Rangers Nov & Mar)
96/7 Rangers (Jan)
97/8 Rangers (Oct)
98/9 Clydebank (Oct & Dec), Greenock Morton (Apr)
99/00 Clydebank (Cup), Rangers (Aug)
03/04 Dundee United (Nov), Kilmarnock (Oct)
04/05 Dundee (Feb), Dundee United (Oct)
05/06 Hearts (Oct and Apr), Kilmarnock (Apr)
06/07 Dunfermline (Dec)
09/10 Kilmarnock (Oct)

92/3 Queen of the South (SCup)

82/3 Aberdeen (Official pavillion opening)

Inverness (Caledonian) Thistle:
80/1 Elgin (Dec)
81/2 Nairn (SC), Keith (Nov)
86/7 Nairn (Highland LC)
89/90 Celtic (Fr)
94/5 Arbroath (Aug & Jan), Alloa (Apr), Dundee (B&Q Cup), Queens Park (Aug), Albion (Nov), Montrose (Dec)
95/6 Alloa (LC)
96/7 Queen of the South/Hamilton (Pre Season), Montrose (Dec & Apr), Cowdenbeath (Dec), Stranraer (SC), Arbroath (Jan), Queens Park (Jan), Hamilton (SC), Forfar (Feb & May), Alloa (Mar), Ross (Mar), Albion (Apr)
97/8 Stenhousemuir (LC), Queen of the South (LC + Nov, Mar), Clyde (Sep & Jan), Clydebank (Feb), Brechin (Nov & May), Stenhousemuir (Nov), Whitehall Welfare (SC), Forfar (Dec & Apr), East Fife (Dec), Dundee United (SC), Stranraer (Mar),
98/9 Livingstone (Aug & Feb), Arbroath (Sep & Jan), Queen of the South (Sep & Feb), Forfar (Oct & Jan), East Fife (Oct & Mar), Stirling (Nov & Apr), Clyde (Nov), Alloa (May)
99/00 Falkirk (Aug), St Mirren (LC), Raith (Sep), Dunfermline (Oct)
04/05 Motherwell (LC), Dundee United (Nov), Dunfermline (Aug), Hibs (Sep)
05/06 Hearts (Sep and Mar)
06/07 Celtic (Aug), Dundee United (Sep)  

81/2 Buckie Thistle (Apr), Ross County (Feb),
91/2 Rangers (Challenge)  
95/6 Rangers (SC) Early 00’s Montrose (SC)
01/02 Nairn County

61/2 Raith (LC)
62/3 Airdrie (LC), Raith (Nov)
63/4  Albion (SC), St Johnstone (Apr)
65/6 St Johnstone (Dec)
66/7  St Johnstone (Mar)
67/8 Raith (Oct), Falkirk (Feb), Dundee (Oct)
68/9 St Johnstone (Dec), Arbroath (Jan), Partick (Mar), Clyde (Mar)
69/70 Morton (Nov), Hearts (Jan), Partick (LC), Hearts (SC), Dunfermline (Mar), St Mirren (Jan)
72/3 Ayr (Sep),
74/5 Aberdeen (Sep), Rangers (Sep), Celtic (Dec)
75/6 Arbroath (Oct)
76/7 Dundee United (Dec), Rangers (Nov & Mar), Partick (Apr)
77/8 Alloa (Feb), Celtic (SC)
78/9 Airdrie (Dec), Montrose (Jan), Arbroath (Oct), Morton LC)
79/80 Rangers (Dryborough Cup Semi + Sep), Partick (SC), Aberdeen (Dryborough Cup), Dundee (Anglo Scottish Cup) , Morton (LC, Mar & Apr)
80/1 Rangers (Sep & Dec), Dunfermline (LC), Partick (Apr), Morton (Dec)
84/5 Brechin (Sep)
85/6 Aloa (Aug)
86/7 Hearts (Scot Cup Rep & 2nd Replay), Dumbarton (Jan), Morton (Dec)
88/9 Forfar (Mar) 89/90 Stirling (Nov) 90/1 Airdrie (Sep), Raith (Oct)
92/3 Morton (SC), Ayr (Nov), Clydebank (Oct), Cowdenbeath (Sep & Feb), Dumbarton (Dec & May)
93/4 Dundee (Dec), Hearts (Nov), Raith (Dec), St.Johnstone (Sep), Rangers (Nov)
94/5 Celtic (Nov & Mar), Rangers (Dec & Apr), Dundee United (Oct & Mar), East Fife (SC), Falkirk (Sep), Motherwell (Aug & Jan), Partick (Oct & Apr), Hibs (Nov)
95/6 Dumbarton (Cup), Hibernian (Sep & Jan), Aberdeen (Dec), Celtic (Oct & Jan), Falkirk (Dec & Apr) Hearts (Oct), Motherwell (Mar), Partick (Dec), Raith (Nov & Mar), Rangers (Nov & May)
96/7 Rangers (Sep & Dec)
97/8 Rangers (Sep)
98/9 St.Johnstone (Oct)
00/01 Hearts (Dec)
01/02 Livingston (Mar)
02/03 Aberdeen (Sep), Hibs (Apr)
03/04 Hearts (Sep & Mar), Celtic (Apr)
04/05 Celtic (Aug), Dundee United (Sep), Inverness Cal (Oct)
05/06 Hearts (Jan)

Leith Athletic:
09/10 Leith Select v Hibs Legends

95/6 St Mirren (LC)
00/01 Clyde (May)
02/03 Kilmarnock (Aug)
03/04 Dunfermline (Oct), Kilmarnock (Apr)
05/06 Hearts (Mar)
14/15 Rangers (Oct)  

Meadowbank Thistle:
75/6 Partick (Mar), Cowdenbeath (Sep), Stenhousemuir (Nov), Berwick (Sep), Stirling (Dec), Queens Park (Aug)
76/7 Albion (Dec & Mar), East Stirlingshire (Mar), Stenhousemuir (Apr), Brechin/Berwick (Dec), Cowdenbeath (Feb)
77/8 Raith (Mar), Queens Park (Nov)
78/9 Inverness Caley (Dec), Brechin (Mar), Hibs (SC), Morton (Aug)
79/80 Stenhousemuir (Feb)  
80/1 Queen of the South (Feb), Buckie (Scottish Cup), Clydebank (LC), Arbroath (Aug), Alloa (Jan)
81/2 Arbroath (Nov)
83/4 Brechin (Jan), Dundee (LC), Morton (Aug & Feb)
85/6 Dundee United (Fr)
86/7 Arbroath (Mar)
88/9 St Johnstone (May)
89/90 Hamilton (Feb)
91/2 Dundee (Oct)
92/3 Cowdenbeath (Nov)

71/2 Stranraer (LC), Hamilton (Sep), Queens Park (Feb), Berwick (Dec), Cowdenbeath (Nov), Queen of the South (Nov),
72/3 Cowdenbeath (Mar)
75/6 Hearts (Scot Cup)
76/7 Hibs (LC)
78/9 Dundee (Mar), Dumbarton (Apr), Clydebank (Mar), Celtic (LC & SC) 81/2 East Stirling (LC)
83/4 East Stirling (Nov)
84/5 Stenhousemuir (Sep)
85/6 Airdrie (Oct), Partick (Apr), Falkirk (Mar)
86/7 Morton (Nov & Apr)
87/8 Ayr (Nov)
89/90 Cowdenbeath (Dec), Dumbarton (Jan)
91/2 Partick (Apr)
97/8 Cowdenbeath (Aug), Arbroath (Aug & Dec)
00/01 Peterhead (Oct & Apr)
01/02 Peterhead (Feb)
04/05 Elgin (Oct)
05/06 Elgin (Apr)

63/4 Celtic, Hibernian, Dundee, Morton (LC), Rangers, Aberdeen, St.Johnstone, Dundee United, Hearts
64/5 Clyde, 65/6 Clyde, Dundee (LC), Hibernian, Dundee United (LC)
66/7 Hibernian, Partick, Kilmarnock, Falkirk  
69/70 St Mirren, Airdrie
70/1 St Mirren, St Johnstone, Hearts (Texaco Cup Semi), Dunfermline (LC)
71/2 Kilmarnock (Sep), Clyde (Jan)
72/3 Celtic (SC & Nov), Hearts (Texaco)
73/4 Celtic, Aberdeen (LC)
74/5 Celtic (LC)
75/6 Rangers (Oct), Dundee (Anglo Scottish), Hibs (Oct), Celtic (SC)
76/7 Dundee United (Apr), Kilmarnock (Anglo Scottish), Hearts (LC)
77/8 St Mirren (Sep), Aberdeen (Oct), Celtic (Mar), Dundee United (Nov), Partick (Dec), Rangers (Feb), Hibs (Mar)
78/9 St.Mirren (Ang Scot Cup), Hearts (Jan), Celtic (Jan), Partick (Aug), Rangers (Dec)
81/2 Raith (Sep), St Johnstone (Dec), East Stirling (Oct), Dunfermline (Nov)
82/3 Hibernian (Dec), Forfar (LC)
83/4 St Johnstone (Feb), Hearts (May), Dundee United (Oct & Apr), Celtic (Sep), Ayr (Sep), Alloa (LC), Queens Park (SC)
85/6 Dundee United (Jan), Celtic (Mar), Partick (LC)
86/7 Dundee United (May)
87/8 Hearts (Mar)
88/9 Celtic (Dec and Apr), Hearts (Nov), Rangers (Sep & Jan)
89/90 Dunfermline (Nov), Rangers (Oct)
91/2 Dunfermline (Sept), Rangers (Nov),
92/3 Hibs (Aug), Partick (Mar), Rangers (Sep, Jan & SC), St Johnstone (Sep)
93/4 Celtic (SC), Dundee United (Nov), Rangers (Dec & Apr), St Johnstone (Nov), Raith (Aug)
94/5 Kilmarnock (Oct), Hibs (Sep), Rangers (Oct & Dec)
95/6 Raith (Feb) Rangers (Apr)
96/7 Rangers (Jan)
97/8 Greenock Morton (LC), Celtic (Jan), Dunfermline (Dec), Rangers (Nov, Mar & SC)
98/9 Dunfermline (Aug), Ayr (LC), Celtic (Feb), Kilmarnock (Sep), Rangers (Oct), St Johnstone (Dec)  
00/01 Dundee United (Nov), Hearts (Dec)
01/02 Celtic (Mar), Chievo (Fr/Dundee (May)
02/03 Partick (Aug)
04/05 Dundee United (Sep), Dunfermline (Nov)
06/07 Falkirk (Apr)

61/2 Stirling, Falkirk, St.Johnstone
62/3 Queen of the South
64/5 Morton (Summer Cup)
65/6 St Johnstone, Stirling, St Mirren
68/9 Morton (Jan), Raith (Feb), Hearts (Mar), Dundee (Mar), Arbroath (Apr)
69/70  St Johnstone (Feb & LC), Dundee (Aug), Dunfermline (Sep), Kilmarnock (Oct), Raith (Oct), Motherwell (Nov), Ayr (Nov), Airdrie (Feb), St Mirren (Apr)
71/2 Motherwell (Dec)
73/4 Rangers (Sep), Hibs (Dec)
75/6 Morton (Feb)
76/7 Rangers (Mar), Motherwell (Mar), Dundee (LC), Ayr (Jan)
77/8 Rangers (Jan), Hibs (Jan), Celtic (Feb)
78/9 Dundee United (Aug) Rangers (Nov, Mar), Morton (Dec & Apr)
79/80 Rangers (Aug & May), Celtic (Oct), Morton (Oct)
80/1 Rangers (Oct), Celtic (Dec), Morton (Nov & Mar)
81/2 Aberdeen (Sep) Rangers (Aug & Jan), Dundee United (Dec), Celtic (Nov)
81/2 Morton (Nov & Apr)
82/3 Airdrie (May), Hamilton (Dec)
83/4 Morton (Dec)
84/5 Motherwell (Apr), Kilmarnock (Feb)
85/6 East Fife (Feb)
86/7 Celtic (Mar), Dunfermline (Apr), Queen of the South (Aug), Dumbarton (Aug)
89/90 Rangers (Aug)
91/2 Rangers (Skol Cup)
92/3 Rangers (May)
93/4 Rangers (Nov & Mar), Hibs (LC)
94/5 Rangers (Aug & Jan), Hibs (Dec)
95/6 Rangers (Oct & Feb), Dundee United (May)
98/9 Inverness Caledonian Thistle (Dec), Alloa (Sep & Jan), Arbroath (Jan), Dunfermline SC), Stirling (Feb)
01/02 Inverness Caley Thistle (SC), Arbroath (Mar)
03/04 Dundee United
14/15 Dundee (Dec)

85/6 Arbroath (SC)
86/7 Clyde (SC)
96/7 Hibs (Fr)
97/8 Huntly (LC), Alloa (SC)
98/9 Brora Rangers (Oct)
99/00 Fraserburgh (Mar)
00/01 Cove Rangers (Cup), Inverness Cal (LC), Albion (Dec & Apr), Brechin (Dec & Aug), Cowdenbeath (Feb & Mar), Dumbarton (Aug & Mar), East Stirling (Sep & Jan), Elgin (Nov & Mar & Apr), Morton (SC), Hamilton (Nov & Mar), Montrose (Apr)
01/02 Hamilton (Aug), Brechin (Feb), Elgin (Jan), East Fife (Mar), Montrose (Dec) ‘
02/03 East Fife (Dec), Queen of the South (LC), Morton (Aug & Mar), Queens Park (Feb & Mar), East Stirlingshire (Oct & Feb), Albion (Oct & May), Elgin (Nov & SC & Mar), Montrose (Apr)
03/04 Stranraer (Aug), East Stirling (Sep), Montrose (May), Stirling (Nov & Mar), Albion (Dec & Apr), Queens Park (Dec & Apr), East Fife (SC), Elgin (Jan),  

Queen of the South:
60/1 Queens Park
61/2 Morton
63/4 Kilmarnock
64/5 Stranraer
65/6 Alloa, Queens Park,
66/7 East Fife, Montrose,
67/8 Dumbarton (LC), Arbroath  
73/4 Alloa, Berwick
74/5  Raith
75/6 Hamilton (Jan), Partick (Nov), St Johnstone (SC)
76/7 Clydebank (Mar), Raith (Jan)
77/8 Kilmarnock (Sep), Dundee (Sep), Hibs (LC),
78/9 Montrose (Nov), Dumbarton (Oct)
80/1 Albion (Jan), Stranraer (Jan), Cowdenbeath (Oct & Dec)
81/2 Dumbarton (LC), Kilmarnock (Sep), Brechin (LC), Ayr (Sep) Hamilton (Nov), St Johnstone (Nov)
82/3 St Mirren (LC), Arbroath (Sep), Stenhousemuir (Feb)
84/5 Queens Park (Oct), Arbroath (SC), Dumbarton (LC), Cowdenbeath (Mar)
85/6 Celtic (LC), Cowdenbeath (Mar)
86/7 Morton (Sep), Dunfermline (Jan), Clyde (Mar), Airdrie (Dec)
87/8 Airdrie (Aug & Jan), East Fife (Mar), Clyde (Oct & May), Dumbarton (Apr), Forfar (Dec), Hamilton (Dec)
88/9 Forfar (Sep)
89/90 East Stirling (Sep),  
90/1 East Stirling (Cup) Ross County (SC), Queens Park (Jan), Cowdenbeath(Feb), East Fife (Mar), Montrose (May)
91/2 Arbroath (Jan), East Stirling (Mar)
92/3 Albion (Aug)
93/4 Alloa (Sep), Stenhousemuir (Oct)
94/5 Berwick (Oct), East Fife (Feb), Morton (Oct), Stenhousemuir (Dec)
95/6 Falkirk (LC), Berwick (Sep), Stenhousemuir (Dec)
96/7 Clyde (Dec)
97/8 Dundee United (Aug) Forfar (Mar), East Fife (Apr), Stenhousemuir (May), Stirling (Aug)
98/9 Alloa (Oct & Jan), Clyde (Oct), East Fife (Nov), Forfar (Sep & Feb), Inverness Cal (Nov), Livingston (Dec), Stirling Albion (Oct)
99/00 Arbroath (Dec), Kilnockie (SC)
11/12 Dundee (Feb)

Queens Park:
61/2 Alloa, Clyde
62/3 Berwick
63/4 East Stirlingshire, Cowdenbeath
68/9 Dumbarton
70/1 Albion (Nov)
71/2 St Mirren
74/5 Clydebank
77/8 Brechin (Nov), Stranraer (Apr)
79/80 Stranraer  
81/2 Dumbarton (May), East Stirling (Nov)
82/3 Ayr (Sept), Rangers (SC), Partick (Dec & Apr),
84/5 Arbroath (Sep)
85/6 Rangers (Glasgow Cup Semi), Albion (Jan), Stenhousemuir (Dec),
86/7 Meadowbank (Jan), Raith (Apr), Hearts (Dec)
87/8 Celtic (Glasgow Cup Semi), Dundee (LC), Ayr (Nov & SC)
88/9 Stranraer (Skol Cup)
90/1 Stranraer (Aug), Queen of the South (Mar)
91/2 East Fife (Oct), Albion (Sep)
92/3 Berwick (Nov)
97/8 Arbroath (Feb)
98/9 Clachnacuddin (Cup), Albion (Oct), Dundee United (SC), East Stirling (Sep), Montrose (Nov)
01/02 East Fife (Feb), Dumbarton (Feb), Peterhead (Jan)
05/06 Hearts (SC)
06/07 Berwick (Oct)

58/9 East Fife
61/2 Kilmarnock
62/3 Clyde,
63/4 East Fife, Stirling
68/9 Partick, Rangers
70/1 Clyde
71/2 Cowdenbeath, St Mirren, Stenhousemuir, Forfar
72/3 Cowdenbeath (Dec), Stranraer (Nov)
73/4 Queen of the South (LC), Montrose (Feb), Morton (Jan), Stirling (Dec), Forfar (Mar)
74/5 Berwick (Jan)
75/6 Arbroath (Jan)
76/7 Clyde (Sep)
77/8 Albion (Apr)
78/9 Hearts (SC), Hamilton (Mar), Arbroath (Apr)
79/80 Arbroath (Feb), Clyde (Mar), Stirling (Oct)
80/1 Aberdeen (SC), Dumbarton (LC), Ayr (Mar)
81/2 Rangers (LC), Kilmarnock (Mar), Falkirk (Sep), Queens Park (Feb), East Stirling (Sep), Dundee (LC), Morton (LC)
82/3 Queens Park (May), Clyde (Jan)
83/4 Airdrie (Oct), Morton (Sep), Hamilton (Apr)
84/5 Clydebank (Skol Cup), Queens Park (SC)
85/6 Hearts X1 (Fr), Cowdenbeath (Jan & Mar), Queen of the South (Apr), Dunfermline (Feb)
86/7 St Mirren (SC)
87/8 Rangers (SC)
88/9 Aberdeen (Fr), Clydebank (Apr), Rangers (SC)
89/90 Falkirk (Dec)
90/1 Hibs (Skol Cup), Brechin (Feb)
91/2 St Johnstone (SC)
92/3 Aberdeen (Fr), Dumbarton (Oct), Kilmarnock (Mar)  
93/4 St Johnstone (Dec), Dundee United (Sep), Celtic (Sep), Aberdeen (Nov), Dundee (Dec), Motherwell (May), Rangers (Oct & Feb)
94/5 Clydebank (Sep), St Mirren (Apr)
95/6 Celtic (Aug), Partick (Sep & Dec), Arbroath (LC), Rangers (Oct & Mar)
96/7 Rangers (Nov)
98/9 St.Mirren (Oct)  
03/04 St Johnstone (Nov)
04/05 St Mirren (Sep), Albion (LC)
06/07 Airdrie (CIS Cup)

61/2 East Fife
62/3 Clyde,
63/4 Hearts
64/5 St Johnstone, Hibernian, St.Mirren. Dunfermline, Dundee
66/7 Stirling Albion, Hibernian, Dundee United
67/8 Hearts, Morton, Airdrie, Partick, Aberdeen, Celtic (LC & Sep), Hibs (Nov), Dundee United, Dundee
68/9 Morton (LC), Falkirk, Aberdeen, Airdrie, Dundee United, Hearts (Jan & SC), Hibernian (Lg & SC), Celtic (LC), Partick, Kilmarnock
69/70 Raith (LC), Dunfermline, Partick
70/1 Aberdeen, Morton, Airdire, Hibs (LC), Dundee
71/2 Celtic (LC), Ayr (LC), Morton (LC), East Fife
72/3 Partick, Kilmarnock, St Johnstone (LC), Celtic
73/4 Queens Park (SC), Arbroath (Feb), Motherwell (Apr), Celtic (LC), Dumbarton (Apr), Hibs (LC), Partick (Jan), St.Johnstone (Dec)
74/5 Dundee United (Nov), Hearts (Mar), Dundee (LC & Nov), St.Johnstone (LC & Mar), Hibs (LC), Celtic, Kilmarnock (sof), Aberden (SC),
75/6 Motherwell (Dec), Ayr (Apr), Celtic (Jan), Airdrie (LC), Aberdeen (Oct), St Johnstone (Jan), Dundee United (Nov)  
76/7 Motherwell (Dec & SC), Elgin (Scot Cup), Hibs (LC & Apr), Kilmarnock (Sep & Jan), Dundee United (Nov & Feb), Partick (Jan), Aberdeen (Feb), Ayr (Mar), Clydebank (LC) 77/8 Dundee United (Dec), Aberdeen (Mar), Partick (Mar & Nov), Celtic (Jan), Dunfermline (LC)
78/9 St Mirren (Aug & LC), Partick (Aug & Jan), Aberdeen (Sep), Hibs (Oct & Mar), Arbroath (LC), Morton (Nov & Apr), Hearts (Dec & Apr), Motherwell (SC,,Sep & Feb), Dundee United (Feb), Kilmarnock (SC), Dundee (SC), Albion (LC)
79/80 Morton (Oct & Feb)
80/1 Morton (Nov)
81/2 Partick (Mar), St.Mirren (Nov), Celtic (Sep), Dundee (LC), Morton (LC, Oct & Feb)  
82/3 Clydebank (LC), St.Mirren (Apr), Kilmarnock (LC), Hibs (Mar), Motherwell (Mar), Dundee (Oct)
83/4 Celtic (Nov), St Johnstone (Jan), Hibs (Mar)
84/5 Hearts (Dec & Apr), Dundee (SC & Mar), Dundee United (Feb), Dumbarton (Oct, Mar), Aberdeen (Apr), Morton (SC), Meadowbank (LC)
85/6 Aberdeen (Sep & Feb)), Clyde (Skol Cup), Dundee (Sep & Jan), Hibs (Oct & LC), Clydebank (Nov), Hearts (Aug & Dec), Motherwell (May), Celtic (Mar)  
86/7 Clydebank (Sep & Jan), Hearts (Apr), Dundee United (Aug), Dundee (Skol Cup &Nov), Aberdeen (Sep & Jan), Falkirk (Aug & Dec), St Mirren (May), Hamilton (Jan & Mar), Motherwell (Mar), Hibs (Feb)
90/1 St Mirren (Oct & Feb), Hearts (Dec), East Stirlingshire (LC), Hibs (Nov & Apr), St.Johnstone (Dec), Dunfermline (Aug & SC), Celtic (Sep), Dundee United (Nov))  
91/2 Motherwell (SC), Aberdeen (Sep & Feb), Dundee United (Sep), St Johnstone (Aug & Dec), Queens Park (LC), Falkirk (Apr), Dunfermline (Aug)
92/3 Falkirk (Oct), Celtic (Jan), Hearts (Sep & Feb), Airdrie (Aug &Feb), Dundee United (Jan & May), Aberdeen (Mar), Partick (Apr), Dundee (Nov & Mar), Hibs (Oct), Motherwell (Oct)  
93/4 Hearts (SC), Dundee United (Dec & Apr), Kilmarnock (Aug), Hibs (Sep), Raith (Nov), Aberdeen (LC & Apr), Dundee (May), Celtic (Oct & Apr)
94/5 Partick (Nov), Falkirk (LC & Nov & Mar), Hearts (Jan), Kilmarnock (Feb), Dundee United (Feb), Aberdeen (Nov), Hibs (Dec & Apr), Celtic (Jan)
95/6 Motherwell (Oct), Partick (Dec & Apr), Raith (Sep & Jan), Greenock Morton (LC), Kilmarnock (Aug & Dec), Stirling (LC), Hibs (Sep), Hearts (Oct), Falkirk (Nov & Mar), Aberdeen (Nov)
96/7 Raith (Aug), Aberdeen (Oct), Hibs (LC & Feb), Celtic (Sep), Dundee United (Mar)
97/8 Hibernian (Dec & Apr), Dunfermline (Feb & Oct)), Dundee United (Aug), Aberdeen (Sep), Motherwell (Sep), Hearts (Aug)  
98/9 Dundee United (Mar), Dundee (Oct), Motherwell (Aug), St Johnstone (Dec)
99/00 Hearts (Dec & May)
00/01 Hearts (Sep & Mar)
01/02 Airdrie (LC), Hearts (Apr), Kilmarnock (Oct), Livingston (Aug), Hibs (Aug), Dundee (Aug), Dundee United (Dec)
02/03 Celtic (Dec)
03/04 Motherwell (Jan & May), Kilmarnock (Aug & Feb), Hearts (May), Dundee (Sep), Partick (Nov)
04/05 Kilmarnock (Feb)
05/06 Hearts
11/12 Aberdeen (Jan, David Weir tribute - £3)

84/5 Coltness (Scottish Jnr Cup)
85/6 Coltness United (Cent.Dryborough Cup), Auchinleck Talbot (Scot Jnr Cup), Blantyre Victoria, Lanark United  
86/7 Johnstone Burgh, Arthurlie, Larkhall, Forth
87/8 St Rochs, Johnstone Burgh T.Brown (LC), Greenock Juniors (T.Brown LC)
88/9 Forth (West of Scot Cup), Auchinleck Talbot (Fr), Shotts Bon Accord (Tartan Spec LCF - £5)
92/3 Rutherglen Glencairn

Ross County:
81/2 Hibernian (Fr),
82/3 Aberdeen (Friendly)  
83/4 Brora (Mar)
96/7 Arbroath (Apr), Forfar (Nov)
97/8 Dundee (SC), East Stirlingshire (May), Aberdeen/Dunfermline (Pre season fr), Berwick (Sep & Jan), Albion (Aug & Feb), Airdire (SC), Arbroath (Nov), Cowdenbeath (Oct & Apr), Falkirk (LC), Forfar (Dec), Morton (LC), Montrose (Nov), Queens Park (Aug & Oct)
03/04 Queen of the South (May)
04/05 Forfar (Bells Cup Semi)
06/07 Airdrie (Oct), Livingston (Feb)

09/10 Hibernian (Pre season)

03/04 Livingston (SC)

75/6 Celtic (LC)  
82/3 Meadowbank (Oct), Cowdenbeath (Nov), Stranraer (Oct), Queen of the South (Nov), Arbroath (Jan), Montrose (LC), Stirling (Mar),
84/5 Berwick (Apr)
85/6 Queen of the South (Apr), Dunfermline (Mar)
86/7 Stirling (Jan), Queens Park (Mar)  
87/8 Ayr (Oct) 88/9 Queens Park (Oct)
89/90 Queen of the South
97/8 Clyde
00/01 Hibs (LC),
02/3 Celtic X1 (Fr)

Stirling Albion:
60/1 Alloa, Queen of the South, Hamilton, Morton,
61/2 Stranraer
62/3 Morton  
63/4 Stranraer, Albion, Alloa, Brechin, Clyde Queens Park, Forfar
65/6 Partick (Apr), Raith (Aug), Dundee (Nov), Falkirk (Jan), Rangers (Jan)
66/7 St Mirren (Oct), Dunfermline (Dec), Motherwell (Jan), Hibs (Apr), Rangers (Apr), Airdrie (Mar), Dundee (Nov), Falkirk (Sep), Kilmarnock (Mar), St Johnstone (Nov)
67/8 Celtic (Sep), Rangers (Nov)
71/2 Cowdenbeath (Oct), St Mirren (Jan)
72/3 Celtic (LC)
73/4 Aberdeen (Oct), Forfar (Nov)
74/5 Hamilton (Sep)
75/6 Berwick (Jan), Raith (Mar)  
77/8 Clydebank (SC), St Johnstone (Mar), Montrose (Dec), Airdrie (Nov & Apr), Arbroath (Feb), Dumbarton (Mar)
78/9 Airdrie (Dec), Raith (Jan), Clydebank (Mar), Hamilton  (Aug)
80/1 Raith (Sep)
82/3 East Stirlingshire (May), Brechin (Dec)
83/4 Albion (Dec), Arbroath (SC & May), Queen of the South (May)
84/5 Alloa (Aug), Brechin (LC), Queens Park (Apr)
85/6 Stranraer (Nov), Celtic (Challenge), Dunfermline (Nov)
86/7 Alloa (Sep), Albion (Mar)
88/9 Larne (Fr), East Fife (Oct)
92/3 Celtic (Skol Cup), Ayr (May)
96/7 Dundee United (LC)
01/02 Brechin (Feb), Albion (Oct), Peterhead (Aug)

St Johnstone:
62/3 Stranraer (LC), Arbroath (May)
63/4 St.Mirren (Nov)
65/6 St.Mirren (Nov)
66/7 Clyde (Dec), Motherwell (Feb), Dundee (Mar)
67/8 Airdrie (SC), Dundee United (Jan), Celtic (Jan), Dundee (Feb), Falkirk (Jan), Motherwell (Apr), Stirling (LC)
68/9 Airdrie (Mar), Hibs (LC), Partick (Oct)
69/70  Morton (Oct), Dunfermline (Dec), Partick (LC & Sep), Hearts (Sep), Aberdeen (Sep),Rangers (Oct), Hibs (Nov), Dundee (Nov), Celtic (Dec)
71/2 Partick (Feb)
75/6 Ayr (Mar), Dundee (Apr)
76/7 Falkirk (Apr)
77/8 Hearts (Nov), Brechin (SC), Kilmarnock (Mar)
78/9 Kilmarnock (Sep)
79/80 Clydebank (Apr)
80/1 Raith (Nov)
81/2 Queen of the South (Aug), Clydebank (Nov), Hamilton (Oct)
82/3 Dumbarton (Dec), Clyde (Dec), Falkirk (Sep)
83/4 Aberdeen (LC), Hearts (Aug), Celtic (Apr)
84/5 Kilmarnock (Apr),
85/6 Partick Fr), Stranraer (Jan)
86/7 Alloa (Feb), Morton (Fr)
88/9 Ayr (Apr)
89/90 Clyde (Dec), Clydebank (Aug), Alloa (Dec), Partick (Oct)
90/1 Hearts (Dec), Rangers (Feb), Dundee United (Jan), Celtic (Dec & May)
91/2 Rangers (Mar), Dundee United (Feb), St Mirren (Mar)
93/4 Celtic (Oct & Mar), Airdrie (Skol Cup), Dundee (Sep & Feb), Dundee United (Aug & Jan), Hamilton (SC), Hibs (Sep & Jan), Partick (Nov & Apr), Rangers (Aug & Dec), Motherwell (Jan), Raith (Oct)
97/8 Celtic (LC), Rangers (Sep)
98/9 Aberdeen (Sep), Motherwell (Oct), Stranraer (LC)
00/01 Hearts (Aug and Dec), Hibs (Sep)
01/02 Celtic (Nov), Rangers (Mar), Motherwell (Sep)
02/03 Raith (Jan)
03/04 St Mirren (May)
04/05 Clyde (Apr), Falkirk (Bells Cup Semi), Partick (Sep)
05/06 Ross County (Sep), Dundee (Sep), Airdrie (Mar)
06/07 Hamilton (Aug)

St Josephs Boys:
83/4 Celtic (Scottish Tour game)

St Mirren:
58/9 Aberdeen
59/60 Stirling Albion, Arbroath
60/1 Aberdeen, Raith, Partick, Dundee United, Clyde
61/2 Motherwell, Airdrie, Partick, Hibs, Kilmarnock
63/4 Airdrie
67/8 Forfar
70/1 Falkirk,
71/2 Queens Park, Cowdenbeath (Apr,split spine), Stranraer (LC)
75/6 Montrose (Sep)
76/7 Kilmarnock (LC), St Johnstone (Dec & Mar), Queen of the South (Dec), Dundee (Feb), Morton (Oct)
77/8 Clydebank (Aug & Dec), Ayr (Aug & Jan), Dundee United (Oct & Mar) Rangers (Sep & Jan), Celtic (Dec & Apr), Hibernian (Nov & Apr), Kilmarnock (LC)
78/9 Motherwell (Anglo Scot Cup), Dundee United (Jan), Celtic (May), Aberdeen (Feb), Hearts (Apr), Rangers (LC), Partick (Sep), Berwick (LC), Morton (Mar)
79/80 Dundee United (Sep), Dundee (Oct), Rangers (Mar), Kilmarnock (Aug), Morton (Aug & Jan)
80/1 Celtic (Oct), Hearts (Aug), Rangers (Nov & Mar), Airdrie (Feb), Partick (LC), Morton (Oct & Apr)
81/2 Dundee United (Feb), Aberdeen (May) St Johnstone (LC), Airdrie (Mar), Celtic (Oct), Morton (SC, Aug & Jan)
82/3 Ayr (LC), Hearts (LC) Celtic (Sep), Hibs (Nov), Kilmarnock (Oct), Morton (Oct)
83/4 Dundee United (Feb), Hibs (Nov), Morton (SC)
84/5 Dundee (Nov), Dumbarton (Dec), Clyde (LC)
85/6 Dundee United (Sep)
86/7 Celtic (Apr)
87/8 Dundee United (Dec), Motherwell (Oct), Rangers (Nov), Falkirk (Nov), Hearts (Aug), Morton (Aug), St Johnstone (Aug)
88/9 Rangers (Oct), Hearts (Nov).Celtic (May)
89/90 Clydebank (SC), Hibernian (Mar)
91/2 Hibs (Mar)
92/3 Ayr (Feb)
94/5 Clydebank (Aug)
95/6 Rangers (Fr), Hamilton (Mar), Dundee (Apr)
96/7 Falkirk (Dec)
98/9 Greenock Morton (Nov)
99/00 Inverness Cal (Aug)
00/01 Celtic (Dec), Rangers (Jan)
01/02 Arbroath (Feb)
05/06 Hamilton (Nov)

60/1 Morton
61/2 Cowdenbeath
63/4 Ayr,
65/6 Dumbarton, East Stirling, Raith
66/7 Berwick (Dec)
69/70 Berwick (Apr)
70/1 Alloa (Jan), East Stirling (Mar), Forfar (Nov)
71/2 East Stirling (Dec), Alloa (Feb), Forfar (Mar)
74/5 Alloa (Sep), Raith (Sep)
75/6 Alloa (Jan)  
77/8 Forfar (Dec), Raith (Apr), Alloa (LC), Cowdenbeath (Sep)
80/1 Stenhousemuir (Nov)
82/3 Cowdenbeath (LC), Forfar (Sep)
84/5 Stenhousemuir (Nov), Stirling (Oct), East Stirling (May)
87/8 Keith (SC), Albion (Apr)
89/90 East Fife (Sep), Brechin (Skol Cup)
93/4 Cowdenbeath (Sep)
00/01 Airdrie (Sep)
02/03 Whitehall Welfare (SC)
04/05 Raith (LC)
06/07 Brechin (Sep)

Vale of Leithen:
89/90 East Stirlingshire (SC)

Whitehall Welfare:
85/6 Meadowbank (East of Scotland City Cup Semi), Stenhousemuir (SC),
87/8 Gala Fairydean (East of Scot Qualifying Cup Final)

Wick Academy:
94/5 Cove Rangers
97/8 Lossiemouth/Forres Mechanics (Apr)
98/9 Fort William
09/10 Strathspey Thistle (Aug)

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