Scottish Programmes

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Aberdeen: 68/9 Dunfermline (SC) 70/1 Falkirk, Airdrie, Ayr, Dundee United (SCRep) 71/2 Dundee, Hearts, East Fife 72/3 Falkirk (SCup), Dumbarton, Dundee, Hibernian, St.Mirren (Dryborough Cup), Airdrie, Arbroath, East Fife (LC) 73/4 East Fife, Celtic, Dunfermline, East Fife (LC), Stirling Albion (LC) 75/6 Rangers (Dec & Apr), Celtic (Feb, SC), Hearts (Aug & Jan), Dundee United (Mar), 76/7 Ayr (LC), Dundee Utd (Aug), Kilmarnock (Aug & Sep) 77/8 Dundee United (Aug), Rangers (Aug & Dec), Airdrie (LC), Cowdenbeath (LC), Ayr (SC & Mar), Hibs (Oct), Motherwell (Dec), Partick (Sep, Jan & Apr), St.Mirren (Apr) 78/9 Ayr (Nov & SC)), Dundee United (Mar), Morton (Dec), Hamilton (LC), Celtic (SC & Oct, Hibs (Nov & Apr), Partick (Sep & Feb), Rangers (Nov & Apr), St.Mirren (Apr), 79/80 Dundee (Mar), Rangers (Jan), Arbroath (LC & SC), Hibs (Aug & Dec)), St Mirren (Dec), Partick (Mar), Airdrie (SC), Celtic (Jan), Meadowbank (LC), Kilmarnock (Oct & Feb), Morton (Mar) 80/1 Dundee United (Aug & Dec), Morton (Sep), Rangers (Dec & (LC), Celtic (Sep & Dec), Berwick (LC), Hearts (Mar), St.Mirren (Oct) 81/2 St Mirren (Dec), Partick (Nov), Dundee United (Oct), Airdrie (LC), Celtic (Jan & SC), Rangers (May) 82/3 Motherwell (Oct), Celtic (Dec - signed by 3 Aberdeen & Apr) 7, Morton (Jan), Kilmarnock/Hibernian (Double Issue - signed by 3 Aberdeen, Dec/Jan - 7) Dundee United (LC Sep, Nov & Mar), Rangers (Sep & Jan)), Hibernian (May), Dundee (Oct), St.Mirren (Nov & Apr), Dundee/Dumbarton/Morton (3 match Lg Cup) 83/4 Hibernian (Dec & May), Celtic (Oct & Feb), Dundee (LC & Aug), Dundee United (Sep, SC & Apr), Hearts (Nov), Kilmarnock (SC), Motherwell (Dec), Rangers (Nov & May), St.Johnstone (LC & Apr), St.Mirren (Mar) 84/5 Dundee United (Dec & Mar), Hearts (Sep, Feb & SC), St Mirren (Oct & Mar), Celtic (Dec & Apr), Rangers (Sep & Jan), Dumbarton (Apr), Dundee (Dec), Hibs (Sep & Jan) 85/6 Dundee (Nov & SC), Montrose (SC), Celtic (Nov & Apr), Dundee United (Mar), Hibs (Aug), Motherwell (Aug), Rangers (Feb), St Mirren (Sep & Jan) 86/7 Rangers (May), Celtic (Nov, Mar & SC), Falkirk (Dec), Hamilton (Dec), Hearts (Jan), Hibs (Dec), Motherwell (Oct & Feb), Clydebank (Apr) 87/8 Dundee (Oct) 88/9 Rangers (Oct & Jan), Hibs (Sep & Jan), Hearts (Sep & Feb), Celtic (Nov & Apr) 89/90 Rangers (Nov), Celtic (Feb), Hearts (Feb), St.Mirren (Nov) 90/1 Hibs (Aug)91/2 Hearts (Mar) 92/3 Rangers (Dec), Dundee United (SC), Hibs (Dec) 93/4 St Johnstone (cup), Rangers (Sep & Jan) 94/5 Partick (Sep), Hibs (Mar), Falkirk (Aug), Rangers Sep & Feb), Stranraer (LC) 95/6 Falkirk (Nov), Rangers (Oct & Feb) 96/7 Hearts (Aug), Kilmarnock (Sep & Feb), Hibs (Sep & Dec), Dunfermline (Oct), Raith (Oct & May), Dundee United (Nov & Mar), Rangers (Dec & Mar), Motherwell (Apr)  97/8 Rangers (Nov), Kilmarnock (Aug & Feb), Dundee United (Aug), Dunfermline (Sep), Hibs (Oct), St.Johnstone (Dec) 98/9 Kilmarnock (Sep & Feb), 99/00 Dundee (Aug), Kilmarnock (May) '01/02 Hearts (Apr), Celtic (SC Feb), Rangers (Jan) 02/03 Dundee United (Sep) 03/04 Motherwell (Nov), Kilmarnock (Jan), 04/05 Hibs, Motherwell (Oct), Dundee (Mar) 05/06 Berwick (Cup)  07/08 St.Mirren (Mar, )Hibs (Apr) 08/09 Kilmarnock (Nov), Rangers (Jan), East Fife (Feb), Hamilton (Mar), 11/12 Celtic (Mar),

Airdrie: 61/2 Stirling, Raith 62/3 Partick , Raith 64/5 Clyde, 66/7 Ayr 67/8 Dundee United, Partick (LC) 69/70 St Mirren, Raith 71/2 Hibernian, Kilmarnock, Clyde 72/3 Hearts (LC), Kilmarnock, Motherwell 74/5 Ayr, Partick (LC), Aberdeen, Arbroath 76/7 Raith, Dundee (Sep), Arbroath (Sep), Morton (Feb) 77/8 Alloa (Oct), Dumbarton (Jan) 78/9 Dumbarton (Nov) 80/1 Celtic (Nov), Kilmarnock (Dec) 81/2 Hearts (LC), St.Mirren (Sep) 82/3 St Mirren (Cup), Hamilton (Sep), Clydebank (LC) 83/4 Clydebank (Mar), Celtic (LC) 88/9 Falkirk (Apr) 89/90 Alloa (Mar) 91/2 St Johnstone (Sept & Feb), Rangers (Oct) 92/3 St Johnstone (Nov), Partick (Mar), Rangers (Dec & May) 93/4 Hamilton (B&Q Cup) 94/5 St Johnstone (Aug & Jan), 04/05 East Fife (CIS Cup)

Albion Rovers: 73/4 Raith, Queens Park (Feb inc May insert), Stranraer, Clydebank 74/5 Hamilton 75/6 Clydebank 76/7 East Stirlingshire, Stenhousemuir, Meadowbank 77/8 Dunfermline (Oct), Raith (Mar), Falkirk (Dec), Stenhousemuir (Apr) 78/9 Berwick (Nov), Brechin (Oct), Stranraer (Nov) 79/80 Montrose (Dec) 80/1 Forfar (Apr), East Fife (Nov) 81/2 Stenhousemuir (Nov), Stirling (Nov), Inverness Clachnacudden (SC), Montrose (Feb), East Fife (Mar)Alooa (Mar), Brechin (Apr), Stenhousemuir (May) 84/5 Arbroath (Nov), Stenhousemuir (Jan), Alloa (Apr) 85/6 East Stirling (Sep & Apr), Stranraer (Nov), Cowdenbeath (Nov) Berwick (Jan), Stenhousemuir (Mar & May), Stirling (Apr), Queen of the South (Mar), Gala Fairydean (SC) 86/7 Whitehall Welfare (SC) 87/8 Queens Park (Apr) 88/9 Rangers (Sept), Dumbarton (Sep), East Stirlingshire (Aug) 89/90 Hamilton (Dec), Forfar (Apr), Partick (Dec) 90/1 Stirling (Feb) 91/2 Clyde (May) 92/3 Montrose (Sep), Forfar (Oct), Clyde (Dec), Queen of the South (Jan), 94/5 Alloa (Jan), Cowdenbeath (Feb), East Stirlingshire (Mar), Arbroath (Mar), Ross County (Dec) 95/6 Ross County (LC & Nov), Brechin (LC), East Srirlingshire (Oct), Alloa (Oct), Livingston (Nov), Deveronvale (Dec), Caledonian Thistle (Dec), Queens Park (Jan), Cowdenbeath (Feb), Arbroath (Mar) 96/7 Arbroath (Apr) 98/9 KIlamrnock (Floodlights opening) 00/01 Peterhead (Sep) 01/02 Brechin (Mar), Peterhead (Feb) 04/05 Hibs (Sep)

Alloa: 58/9 Ayr 60/1 Stirling 61/2 Stirling (LC) 62/3 Arbroath, Morton 63/4 Berwick, Morton 77/8 Dundee (Apr), Dumbarton (SC &Apr), Dundee (Apr), Airdrie (Mar) 78/9 Stenhousemuir (Nov), Albion (Nov) 80/1 Albion (Mar) 82/3 Arbroath (LC), Celtic (SLC), Queens Park (Dec) 83/4 Ayr (Dec) 85/6 Morton (Oct), Airdrie (Aug) 86/7 East Stirling (Nov) 88/9 Stirling (Skol Cup) 91/2 Berwick (Dec) 94/5 Cowdenbeath (Dec), Ross County (Nov) 95/6 Forfar (LC) 98/9 Arbroath (Nov) 00/01 Clyde (Oct) 10/11 East Fife

Annan Athletic: 88/9 Queens Park (SC) 08/09 Stenhousemuir (Aug), Cowdenbeath (Oct), Montrose (Nov), Elgin (Mar) 09/10 East Stirlingshire (Aug), Elgin (Sep), Albion (Jan)

Annbank United: 87/8 Auchinleck Talbot (@ Kilmarnock)

Arbroath: 68/9 St Mirren 70/1 Alloa, Berwick, Queens Park 72/3 East Fife, 73/4 Ayr (Nov), 75/6 St.Mirren (Nov), Dumbarton (Mar), 76/7 Hamilton (Jan), Clydebank (Nov), Celtic (LC), Dumbarton (LC) 77/8 Raith (Sep), Hearts (Apr), East Fife (Oct), Queen of the South (Sep) 78/9 Dumbarton (Aug), Stirling (Nov), Airdrie (LC & Dec), Dundee (Oct), East Fife (LC), Hamilton (Nov), Stirling (Jan) 79/80 St.Johnstone (Aug), Clyde (Feb), Clydebank (Sep), Hamilton (Sep), Raith (Oct), Stirling (Mar) 80/1 Stranraer (Nov), Queen of the South (Apr), Clyde (Dec), East Fife (Oct), Meadowbank (Nov), Stranraer (Nov) 81/2 Cowdenbeath (Sep), Stenhousemuir (Aug & Sep), Meadowbank (Aug), Stranraer (Aug), Brechin (Sep), Clyde (Oct), Albion (Aug), Berwick (Oct), Stirling (Jan) 82/3 Stenhousemuir (May), Albion (Sep), Berwick (Nov), Brechin (Apr), Celtic (Aug), East Fife (Dec) 83/4 Cowdenbeath (Mar), Queen of the South (Sep & Apr), East Fife (Apr), Albion (May), Montrose (Dec), Stranraer (Oct), Queens Park (Mar), East Stirling (Feb), Dunfermline (Jan) 84/5 Stenhousemuir (Apr) 85/6 Dunfermline (Aug), Aberdeen (SC), Dundee United (Sep), Meadowbank (Dec), Stenhousemuir (Nov) 86/7 Stirling (Oct) 87/8 Alloa (Feb), Stenhousemuir (SC) 88/9 Hibs (July) 92/3 Aberdeen (Skol Cup), Brechin (Feb), Clyde (Nov), East Fife (Sep), East Stirling (Aug), Forfar (May), Montrose (Sep), Stenhousemuir (Mar), Stranraer(Jan & Apr) 93/4 Alloa (Oct), Albion (Nov & May), Berwick (Jan), Celtic (LC), Dundee United (SC), East Fife (Dec), East Stirlingshire (Feb) 93/4 Forfar (Aug), Montrose (Forfar Cup), Queens Park (Apr), Stenhousemuir (Sep), Stranraer (Feb) 94/5 Rangers (LC), Ross County (Nov) 98/9 Clydebank (LC), Stirling (Aug) 00/01 Queen of the South (Feb) 01/02Airdrie (Aug & Feb), Ayr (Sep & Jan), Falkirk (Sep & Jan), Inverness Cal Thistle (Oct, SC & Mar), Partick (Aug & Feb), Raith (Nov & Mar), St.Mirren (Nov & Apr) 02/03 Alloa (Oct), Ayr (Nov & Mar), Clyde (Aug & Feb), Falkirk (Oct & Jan), Forfar (Bells Cup), Inverness Cal (Nov & Mar), Queen of the South (Nov), Ross County (Aug & Dec), St.Johnstone (Aug & Jan), St.Mirren (Sep & Mar), Rangers (Jan) 05/06 Alloa (Play Off), Queens Park (Dec) 07/08 Albion (CIS Cup)

Ayr Utd: 58/9 Morton 59/60 Stirling 62/3 Dumbarton, Forfar, East Fife 63/4 Stranraer (LC), Arbroath 64/5 Berwick, Albion 65/6 St Johnstone (SC), Cowdenbeath 66/7 Hearts 68/9 Stranraer (Mar)  69/70 Raith, Dunfermline 70/1 Cowdenbeath 71/2 Dunfermline, Hearts, 72/3 Rangers, Arbroath, Kilmarnock, Partick, Motherwell, Falkirk, Dundee, Dumbarton, Celtic 73/4 Motherwell, Dundee United, Hearts, St.Johnstone, Celtic, East Fife, Dundee 74/5 Motherwell (Sep), Celtic (LC), Aberdeen (Feb), Dunfermline (Apr), Queens Park (SC), Partick (Oct), St.Johnstone (Nov), Arbroath (Nov), Dundee (Dec), Morton (Dec), Clyde (Jan) 75/6 Hibernian (Nov & Mar), Rangers (Oct & Feb), Celtic (Nov & May), Hearts (Dec), Motherwell (Nov) 76/7 Partick (Mar), Kilmarnock (Aug LC & Jan)), Dundee United (Sep & Jan), St.Mirren (LC), Rangers (Oct & Feb), Motherwell (Nov) 77/8 Dundee United (Oct & Feb), Hibernian (Ang Scot & Dec), Aberdeen (Sep), Celtic (Aug & Dec) 78/9 Montrose (Dec), Clydebank (Oct), Hamilton (Mar), Stirling (Dec) 80/1 Falkirk (Nov), Dunfermline (Mar), Clydebank (Feb), Dundee (Dec), Hamilton (Sep) 81/2 St Johnstone (Sep) East Stirling (Oct) Queen of the South (Dec), Kilmarnock (Jan), Clydebank (Feb), 82/3 Sirling (Aug), Airdrie (Feb), Clyde (Jan), Albion (SC) 83/4 Raith (Sept) 84/5 Airdrie (Oct), Keith (SC) 86/7 Meadowbank Thistle (Mar) 87/8 Stenhousemuir (Jan) 88/9 Clydebank (Apr), Dunfermline (Apr), Meadowbank (Dec) 90/1 Clydebank (Oct & Feb), Clyde (Oct, Cent Cup Semi) 91/2 Forfar (Oct) 92/3 Hamilton (Oct) 94/5 Raith (Dec), St Mirren (Jan) 96/7 Clyde (Jan) 97/8 Greenock Morton (Dec) 98/9 Stranraer (Sep), Albion Feb teamsheet) 99/00 Raith (Aug), Livingston (Feb) 00/01 Falkirk (Dec), Raith (Apr) 01/02 Raith (Aug), Falkirk (Apr) 02/03 Cardiff/Wycombe/Stranraer (Pre season Fr - 2)

Berwick Rangers: 58/9 Morton 59/60 Hamilton 65/6 Brechin, Arbroath, Raith 66/7 Dumbarton 69/70 Queen of the South 70/1 Alloa (LC), Stenhousemuir 71/2 Clydebank, Queens Park, Alloa 72/3 Dumbarton (LC) 73/4 Queen of the South 74/5 Stirling Albion (Feb), Falkirk (Mar), Montrose (Mar), Brechin (Aug) 76/7 East Stirling (Apr), Albion (Jan) 76/7 Cowdenbeath (Sep) 77/8 E.Stirling (Apr), Rangers (SC), Albion (Oct & Feb), Dundee (LC) 78/9 Cowdenbeath (Sep), Albion (Sep) 79/80 Hearts (Nov), Morton (Anglo Scottish Cup) 80/1 Hamilton (Jan), Celtic (SC), Falkirk (Apr) 81/2 St Mirren (Fr), Dundee United (Fr), Clyde (LC), Stranraer (Apr) 82/3 Stenhousemuir (Jan), East Stirling (Apr) 83/4 Motherwell (LC), Stenhousemuir (Sep), East Fife (Mar), Albion (Apr) 85/6 Arbroath 86/7 Arbroath (Oct), Stenhousemuir (Sep & Nov), Alloa (Mar) 88/9 Queens Park (Nov), Alloa (Jan) 90/1 E.Stirling (Mar), Cowdenbeath (Mar),91/2 E.Stirling (Cup), East Fife (Oct), 93/4 Forfar (Nov) 94/5 Brechin (Nov), Queen of the South (Jan) 96/7 Hibernian (Pre season Fr) 97/8 Hearts (Fr), Celtic (SLC) 00/01 Cowdenbeath (Cup), Hearts (SC), Arbroath (Aug) 01/02 Cowdenbeath 04/05 Brechin (SC) 05/06 Arbtoath 09/10 Annan (Aug), Stranraer (Sep) 

Brechin City: 76/7 Berwick (Sep) 77/8 Queens Park (Sep) 80/1 Cowdenbeath (Nov), Albion (Nov), Forfar (Feb), Meadowbank (Apr), Stranraer (Oct), Arbroath (Nov) 81/2 Dundee United (SC) 82/3 Stenhousemuir (Dec) 84/5 Airdrie (Apr) 86/7 Dumbarton (Apr), Partick (Nov) 89/90 Queens Park (Mar), Dumbarton (Mar) 94/5 Stirling Albion (Oct) 96/7 Livingston 99/00 Morton (Feb) 00/01 Peterhead (Oct)

Celtic: 67/8 Partick 69/70 Rangers (SC) 70/1 Dundee 71/2 St.Johnstone (sof), Albion (SC), Motherwell 72/3 Aberdeen (Dryborough Cup Semi Final), Hibs (Dryborough Cup Final), Dundee United, Airdrie, East Fife, Hibernian, Dundee, Hearts, Aberdeen, Falkirk, Stirling Albion (LC), Kilmarnock, Ayr, Celtic 73/4 Arbroath (LC), Clyde, Rangers, Motherwell, Dumbarton, East Fife, Dundee United, Hearts 74/5 Arbroath (Oct), Hibs (Oct), Aberdeen (Nov), St.Johnstone (Dec), Clyde (Jan), Dundee United (Aug), Kilmarnock (Aug), Ayr (Sep) 75/6 Dumbarton (LC), Dundee (Sep), Hibs (Oct & Feb), Rangers (Apr), Aberdeen (Apr), Ayr (Apr), Motherwell (Nov), St.Johnstone (Apr) 76/7 Motherwell (Mar), Arbroath (Aug LC), Rangers (Jan), Ayr (Feb), Queen of the South (SC) 77/8 Motherwell (Aug & Jan), Partick (Dec), Dundee (SC), St Mirren (LC), Stirling (LC), Clydebank (Sep & Jan), Kilmarnock (SC) 78/9 Hearts (Aug & Dec & May), Aberdeen (SC Mar), St Mirren (Sep,sof), Partick (Nov), Morton(Oct), Dundee (LC), Dundee United (LC), Motherwell (LC), Montrose (LC) 79/80 Rangers (Oct & Apr), Dundee United (Sep), Morton (Dec & Mar), Falkirk (LC), St.Mirren (SC) 80/1 Aidrie (Sep), Rangers (Feb), Hamilton (Sep), Morton (Aug & Jan), Dundee United (Oct), Kilmarnock (Oct), Hearts (Dec & Apr), St Mirren (Mar), Aberdeen (Mar) 81/2 Morton, Aberdeen (Mar), St Mirren (May 3 and 15) 82/3 Dundee (Sep), Dundee United (Apr), Aberdeen (Feb), Rangers (Mar) 83/4 Aberdeen (Mar), St.Johnstone (Feb), St.Mirren (Jan) 84/5 St Mirren (Apr), Dundee United (Aug), Hibs (Oct & Mar), Inverness Thistle (SC) 85/6 Clydebank (Nov), Dundee (Apr) 86/7 Rangers (Apr), Dundee United (Nov), Aberdeen (Aug & Dec, Hearts (Oct)), St.Mirren (Oct), Hibs (Jan) 87/8 Aberdeen (Sept,f & Dec), Motherwell (Feb), Rangers (Aug), Falkirk (Mar), St Mirren (Nov), Dunfermline (May) 88/9 Hearts (SC and, Aug), Dundee United (Mar), Rangers (Apr), Dumbarton (Jan) 89/90 Hearts (Oct), Hibs (Feb), Dundee United (Mar) Rangers (Aug, Jan), Aberdeen (Dec) 90/1 Dundee United (Oct & Feb), St.Mirren (SC) 91/2 Motherwell (Mar), St.Johnstone (Apr), St Mirren (Sep), Dunfermline (Nov) 92/3 Hibs (Mar), Motherwell (Jan), Hearts (Oct & Mar) 93/4 Hibernian (Aug and Dec), Falkirk (Oct), Aberdeen (Sep and Jan), Dundee (Oct), Partick (Nov), Rangers (Aug & Jan), Raith (Mar), Partick (May), Hearts (Dec & Apr) 94/5 Dundee United (Aug), Kilmarnock (Sep and Jan and SC), Hibs (Sept and Feb), Rangers (Oct and May), Motherwell (Dec & Apr), (SLC), Dundee United (Oct), Livingston (Dec), Kilmarnock (Oct), Aberdeen (Sep) 02/03 Kilmarnock (Sep), Rangers (Oct, autographed), Partick (Nov, autographed), Rangers (Mar), Kilmarnock (Apr), Dunfermline (Aug), Inverness Caley Thistle (LC), Dundee (Dec) 03/04 Dundee (Dec), Rangers (May), Hearts (Apr) 04/05 Falkirk (CIS Cup), Livingston (Jan) 05/06 Hearts 06/07 Motherwell (Oct & Apr), St Mirren (Jan) 

Clyde: 59/60 Arbroath 61/2 Arbroath 62/3 Stranraer, Cowdenbeath 68/9 Partick 69/70 Hibernian 71/2 Ayr (Scot Cup), Morton, Hibs 72/3 Dundee (LC), Cowdenbeath, Raith 74/5 Dundee, Arbroath (Aug), Motherwell (Nov) 75/6 St.Mirren (Sep), East Fife (Dec) 76/7 Alloa (Apr), Meadowbank (Sep), Stenhousemuir (Jan) 77/8 Raith (Oct & Feb), Forfar (Mar), Meadowbank (Dec) 78/9 Clydebank (Dec),Celtic (Anglo Scottish Cup), Raith (Aug) 79/80 Rangers Partick (Nov), Aberdeen (Oct), Falkirk (Oct), Hearts (Dec & Apr) 80/1 East Fife (Apr), Montrose (Sep), Partick (Glasgow Cup) 81/2 Arbroath (Mar), Cowdenbeath (Apr), Berwick (Feb) 83/4 Rangers (Glasgow Cup Semi), Falkirk (Sep), Airdrie (LC - Aug), Raith (Nov), Ayr (Sep), Brechin (Nov), Aberdeen (SC), Dumbarton (Jan) 86/7 Dunfermline (Oct), 88/9 Queen of the South (Apr), Falkirk (Sep) 90/1 Ayr (Apr) 93/4 Clydebank (Nov), Falkirk (Nov), Hamilton (Feb) 95/6 East Fife, Rangers (SC), Stirling (Nov) 96/7 Dumbarton (Sep), Celtic (SLC), Huntly (SC)  98/9 Spartans (Cup), East Fife (Feb), Inverness CT (Sep), Partick (Dec), Stirling (Oct) 99/00 Hibs (LC) 00/01 Morton (LC) 01/02 Arbroath (Aug) 03/04 Ross County (Feb), Brechin (Aug)

Clydebank: 71/2 Dumbarton, 76/7 Rangers (LC - Oct) 77/8 Ayr (Dec & Apr), Aberdeen (Dec), St.Mirren (Mar), Hibs (Nov), Celtic (Apr), Motherwell (Feb), Dundee United (Sep) 79/80 Airdrie (Sept), Dumbarton (Aug) 84/5 Partick (Mar), East Fife (Dec) 85/6 Rangers (Apr) 86/7 St.Mirren (Mar), Rangers (Apr) 87/8 Hamilton (Oct) 88/9 Kilmarnock (Sep) 89/90 Rangers (Pre Season), Ayr (Nov) 99/00 Morton  (Oct,teamsheet)

Cove Rangers:  92/3 East Stirlingshire (Cup), Montrose (Dec)

Cowdenbeath: 70/1 Clyde (Feb), Dundee (Aug), Morton (Oct), Celtic (Mar), Kilmarnock (Sep), Airdrie (Feb), Ayr (Dec), Aberdeen (Apr), Falkirk (Nov) 71/2 St Mirren, Stenhousemuir 72/3 Forfar (Mar), Stirling Albion (Jan) 73/4 Forfar, Alloa (Nov) 74/5 Queen of the South (Nov) 78/9 East Fife (Nov) 79/80 Stenhousemuir (Mar),80/1 East Fife (Jan), Brechin (Sep), Queen of the South (Jan) 83/4 Vale of Leithen (SC) 86/7 Raith (Mar), St.Johnstone (Skol Cup) 89/90 Dumbarton (Sep), Stenhousemuir (Jan), East Fife (Feb) 92/3 Hibs (SC) 93/4 Greenock Morton (SC) 00/01 Peterhead (Apr) 03/04 Raith (Fife Cup Semi), 04/05 Gretna (Mar), Peterhead (Apr) 06/07 St Johnstone (Pre season)

Dalbeattie Star 98/99 East Stirlingshire (Cup)

Dalkeith Thistle: 82/3 Celtic (Fund raising)

Deveronvale: 91/2 Rangers (Fr)

Dumbarton: 73/4 Hibs (Apr) 75/6 Kilmarnock (Jan) 76/7 St Johnstone (Dec), Dundee (Nov), Montrose (Jan), Raith (Dec), Arbroath (LC) 77/8 Hearts (Aug & Cup), Hamilton (LC, Feb), Dundee (Apr), Airdrie (Sep), Queen of the South (Aug), St.Johnstone (Feb) 78/9 St Johnstone (Oct), Clyde (Mar), Hamilton (Sep), Arbroath (Mar), Raith (Dec) 80/1St Johnstone (Aug) 81/2 St.Johnstone (Oct) 82/3 Clyde (Dec), Alloa (Jan), St Johnstone (Sep), Hearts (May), Partick (Apr), Ayr (Sep), Hamilton (Oct & Apr), Airdrie (Mar), Dundee (Aug), Dunfermline (Mar), 83/4 Hartlepool (Fr), Hibernian (Aug) 84/5 St Mirren, Dundee United )Skol Cup) 87/8 Forfar (Dec), Celtic (Aug) 88/9 East Stirling (Oct) 89/90 Celtic (SC), Queens Park (Oct) 91/2 Queen of the South (Feb), Clyde (Apr) 92/3 St Mirren (Oct) 00/01 Peterhead (Dec & May) 02/03 Ayr LC) 04/05 Alloa (Nov),05/06 Alloa (Feb) 07/8 Celtic Reserves

Dundee: 58/9 Aberdeen 60/1 Ayr 62/3 Dundee United (Aug), Aberdeen (Sep), Motherwell (Dec) 63/4 Dundee United, Third Lanark (LC), Dunfermline (Oct) 65/6 Stirling (Mar) 66/7 Dundee United (Aug LC & Jan), Clyde (Dec), Falkirk (Feb), Motherwell (Oct), Partick (Feb), Stirling (Mar), St.Johnstone (Nov) 67/8 St Johnstone 69/70 Kilmarnock (LC) 70/1 Dundee United (Jan), Stirling Albion (SC), Ayr (Feb), Falkirk (Oct), Hibs (Mar) 71/2 Falkirk (Oct), Queen of the South (SC) 72/3 Falkirk, Hibs, Celtic (Sep & Nov LC)) 73/4 Aberdeen (Jan), Falkirk (Sep), Dunfermline (Nov), Hearts (May), Rangers (Dec), Morton (Apr), Arbroath (Feb), Ayr (Oct), Dumbarton (Nov), East Fife (Sep), St.Johnstone (Apr) 74/5 Aberdeen (Sep), Hibs (LC), Morton (Oct) 75/6 Hibs (Dec), Celtic (Nov), Rangers (Sep) 76/7 Montrose (Oct), Arbroath (Sep) 77/8 Hearts (Oct), Queen of the South (LC & Mar), Arbroath (Oct) 79/80 Rangers (Nov & Apr), Morton (Sep), Celtic (Dec), Hibs (Nov), Dundee United (Mar) 80/1 Hamilton (Oct), Arbroath (LC), Berwick (Mar), Kilmarnock (LC), Ayr (Jan), Clydebank (Apr), Falkirk (Sep) 81/2 Partick (Sep) 82/3 St Mirren (Mar), Celtic (Nov), Morton (Jan), Hibs (Feb), Kilmarnock (Apr), Motherwell (Sep) 83/4 Hearts (Jan), Rangers (SC, Oct), Motherwell (Apr), Celtic (Mar) 84/5 Celtic (Sep & Feb & SC), Morton (Dec), Hibs (Dec), Aberdeen (Mar) 85/6 Celtic (Sep & Feb), Rangers (Nov) 86/7 Dundee United (Mar), Rangers (Mar)  87/8 Rangers (Jan), Celtic (Feb) 88/9 Hearts (Dec & Apr), Celtic (Sep) Hibs (Oct), 89/90 Rangers (Nov, Mar), Dunfermline (Oct) 90/1 Kilmarnock (SC) 91/2 Stirling (Mar), Raith (Mar), 93/4 Hearts (Oct), Celtic (Dec), Rangers (Sep & Jan), St.Johnstone (Oct) 95/6 Kilmarnock (LC) 97/8 Airdrie (Oct) 98/9 Aberdeen (Aug & Feb), Celtic (Aug)  00/01 Hearts (Aug) 01/02 Dundee United, Celtic (Sep), Partick (SC) 02/03 Dundee United (Nov) 03/04 Celtic (Sep) 04/05 Dundee United, Dunfermline (Apr) 07/08 Livingston (Mar), Clyde (Mar)

Dundee United: 67/8 Partick, 68/9 Queens Park (SC),Celtic, Dunfermline (LC), Arbroath 69/70 Hearts (LC), Hibs (si), Clyde 70/1 Cowdenbeath (Apr), Clyde (LC), Airdrie (Oct)71/2 St Johnstone (Sep) 72/3 Dundee (Sep), Rangers (Dec), Airdrie (Sep), Morton (Sep) 73/4 Clyde (Oct), St Johnstone (Sep), Dundee (Jan), Motherwell (Aug), Falkirk (Nov), Celtic (Apr) 74/5 Dundee (Sep), Celtic (Nov), Ayr (LC), Berwick (Jan), Airdrie (Feb) 75/6 Aberdeen (Mar), St.Johnstone (LC), Celtic (Nov & LC), Hibs (Jan), Ayr (Feb), Dundee (Feb), 77/8 Rangers (Oct, Feb), Partick (Sep), Clydebank (Nov), Celtic (Matr), Ayr (Apr) 78/9 Celtic (Feb) 79/80 Aberdeen (Apr), Hibs (Feb), St.Mirren (Nov) 80/1 Rangers (Sep & Feb) 81/2 Hamilton (LC) 82/3 Aberdeen (Sep), Rangers (Nov,sof), St.Mirren (Sep), 83/4 Aberdeen (SC & Mar), St Johnstone (Nov), Dundee (Apr), Motherwell (Aug & Lg Cup), Hearts (Feb) 84/5 Aberdeen (Aug), Morton (Nov) 85/6 Dundee (Dec), Aberdeen (Aug), Celtic (Sep), Celtic (Dec), St.Mirren (Skol Cup & Apr)) 86/7 Rangers (Mar), Aberdeen (Aug) 87/8 Rangers (Oct) Aberdeen (Oct), Celtic (Dec), Hearts (Nov) 88/9 Rangers (Sep), Hearts (Jan) 89/90 Rangers (Dec), Aberdeen (Apr), Celtic (Sep) 91/2 Falkirk (Nov), Airdrie (Jan), Hibs (Mar), Rangers (Oct), St.Johnstone (Oct), Motherwell (Feb) 92/3 Dundee, St.Johnstone (Aug), Rangers (Feb) 93/4 Raith (May), Rangers (Oct & Apr)) 94/5 Partick (Oct & Feb), Rangers (Dec & Apr), Falkirk (Feb inc update), Hearts (Mar), Kilmarnock (Apr) 95/6 Partick (Play Off) 96/7 Leicester, (Fr), Celtic (Sep), Raith (Mar), Rangers (Dec) 97/8 Rangers (Oct) 98/9 Rangers 01/02 Hibs (Oct, Apr), St Johnstone (Apr), Rangers (Mar) 02/03 Rangers (Sept) 03/04 Dunfermline (May) 05/06 Dunfermline (May) 06/07 Inverness (Apr)

Dunfermline: 62/3 Hearts, Partick 65/6 St Johnstone (LC) 66/7 Stirling (Apr), 68/9 Dundee United 69/70 St.Johnstone 72/3 Brechin (Oct), Forfar (Sep), Stirling (Jan), St.Mirren (Jan), Stranraer (Mar) 73/4 Dundee (LC), East Fife (Jan), Hibs (Dec), Partick (Jan) 74/5 Rangers (t), Dundee (Oct), Morton (LC) 75/6 Clyde (Jan), Cowdenbeath (Mar), East Fife (Jan), Falkirk (Oct), Partick (Feb), St Mirren (Sep) 76/7 Aberdeen (SC), Albion (Oct), Alloa (Sep), Brechin (Sep), Clyde (Mar), Clydebank (LC), Cowdenbeath (Mar), East Stirlingshire (Oct & Feb), Stenhousemuir (Apr), Stranraer (Apr) 77/8 Stenhousemuir (Jan) 78/9 Stenhousemuir (Dec), Cowdenbeath (Jan) 79/80 Hearts (Dec) 80/1 East Stirlingshire (Nov), Clydebank (Oct), St Johnstone (Sep), Hamilton (Dec), Falkirk (Nov), Hibs (Oct), Stirling (Sep), Dumbarton (Sep) 81/2 Hearts (Apr), East Stirlingshire (Nov) 82/3 Alloa (Jan), Partick (Mar) 83/4 Dundee United (LC), Albion (Apr), Arbroath (Apr), Stenhousemuir (Oct) 84/5 Celtic (Skol Cup), Raith (Jan) 85/6 Meadowbank (Oct) 86/7 Dumbarton (Oct), Queen of the South (Apr), Forfar (Aug) 87/8 Rangers (Aug & Oct), Hibernian (Dec),  Dundee (Mar), Falkirk (Apr), Celtic (Aug & Jan), Aberdeen (Nov), Dundee United (Oct) 88/9 Raith (Aug), Kilmarnock (Mar) 89/90 Hamilton (SC) 90/1 Rangers (Mar) 91/2 St Johnstone (Aug), Dundee Utd (Nov & Mar)), Airdrieonians (Dec), Hibernian (Feb), Rangers (Mar), Forfar (SC - Feb), Hearts (SC),  92/3 Rangers (Pre season Fr), Clydebank (Aug), Cowdenbeath (May) 93/4 East Stirlingshire (LC), Airdrie (Aug), Greenock Morton (Sep), Stirling (Oct), Clyde (Nov), Brechin (Oct), Cowdenbeath (May), Rangers (LC), Sat Mirren (Sep) 94/5 Meadowbank (LC), Raith (Aug), Hamilton (Sep), St Johnstone (Oct), Clydebank (Nov), St Mirren (Nov) 95/6 Bolton/Hibs (joint Fr), Dundee United (Aug) 96/7 Kilmarnock (Oct), Aberdeen (Dec), Celtic (Dec, Jan & Mar), Dundee United (Oct & Jan), Hibs (Dec), Partick (Sep), Rangers (Aug), St Mirren (Sep) 97/8 Celtic (Nov), Ayr (LC), Dundee United (Oct & Feb), Edinburgh City (SC), Kilmarnock (Jan), Motherwell (Feb), Rangers (Dec), St Johnstone (Jan), St Mirren (LC) 98/9 Motherwell (May), Dundee (Mar), Hearts (Sep), Dundee United (Apr), Celtic (May), Rangers (Sep) 99/00 Airdrie (Oct), Livingston (Nov) 00/01 Hearts (Nov) 03/04 Partick (Sep), Rangers (May) 05/06 Hearts (Jan), Livingston (Apr), Dundee United (Sep) 06/07 Rangers (CIS Cup), St Mirren (Sep) 08/09 Stirling Albion (Lg Cup) 10/11 Hibernian/Aberdeen/Hearts (Pre season) 13/14 Stranraer (Play Off Semi Final 2nd Leg - 3) 14/15 Greenock Morton (Oct)

East Fife: 59/60 Brechin, 61/2 Brechin 62/3 Stenhousemuir 63/4 Arbroath (LC), Raith 65/6 Elgin, Ayr 66/7 East Stirling) 67/8 Hamilton, Queens Park 69/70 Dundee, Stirling Albion 72/3 Morton 73/4 Dundee, Ayr 74/5 Forfar 76/7 Raith (Jan) 77/8 Dundee (Dec), Hearts (Nov & Jan), Clydebank (LC) 78/9 East Stirling (Sep), Meadowbank Thistle (Nov), Berwick (Nov), Falkirk (Oct), Queens Park (Jan) 79/80 Cowdenbeath (Aug) 81/2 Alloa (Oct), Stranraer (Aug), Arbroath (Lg Cup), Montrose (Feb) 82/3 Brechin (Aug), Forfar (Mar), Raith (SC) 83/4 Celtic (SC) 85/6 Forfar (Mar) 86/7 Rangers (Cup), Morton (Jan) 87/8 Dumbarton (Sep), Forfar (Oct) 88/9 Arbroath (Sep) 89/90 Meadowbank (SC) 93/4 Rothes (Cup) 97/8 Kilmarnock (LC) 01/02 Peterhead (Jan) 04/05 East Stirlingshire (Sep) 05/06 Stranraer (CIS Cup)

East Kilbride Thistle: 81/2 Aberdeen (Test) 

East Stirlingshire: 75/6 Brechin (Sep) 76/7 Albion (Dec), Alloa (Jan), Stenhousemuir (Sep) 77/8 Falkirk (Aug) 78/9 Albion (Apr) 81/2 Queens Park (Sep), Dumbarton (Nov) 82/3 Stenhousemuir (Nov) 84/5 Arbroath (Feb), Queen of the South (Mar) 85/6 Raith (Skol Cup), Stirling (Mar), Arbroath (Apr) 86/7 Berwick, Albion (Apr) 89/90 Stirling Albion (Cup), 90/1 Stirling (Feb) 92/3 Clyde 94/5 Caledonian Thistle (Cup) 96/7 Brora Rangers (Cup) 99/00 Falkirk (Cup) 04/05 Montrose (Oct)

Edinburgh City: 03/04 Man United (Fr)

Elgin City: 89/90 Arbroath (SC) 99/00 Rangers (Fr) 00/01 East Stirlingshire, Hamilton (Aug), Cowdenbeath (Mar), Dumbarton (SC & Sep), Montrose (Sep), Peterhead (Sep & Mar), Queen of the South (SC,rearranged fixture) 01/02 Peterhead (Mar,rearranged fixture) 04/5 Gretna Apr 08/09 Annan (Sep)

Falkirk: 66/7 Motherwell (Apr) 67/8 Motherwell (Nov), Stirling (Sep) 68/9 Airdrie (Sep), Partick (Apr) 71/2 Ayr (Apr), Partick (Nov) 73/4 Dumbarton (Sept), Dundee (Dec), Hibs (Feb) 76/7 Morton (Mar) 79/80 Montrose (Mar) 80/1 Stenhousemuir (Sep), St.Johnstone (Nov) 81/2 Motherwell (Apr), Clydebank (Nov) 82/3 Dumbarton (Dec), Hamilton (Nov), Rangers (SC) 87/8 Dundee (Dec), Dunfermline (Aug), Rangers (Nov) 91/2 East Stirling (Cup), St Johnstone (Nov) 92/3 Hearts (Dec), St Johnstone (Nov), Hibs (Dec), Partick (Jan), 93/4 Cowdenbeath (B&Q Cup), Cowdenbeath (B&Q Cup) 94/5 Partick, Hibs (Feb), Rangers (Sep & Jan) 95/6 Rangers (Sep & Jan) 98/99 Huntly (Cup) 00/01 Alloa, Hibs (Sep) 02/03 Clyde 03/04 Raith (Mar) 05/06 Hearts (Oct & Mar) 13/14 Hamilton (Play Off Semi Final 1st Leg - 3)

Forfar: 75/6 Stranraer (Nov), Stenhousemuir (Oct) 76/7 Stirling Albion (Oct), Stenhousemuir (Dec) 77/8 Queens Park (Dec), Meadowbank (Aug), Cowdenbeath (Apr) 78/9 East Fife (Dec & Mar), Cowdenbeath (Dec), Rangers (LC) 79/80 Berwick (Lg Cup), Brechin (Oct) 80/1 Rangers (LC) 81/2 Montrose (Mar), St.Mirren (LC) 82/3 Berwick 83/4 Montrose (Dec), Berwick (Dec) 84/5 Falkirk (Jan), Hibernian (Aug) Kilmarnock (Nov), Meadowbank (Nov) 85/6 Rangers (LC) 86/7 Dundee United (Cup) 87/8 East Fife (Sept, Dec), Hamilton (Jan), Clyde (Dec) 89/90 Albion (Dec) 91/2 Montrose (Nov), Raith (Oct), Hamilton (Oct), Ayr (Nov), Dundee (Jan),  93/4 Cowdenbeath/Arbroath (Mar), East Stirlingshire (Apr), Queen of the South (Mar) 94/5 Albion (Feb) 98/9 Clyde (Sep), East Fife (Sep), Livingston (Dec) 00/01 Peterhead (SC)

Forres Mechanics: 84/5 Aberdeen (Centenary match), 86/7 Hibernian/East Stirlingshire (Pre Season), 92/3 Aberdeen/Celtic/Rangers (Pre Season) 09/10 Buckie (Aug)

Fort William: 85/6 Inverness Thistle (Cup), Clachnacuddin

Fraserburgh: 90/1 Cove Rangers (SCup) 

Gala Fairydean: 80/1 Berwick Reserves 86/7 Whitehall Welfare (Sep) 87/8 Easthouses (Tartan LC) 87/8 Pencaitland (Tartan LC), Hawick Royal Albert (King Cup), Civil Service Strollers (SC), East Stirling (SC), 89/90 Celtic (Fairydean Challenge - 5) 93/4 Whitehall Welfare Confed Life LC Final) 96/7 Hamilton (Pre Season) 01/2 Forfar (Cup), Hibernian (Fr) 05/06 Hearts (Pre Season)

Greenock Morton: 58/9 Forfar 61/2 Forfar (LC) 62/3 Dumbarton (Feb) 63/4 Brechin (Oct), Arbroath (Mar) 64/5 Hearts (Mar), Hibs (Feb), Falkirk (Apr), Clyde (LC) 66/7 Arbroath (Sep LC), Brechin (LC), Stranraer (Apr) 67/8 St Johnstone (Oct), Rangers (Apr) 68/9 Kilmarnock, Dundee (Dec), 70/1 Motherwell (LC) , Clyde (Mar) 72/3 Partick (LC), Dundee United (Feb) 73/4 Aberdeen (Nov), Hibs (Aug) 77/8 Hearts (Feb), St.Johnstone (Nov), Hamilton (Sep), Hearts (Feb), Meadowbank (SC), Kilmarnock (Mar) 78/9 Rangers (Sep & Jan), Partick (Oct), Celtic (Aug & Dec), Motherwell (Oct & Mar), Hibernian (Nov & Dec & Apr), St.Johnstone (Jan & SC), Hearts (Sep), St Mirren (Aug & Apr), Dundee United (Nov & Mar), Aberdeen (Apr) 79/80 Queen of the South (LC), Dundee United (Sept), Dunfermline (SC), Celtic (Mar), St Mirren (Nov & Mar), Kilmarnock (Sep), Dundee (Nov & Mar), Partick (Aug), 80/1 Dundee United (Nov), St Mirren (Aug & Jan), Celtic (Feb), Notts County (Anglo Scottish), Airdrie (Nov & LC), Aberdeen (Apr & Dryborough Cup Semi), Albion (Dryborough Cup), Rangers (Oct), Kilmarnock (Jan), Clydebank (SC)  81/2 Airdrie (Mar), Dundee (Feb), Rangers (May), St Mirren (Mar) 82/3 Dumbarton (Aug,LC), Aberdeen (LC), St Mirren (SC), Celtic (Oct) 83/4 Airdrie (Dec), Dundee United (Sep), Alloa (Oct), Falkirk (Nov), Ayr (Sep), Partick (Sep), Raith (Dec), Dumbarton (Oct) 85/6 Airdrie (Apr), Brechin (Feb) 86/7 East Fife (Apr) 87/8 Rangers (Nov) 89/90 Alloa (Sep), Forfar (Sep), Albion (Oct), Rangers (Skol Cup) 92/3 Kilmarnock (Aug) 93/4 Clyde (Mar), Dumbarton (Sep) 98/9 Raith (Mar), Falkirk (Apr), Clyde (SC) 99/00 St.Mirren (Nov), Rangers (SC), Inverness CT (Apr) 00/1 Clyde (Oct)

Gretna: 02/03 Cove Rangers (Cup), Stirling Albion (Sep), East Fife (Apr) 04/5 East Stirlingshire (Oct), Albion (Nov), Stenhousemuir (Dec & Apr), Cowdenbeath (Jan), Montrose (Feb), Queens Park (Mar), Peterhead (Mar) 11/12 Walsall (Fr) 

Hamilton Academicals: 61/2 Montrose (LC) 62/3 Arbroath 67/8 Queens Park 68/9 St Mirren (LC) 71/2 Stranraer, Brechin (Lg Cup) 72/3 St Mirren, Forfar (SC and Dec) 73/4 East Stirling (Scot Lg Cup), Motherwell (Lanarkshire Semi Final), Alloa (SC) 74/5 Falkirk (Apr), Alloa (Jan & Apr), Celtic (LC) 75/6 Falkirk (Dec), Clyde (Nov), Dumbarton (Jan) 76/7 St.Johnstone, Clydebank (SC), East Fife (Aug & Feb), Montrose (Apr), Raith (Dec) 77/8 St Mirren (LC), Airdrie (Nov), Alloa (Feb) 78/9 Montrose (Dec), Ayr (Feb), St.Johnstone (Dec) 79/80 Stirling (Apr), Clydebank (Dec), Arbroath (Mar), Ayr (Nov) 80/1 Dumbarton (Sept) 81/2 Dumbarton 82/3 Berwick (Sep), Airdire (Jan), Kilmarnock (LC), Meadowbank (Jan) 83/4 Alloa (Sep), 86/7 Hibs (Feb) 88/9 Rangers (Aug), Hibs (Apr) 89/90 Clydebank (Dec), Dunfermline (Jan) 90/1 Celtic (Aug) 91/2 Meadowbank Thistle (Dec) 92/3 Hearts/Rangers (Fr) 94/5 Rangers (SC) 97/8 East Fife (Aug), Rangers (LC and SC) 98/9Ayr (Oct), St.Mirren (Aug), Stranraer (Nov) 00/01 Peterhead (Sep & Jan) 03/04 Hearts (July) 10/11 Inverness Caley Thistle (May)

Hearts: 58/9 Ayr (LC (m) 59/60 Kilmarnock (SC), Stirling Albion 60/1 St Mirren (LC) 61/2 Raith (Mar), Dunfermline (tc), Celtic, Kilmarnock (LC & Dec), Aberdeen (Feb) 62/3 Dundee (LC) 63/4 Dunfermline (Summer Cup), St Mirren (Nov), Dundee United (Mar) 64/5 Partick, Motherwell, Hibernian, Dunfermline (Summer Cup), Celtic (inc handbook), Morton (SC), Airdrie (Aug) 65/6 Rangers (LC handbook edition), Hibernian, Motherwell, Rangers, Dunfermline, Partick, Celtic, Dundee United, Falkirk, Kilmarnock, 66/7 Rangers, Hibernian, Dundee United (SC) 67/8 Falkirk, St.Johnstone, Rangers, Partick, Kilmarnock, Raith, Celtic, Hibs 68/9 Dundee (Lg Cup), Kilmarnock (Lg Cup), Rangers, Celtic, Middlesbrough (Fr), Kilmarnock, Partick, Raith, Aberdeen, Dundee United, Dundee, Morton, Hibs, Falkirk, Arbroath,  69/70 Motherwell, St Mirren, St.Johnstone 70/1 Hibernian (Jan), Motherwell (Texaco Semi - 3) 71/2 Dunfermline (LC & Jan)), St Johnstone (Aug, Sep & Feb)), Hibs (Sep), Airdrie, East Fife, Morton, Ayr, Dundee United, Partick (wof), Clyde, Clydebank, Motherewell Oct), Celtic (SC & Apr), Falkirk, Newcastle (Texaco) 72/3 Berwick (LC), St Johnstone, Aberdeen, Motherwell, Arbroath, Ayr, Partick, Kilmarnock, Dundee, East Fife, Airdrie, Dundee United, , Falkirk, Morton, Celtic, Rangers, Airdrie 73/4 Burnley (Texaco), Motherwell (Jan), Partick (LC & Apr)), St.Johnstone (LC), Dundee (LC & Sep), Clyde (May) 74/5 Arbroath, Dundee United, Ayr, Celtic (Nov), Dunfermline (LC), Hibernian, Clyde (Apr), Airdrie (Anglo Scottish), Aberdeen (Oct), Morton (Dec) 75/6 Dumbarton (LC), Montrose (SC 2nd Rep), Queen of the South (Anglo Scottish Cup), Celtic (Scot Lg Cup & May), Aberdeen (Aug), Dundee (Nov), St.Johnstone (Dec) 76/7 Dundee (LC), Kilmarnock (Feb) 77/8 Dundee 78/9 Celtic (Oct & Apr), Morton (SC) 79/80 Arbroath (Mar) 80/1 Partick (Oct and Feb), Dundee United (Nov), Morton (Sep and SC), Kilmarnock (Dec), Celtic (Jan), Rangers (Mar) 81/2 Airdrie (Aug), East Stirlingshire (Oct), Clyde (Mar), Queen of the South (Feb), Dumbarton (Sep), Hamilton (Jan), Queens Park (Dec) 82/3 Partick (Mar), East Fife (Feb), Ayr (Feb), Hamilton (May), Clydebank (Apr), Clyde (Sep), Queens Park (Dec) 83/4  Rangers (LC & Feb), Hibs (Jan), Motherwell (Oct), St.Mirren (LC) 84/5 Dundee (Feb), Dundee United (Mar) 85/6 St.Mirren (SC), Dundee United (Sep), Hibs (Aug) 86/7 Motherwell (SC), Dundee (May), Celtic (Dec) 87/8 Rangers (Oct), Falkirk (Dec), Morton (SC), Celtic (Apr) 88/9 Rangers (Sep, Dec), St Mirren (Sep)  89/90 Aberdeen (Apr) 90/1 St.Mirren (Aug), Rangers (Sep) 91/2 Dundee United (Feb) 92/3 Falkirk (Mar) 93/4 Rangers (Nov & Mar) 94/5 Motherwell (May), Rangers (Nov & Mar and SC) 95/6 Rangers (Dec & Apr) 96/7 Dundee United (SC) 97/8 Rangers (Dec) 98/9 Rangers (Aug & Dec) 99/00 Aberdeen (Aug), Celtic (Nov) 00/01 Dundee (May), Hibs (July) 01/02 Motherwell (Dec), Hibernian (Dec) 02/03 Dunfermline (Aug), Celtic (Oct) 03/04 Aberdeen (Aug), Dundee United (Aug), Dunfermline (Aug & May), Rangers (Sep), Kilmarnock (Dec), Dundee (Oct), Motherwell (May) 04/05 Rangers (Sep) 14/15 Hibs (Aug), Queen of the South (Dec)

Hibernian: 60/1 Kilmarnock (LC), Kilmarnock, Motherwell, Celtic (SC) 61/2 Hearts 62/3 Aberdeen 63/4 Rangers, Kilmarnock (Summer Cup), Dundee United 64/5 Aberdeen (Summer Cup Final), Falkirk, Rangers, Celtic, Airdrie, Clyde, Hearts (Summer Cup, Lg), Dunfermline (LC), Clydebank (SC) 65/6 St Mirren (Lg Cup), Falkirk (Lg Cup), Morton (Lg Cup), Alloa (Lg Cup), Falkirk, Motherwell, Hamilton, Dunfermline, Hearts, Morton, Partick, St.Mirren, Dundee, Stirling Albion, Clyde, Celtic, Dundee United, Aberdeen, Kilmarnock, St.Johnstone 66/7 Stirling Albion (LC), Kilmarnock (LC), Rangers (LC), Dunfermline, St.Mirren, Dundee United, Berwick (SC), Aberdeen, Clyde, Ayr, St Johnstone, Stirling 67/8 Hearts, Clyde (Dec & Apr), Kilmarnock, Motherwell, Aberdeen, Mothewrwell (LC), Falkirk 68/9 St.Johnstone (LC), Aberdeen, Airdrie (Oct), Dundee (Apr), East Fife (LC), Partick, Raith (LC), St.Johnstone (Apr), Arbroath (Mar), Hearts (Sep) 69/70 Raith, Dunfermline (LC), Motherwell, Celtic, Aberdeen, Clyde (LC), St.Johnstone (Mar) 70/1 St.Johnstone (LC), Hearts, Rangers (LC), Hearts (East of Scot shield, tear on prog), Dundee (SC), Rangers, Dunfermline, Kilmarnock (Nov), Cowdenbeath, Aberdeen, Motherwell, Dundee (Scot Cup), Morton, St.Johnstone, Airdrie, Dundee United, Forfar (SC) 71/2 Kilmarnock (LC), Motherwell (LC), East Fife, Falkirk (LC), Ayr, Falkirk, Rangers, Hearts, Dundee United, Aberdeen, Clyde, Aberdeen (Scot Cup), Airdrie (Mar), Partick (Mar), St.Johnstone (Apr), Morton, Dundee 72/3 Aberdeen (LC), Dundee United (LC), Airdrie, Airdrie (LC), Ayr (LC), Aberdeen, East Fife, Morton (Scot Cup), Rangers (Scot Cup), Dumbarton (t), Partick, Morton, Arbroath, St.Johnstone, Queens Park (LC) 73/4 St.Mirren (Dryborough Cup), Dumbarton (LC), Raith (LC), East Fife, Ayr, Aberdeen, Rangers, Motherwell, Motherwell/Dumbarton (double issue), Hearts, Dundee United 74/5 Hearts (Autographed,Jim Jeffries), Kilmarnock (Dryborough Cup), St.Johnstone (LC), St.Johnstone, Motherwell, Morton, Ayr, Dumbarton, Aberdeen, Dundee, Rangers (LC), Dunfermline 75/6 Hearts (Aug & Jan), St.Johnstone, Aberdeen, Dundee United, Motherwell, Dunfermline (LC), Dundee (Oct & Feb), Motherwell (Scot Cup), Rangers (Nov & Apr), Celtic, Montrose (LC) 76/7 Rangers (LC), Montrose (LC), Partick (SC), Arbroath (LC), Ayr (Dec) 77/8 Clydebank/Hearts (East of Scotland Shield), Celtic (Apr) 78/9 Hearts (Nov), Rangers (Aug,Dec), Dunfermline (SC Rep), Dundee United (Oct), Motherwell (Dec), Clydebank (LC), Brechin (LC) 79/80 Ayr (Feb), St.Mirren (Anglo Scottish), Dunfermline (SC) 81/2 Celtic (SLC and Oct), Aberdeen (Nov), Airdrie (Sep) 82/3 Dundee (Dec), Rangers (Dec), St Mirren (Jan), Dundee United (Jan), Aberdeen (SC - Jan), Kilmarnock (Apr), Celtic (Apr) 83/4 Celtic (Dec), 84/5 Hearts (Jan) 85/6 St Mirren (Dec) Celtic (Jan & SC), Hearts (Nov), Rangers (Dec) 86/7 Dundee United (Skol Cup), Rungers (Aug) 87/8 Dunfermline (Oct), Rangers (Dec), Queen of the South (SC), Aberdeen (Sep), Dundee United (Mar) 88/9 Aberdeen (Skol Cup), Rangers (Oct) 89/90 Clydebank (Skol Cup) 91/2 Rangers (Nov), Airdrie (Nov), Celtic (Feb), Dundee United (Aug & Dec), Falkirk (Dec), Hearts (Mar), Motherwell (Oct), St Mirren (Dec) 92/3 Motherwell (May) 93/4 Motherwell (Dec) 94/5 Dundee United (Aug & Dec) 95/6 Rangers Nov & Mar) 96/7 Rangers (Jan) 97/8 Rangers (Oct) 98/9 Clydebank (Oct & Dec), Greenock Morton (Apr) 99/00 Clydebank (Cup), Rangers (Aug) 03/04 Dundee United (Nov), Kilmarnock (Oct) 04/05 Dundee (Feb), Dundee United (Oct) 05/06 Hearts (Oct and Apr), Kilmarnock (Apr) 06/07 Dunfermline (Dec) 09/10 Kilmarnock (Oct)

Huntly: 92/3 Queen of the South (SCup)

Invergordon: 82/3 Aberdeen (Official pavillion opening) 

Inverness (Caledonian) Thistle: 74/5 Clachnacuddin 78/9 Clachnacuddin 80/1 Elgin 81/2 Nairn (Cup), Keith 86/7 Nairn (Highland LC) 89/90 Celtic (Aug) 94/5 Arbroath (Aug & Jan), Alloa (Apr), Dundee (B&Q Cup & Sep), Queens Park (Aug), Albion (Nov), Montrose (Dec) 95/6 Alloa (LC) 96/7 Queen of the South/Hamilton (Pre Season), Montrose (Dec & Apr), Cowdenbeath (Dec), Stranraer (SC), Arbroath (Jan), Queens Park (Jan), Hamilton (SC), Forfar (Feb & May), Alloa (Mar), Ross (Mar), Albion (Apr) 97/8 Stenhousemuir (Lg Cup), Queen of the South (LC + Nov, Mar), Clyde (Sep & Jan), Clydebank (Feb), Brechin (Nov & May), Stenhousemuir (Nov), Whitehall Welfare (SC), Forfar (Dec & Apr), East Fife (Dec), Dundee United (SC), Stranraer (Mar), Elgin (McEwans Lager North Cup Final) 98/9 Livingstone (Aug & Feb), Arbroath (Sep & Jan), Queen of the South (Sep & Feb), Forfar (Oct & Jan), East Fife (Oct & Mar), Stirling (Nov & Apr), Clyde (Nov), Alloa (May) 99/00 Falkirk (Aug), St Mirren (LC), Raith (Sep), Dunfermline (Oct) 04/05 Motherwell (LC), Dundee United (Nov), Dunfermline (Aug), Hibs (Sep) 05/06 Hearts (Sep and Mar) 06/07 Dunfermline (Mar), Celtic (Aug), Dundee United (Sep)  

Keith: 79/80 Berwick (Cup,fld), 81/2 Buckie Thistle, Ross County, 91/2 Rangers (Challenge)  Late 90s Montrose 95/6 Rangers (SC) 01/02 Nairn County

Kilmarnock: 61/2 Raith62/3 Airdrie (LC), Raith (Nov) 63/4 Albion (SC), St Johnstone (Apr) 65/6 St Johnstone 66/7 St Johynstone (Mar) 67/8 Raith, Falkirk, Dundee 68/9 St Johnstone, Arbroath, Partick, Clyde 69/70 Morton, Hearts, Partick (LC), Hearts (Scot Cup), Dunfermline, St Mirren (sof) 72/3 Ayr, 74/5 Aberdeen (sof), Rangers (sof), Celtic (sof) 75/6 Arbroath (Oct) 76/7 Dundee United (Dec), Rangers (Nov & Mar), Partick (Apr)) 77/8 Alloa (Feb), Celtic (SC) 78/9 Airdrie (Dec), Montrose (Jan), Arbroath (Oct), Morton LC) 79/80 Rangers (Dryborough Cup Semi + Sep), Partick (Cup), Aberdeen (Dryborough Cup), Dundee (Anglo Scottish Cup) 80/1 Rangers (Sep & Dec), Dunfermline (Lg Cup), Partick (Apr) 84/5 Brechin (Sep) 85/6 Aloa (Aug) 86/7 Hearts (Scot Cup Rep & 2nd Replay)), Dumbarton (Jan) 88/9 Forfar (Mar) 89/90 Stirling Albion (Nov) 90/1 Airdrie (Sep), Raith (Oct) 92/3 Morton (Cup), Ayr (Nov), Clydebank (Oct), Cowdenbeath (Sep & Feb), Dumbarton (Dec & May) 93/4 Dundee (Dec), Hearts (Nov), Raith (Dec), St.Johnstone (Sep), Rangers (Nov) 94/5 Celtic (Nov & Mar), Rangers (Dec & Apr), Dundee United (Oct & Mar), East Fife (SC), Falkirk (Sep), Motherwell (Aug & Jan), Partick (Oct & Apr), Hibs (Nov) 95/6 Dumbarton (Cup), Hibernian (Sep & Jan), Aberdeen (Dec), Celtic (Oct & Jan), Falkirk (Dec & Apr) Hearts (Oct), Motherwell (Mar), Partick (Dec), Raith (Nov & Mar), Rangers (Nov & May) 96/7 Rangers (Sep & Dec) 97/8 Rangers (Sep) 98/9 St.Johnstone (Oct) 00/01 Hearts (Dec) 01/02 Livingston (Mar) 02/03 Aberdeen (Sep) 03/04 Hearts (Sep & Mar), Celtic (Apr) 04/05 Celtic (Aug), Dundee United (Sep), Inverness Cal (Oct) 05/06 Hearts (Jan) Leith Athletic: 09/10 Leith Select v Hibs Legends

Livingston  95/6 St Mirren (LC) 00/01 Clyde (May) 02/03 Kilmarnock (Aug) 03/04 Dunfermline (Oct), Kilmarnock (Apr) 04/05 Aberdeen (Nov) 05/06 Hearts (Mar) 14/15 Rangers (Oct)  

Meadowbank Thistle: 75/6 Partick, Cowdenbeath, Stenhousemuir, Berwick, Stirling 76/7 Albion (Dec & Mar), East Stirlingshire (Mar), Stenhousemuir (Apr), Berwick (Dec), Cowdenbeath (Feb) 77/8 Clyde (Feb), Raith (Mar), Queens Park (Nov) 78/9 Inverness Caley (Dec), Brechin (Mar), Hibs (Feb) 79/80 Stenhousemuir (Feb)  80/1 Queen of the South (Feb), Buckie (Scottish Cup), Clydebank (LC), Arbroath (Aug), Alloa (Jan) 81/2 Arbroath (Nov) 83/4 Brechin (Jan), Dundee (Sep) 85/6 Dundee United 86/7 Arbroath (Mar) 88/9 St Johnstone (May) 89/90 Hamilton (Feb) 91/2 Dundee (Oct) 92/3 Cowdenbeath (Nov) 

Montrose: 71/2 Stranraer (LC), Queens Park, Berwick, Cowdenbeath, 72/3 Cowdenbeath 75/6 Aberdeen (Benefit match), Hearts (Scot Cup) 76/7 Hibs (LC) 78/9 Dundee (Mar), Dumbarton (Apr), Clydebank (Mar), Celtic (LC & SC) 81/2 East Stirling 83/4 East Stirling (Nov) 84/5 Stenhousemuir (Sep) 85/6 Airdrie (Oct), Partick (Apr), Falkirk (Mar) 87/8 Ayr (Nov) 89/90 Cowdenbeath (Dec), Dumbarton (Jan) 91/2 Partick (Apr) 97/8 Cowdenbeath (Aug), Arbroath (Aug & Dec) 00/01 Peterhead (Oct & Apr) 01/02 Peterhead (Feb) 04/05 Elgin (Oct)05/06 Elgin (Apr) 

Motherwell: 63/4 Celtic, Hibernian, Dundee, Morton (LC), Rangers, Aberdeen, St.Johnstone, Dundee United, Hearts 64/5 Clyde, 65/6 Clyde, Dundee, Hibernian, Dundee United 66/7 Hibernian, Partick, Celtic, Kilmarnock, Falkirk  69/70 St Mirren, 70/1 St Mirren, St Johnstone, Hearts (Texaco Cup Semi), Dunfermline 71/2 Kilmarnock, Clyde 72/3 Celtic (SC & Nov), Hearts (Texaco) 73/4 Celtic, Aberdeen 74/5 Ayr (LC), Celtic (LC) 75/6 Rangers, Dundee (Anglo Scottish), Hibs (Oct), Celtic (SC) 76/7 Dundee United, Kilmarnock (Anglo Scottish), Hearts (LC) 77/8 St Mirren, Aberdeen (Oct), Celtic (Mar), Dundee United (Nov), Partick (Dec), Rangers (Feb), Hibs (Mar) 78/9 St.Mirren (Ang Scot Cup), Hearts (Jan), Celtic (Jan), Partick (Aug), Rangers (Dec) 80/1 Hibs (Nov), Dunfermline (Nov), 81/2 Raith (Sep), St Johnstone (Dec), East Stirling (Oct) 82/3 Hibernian, Forfar (LC) 83/4 St Johnstone (Feb), Hearts (May), Dundee United (Oct & Apr), Celtic (Sep), Ayr (Sep), Alloa (LC), Queens Park (SC) 85/6 Dundee United (Jan), Celtic (Mar), Partick (Aug) 86/7 Dundee United (May) 87/8 Hearts (Mar) 88/9 Celtic (Dec and Apr), Hearts (Nov), Rangers (Sep & Jan) 89/90 Dunfermline (Nov), Rangers (Oct) 91/2 Dunfermline (Sept), Rangers (Nov), St Johnstone (Nov & Feb) 92/3 Hibs (Aug), Raith (Aug), Partick (Mar), Rangers (Sep, Jan & SC), St Johnstone (Sep) 93/4 Celtic (SC), Dundee United (Nov), Rangers (Dec & Apr), St Johnstone (Nov) 94/5 Kilmarnock, Hibs (Sep), Rangers (Oct & Dec) 95/6 Raith (Feb) Rangers (Apr) 96/7 Rangers (Jan) 97/8 Greenock Morton (LC), Celtic (Jan), Dunfermline (Dec), Rangers (Nov, Mar & SC) 98/9 Dunfermline (Aug), Ayr (LC), Celtic (Feb), Kilmarnock (Sep), Rangers (Oct), St Johnstone (Dec) 00/01 Kilmarnock (Nov), Dundee United (Nov), Hearts (Dec) 01/02 Celtic (Mar), Kilmarnock (Jan), Chievo (Fr/Dundee (May) 02/03 Partick (Aug) 04/05 Dundee United (Sep), Dunfermline (Nov) 06/07 Inverness Caledonian Thistle (Sep), Falkirk (Apr) 

Partick: 61/2 Stirling, Falkirk, St.Johnstone 62/3 Dunfermline, Queen of the South 64/5 Morton (Summer Cup) 65/6 St Johnstone, Stirling, St Mirren 68/9 Morton (Jan), Raith (Feb), Hearts (Mar), Dundee (Mar), Arbroath (Apr) 69/70 St Johnstone (Feb & LC), Dundee (Aug), Dunfermline (Sep), Kilmarnock (Oct), Raith (Oct), Motherwell (Nov), Ayr (Nov), Airdrie (Feb), St Mirren (Apr) 70/1 Montrose (Dec) 71/2 Motherwell (Dec) 73/4 Rangers (Sep), Hibs (Dec) 76/7 Rangers (Mar), Motherwell (Mar), Dundee (LC), Ayr (Jan) 77/8 Rangers (Jan), Hibs (Jan), Celtic (Feb) 78/9 Dundee United (Aug) Rangers (Nov, Mar)) 79/80 Rangers (Aug & May), Celtic (Oct) 80/1 Rangers (Oct), Celtic (Nov & Dec) 81/2 Aberdeen (Sep) Rangers (Aug & Jan), Dundee United (Dec) 82/3 Airdrie (May), Hamilton (Dec) 83/4 Morton (Dec) 84/5 Motherwell (Apr), Kilmarnock (Feb) 85/6 East Fife (Feb) 86/7 Celtic (Mar), Dunfermline (Apr), Queen of the South (Aug), Dumbarton (Aug) 89/90 Rangers (Aug) 91/2 Rangers (Skol Cup) 92/3 Rangers (May) 93/4 Rangers (Nov & Mar), Hibs (LC) 94/5 Aberdeen (LC), Rangers (Aug & Jan), Hibs (Dec) 95/6 Rangers (Oct & Feb), Dundee United (May) 98/9 Inverness Caledonian Thistle (Dec), Alloa (Sep & Jan), Arbroath (Jan), Dunfermline SC), Stirling (Feb) 01/02 Inverness Caley Thistle (SC), Arbroath (Mar) 03/04 Dundee United 14/15 Dundee (Dec)

Peterhead: 76/7 Fraserburgh 85/6 Arbroath (SC) 86/7 Clyde (SC) 91/2 Celtic (Centenary), Brora (Oct) 96/7 Hibs (Fr) 97/8 Huntly (LC), Alloa (SC) 98/9 Brora Rangers (Oct) 99/00 Fraserburgh 00/01 Cove Rangers (Cup), Inverness Cal (LC), Albion (Dec & Apr), Brechin (Aug & Dec), Cowdenbeath (Feb & Mar), Dumbarton (Aug & Mar), East Stirling (Sep & Jan), Elgin (Nov, Mar & Apr), Morton (Jan), Hamilton (Nov & Mar), Montrose (Apr) 01/02 Hamilton (Aug), Brechin (Feb), Elgin (Jan), East Fife (Mar), Montrose (Dec) 02/03 East Fife (Aug & Dec), Queen of the South (Aug), Morton (Aug & Mar), Stirling (Aug & Mar), Queens Park (Sep & Feb & Mar), East Stirlingshire (Oct & Feb), Albion (Oct & May), Elgin (Nov & Jan & Mar), Montrose (Apr) 03/04 Stranraer (Aug), East Stirling (Sep), Montrose (May), Stirling (Nov & Mar), Albion (Dec & Apr), Queens Park (Dec & Apr), East Fife (Dec), Elgin (Jan),  

Queen of the South: 60/1 Queens Park 61/2 Morton 63/4 Kilmarnock 64/5 Stranraer 65/6 Alloa, Queens Park, 66/7 East Fife, Montrose 67/8 Dumbarton (LC), Arbroath 69/70 East Fife 73/4 Alloa, Berwick 74/5 Hearts (Scot Cup), Raith 75/6 Hamilton Accies (Jan), Rangers (Cup), Clydebank (Spring Cup), Falkirk (Lg Cup), Partick (Nov), St Johnstone (SC) 76/7 Clydebank (Mar), Raith (Jan) 77/8 Kilmarnock (Sep), Dundee (Sep), East Fife, Hibs (LC), Stirling (Oct) 78/9 Montrose (Nov), Dumbarton (Oct) 80/1 Albion (Jan), Queens Park (Nov), Stranraer (Jan), Cowdenbeath (Oct & Dec) 81/2 Dumbarton (LC), Kilmarnock (Sep), Brechin (LC), Ayr (Sep) Hamilton (Nov), St Johnstone (Nov) 82/3 St Mirren (LC), Arbroath (Sep), Stenhousemuir (Feb) 84/5 Queens Park (Oct), Arbroath (Cup), Dumbarton (LC), Cowdenbeath (Mar) 85/6 Celtic (Skol Cup), Cowdenbeath (Mar) 86/7 Morton (Sep), Dunfermline (Jan), Clyde (Mar), Airdrie (Dec) 87/8 Airdrie (Aug & Jan), East Fife (Mar), Clyde (Oct & May), Dumbarton (Apr), Forfar (Dec), Hamilton (Dec) 88/9 Forfar (Sep) 89/90 East Stirling (Sep),  90/1 East Stirling (Cup) Ross County (Jan), Queens Park (Jan), Cowdenbeath(Feb), East Fife (Mar), Montrose (May) 91/2 Arbroath (Jan), East Stirling (Mar) 92/3 Albion (Aug) 93/4 Alloa (Sep), Stenhousemuir (Oct) 94/5 Berwick (Oct), East Fife (Feb), Morton (Oct), Stenhousemuir (Dec) 95/6 Falkirk (LC), Berwick (Sep), Stenhousemuir (Dec) 96/7 Clyde (Dec) 97/8 Dundee United (Aug) Forfar (Mar), East Fife (Apr), Stenhousemuir (May), Stirling (Aug) 98/9 Alloa (Oct & Jan), Clyde (Oct), East Fife (Nov), Forfar (Sep & Feb), Inverness Cal (Nov), Livingston (Dec), Stirling Albion (Oct) 99/00 Arbroath (Dec), Kilnockie (SC) 11/12 Dundee (Feb)

Queens Park: 61/2 Alloa, East Fife, Clyde 62/3 Berwick 63/4 East Stirlingshire, Cowdenbeath 68/9 Dumbarton 70/1 Albion (Nov) 71/2 St Mirren 74/5 St Mirren, Clydebank 77/8 Brechin (Nov), Stranraer (Apr) 79/80 Stranraer 80/1 Meadowbank, Partick, Queen of the South (Sep) 81/2 Dumbarton (May), East Stirling (Nov) 82/3 Ayr (Sept), Rangers (SC), Partick (Dec & Apr), Airdrie (Apr) 84/5 Arbroath (Sep) 85/6 Rangers (Glasgow Cup Semi), Albion (Jan), Stenhousemuir (Dec), 86/7 Meadowbank (Jan), Raith (Apr), Hearts (Dec) 87/8 Celtic (Glasgow Cup Semi), Dundee (LC), Ayr (Nov & SC) 88/9 Stranraer (Skol Cup) 90/1 Stranraer (Aug), East Fife (Mar), Queen of the South (Mar) 91/2 East Fife (Oct), Albion (Sep) 92/3 Berwick (Nov) 97/8 Arbroath (Feb) 98/9 Clachnacuddin (Cup), Albion (Oct), Dundee United (SC), East Stirling (Sep), Montrose (Nov) 01/02 East Fife (Feb), Dumbarton (Feb), Peterhead (Nov & Jan) 05/06 Hearts (SC) 06/07 Berwick (Oct) 

Raith: 58/9 East Fife 61/2 Kilmarnock 62/3 Clyde, 63/4 East Fife, Stirling 68/9 Partick 70/1 Clyde 71/2 Cowdenbeath, St Mirren, Stenhousemuir, Forfar 72/3 Cowdenbeath, Stranraer (Nov) 73/4 Queen of the South, Montrose (Feb), Morton (Jan), Stirling (Dec), Forfar (Mar) 74/5 Berwick (Jan) 75/6 Arbroath (Jan) 76/7 Clyde (Sep) 77/8 Albion (Apr) 78/9 Hearts (Scot Cup, split spine), Hamilton (Mar), Arbroath (Apr) 79/80 Arbroath (Feb), Clyde (Mar), Stirling (Oct) 80/1 Aberdeen (SC), Dumbarton (LC), Ayr (Mar) 81/2 Rangers (LC), Kilmarnock (Mar), Falkirk (Sep), Queens Park (Feb), East Stirling (Sep), Dundee (LC) 82/3 Queens Park (May), Clyde (Jan) 83/4 Airdrie (Oct), Morton (Sep), Hamilton (Apr) 84/5 Clydebank (Skol Cup), Queens Park (SC) 85/6 Hearts X1 (Fr), Cowdenbeath (Jan & Mar), Queen of the South (Apr), Dunfermline (Feb) 86/7 Peterhead (SC 2nd Rep @ Arbroath), Sat Mirren (SC) 87/8 Rangers (SC) 88/9 Aberdeen (Mar), Clydebank (Apr), Rangers (SC) 89/90 Falkirk (Dec) 90/1 Hibs (Skol Cup), Brechin (Feb) 91/2 St Johnstone (Cup) 92/3 Aberdeen (Pre Season Fr), Dumbarton (Oct), Kilmarnock (Mar)  93/4 St Johnstone, Dundee United (Sep), Celtic (Sep), Aberdeen (Nov), Dundee (Dec), Motherwell (May), Rangers (Oct & Feb) 94/5 Clydebank (Sep), St Mirren (Apr) 95/6 Celtic (Aug), Partick (Sep & Dec), Arbroath (LC), Rangers (Oct & Mar) 96/7 Rangers (Nov)  98/9 St.Mirren (Oct)  03/04 St Johnstone (Nov) 04/05 Stranraer (LC), St Mirren (Sep), Albion (LC) 06/07 Airdrie (CIS Cup)

Rangers: 61/2 East Fife 62/3 Clyde,63/4 Hearts 64/5 St Johnstone, Hibernian, St.Mirren. Dunfermline, Dundee 66/7 Stirling Albion, Hibernian, Dundee United 67/8 Hearts, Morton, Airdrie, Partick, Aberdeen, Celtic (Sep) 68/9 Morton, Falkirk, Aberdeen, Airdrie, Dundee United, Hearts, Hibernian, Hearts (SC), Celtic 69/70 Raith, Dunfermline, Partick 70/1 Aberdeen, Morton, Airdire, Hibs (LC), Dundee 71/2 Celtic (LC), Ayr (LC), Morton (LC), East Fife 72/3 Partick, Kilmarnock, St Johnstone (LC), Celtic 73/4 Queens Park (SC), Arbroath (Feb), Motherwell (Apr), Celtic (Aug, LC), Dumbarton (Apr), Hibs (LC), Partick (Jan), St.Johnstone (Dec) 74/5 Dundee United (Nov), Hearts, Dundee, St.Johnstone (Lg Cup), Hibs (LC), Celtic (sof), Kilmarnock (sof), St Johnstone, Aberden (SC), Dundee (LC), Airdrie (Apr) 75/6 Motherwell (Dec), Ayr (Apr), Celtic (Jan), Airdrie (LC), Aberdeen (Oct), St Johnstone (Jan), Dundee United (Nov)  76/7 Motherwell (Dec & SC), Elgin (Scot Cup), Hibs (Aug & Apr), Kilmarnock (Sep & Jan), Dundee United (Nov & Feb), Partick (Jan), Aberdeen (Feb), Ayr (Mar), Clydebank (LC) 77/8 Dundee United (Dec), Aberdeen (Mar), Partick (Mar & Nov), Celtic (Jan), Dunfermline (LC) 78/9 St Mirren (Aug, Oct & LC), Partick (Aug & Jan)), Aberdeen (Sep), Hibs (Oct & Mar), Arbroath (LC), Morton (Nov & Apr), Hearts (Dec & Apr), Motherwell (Scot Cup,Sep & Feb), Dundee United (Feb), Kilmarnock (Scot Cup), Dundee (Scot Cup), Albion (LC) 79/80 Clyde (LC & Scot Cup), St Mirren (Sep & Jan), Dundee (Sep & Jan), Aberdeen (LC, Nov & Mar), Morton (Oct & Feb), Hibs (Oct & Mar), Partick (Nov & Mar), Kilmarnock (Dec & Apr), Dundee United (Dec, Scot Cup & Apr), Hearts (Scot Cup) 80/1Partick (Aug & Jan), Forfar (LC), Aberdeen (LC, Sep & Jan), St Mirren (Sep), Hearts (Oct), Chesterfield (Anglo Scot Cup), Airdrie (Oct & Feb), Kilmarnock (Nov & Mar), Morton (Nov), St Johnstone (Scot Cup), Hibs (Mar), Dundee United (Mar & Apr) 81/2 Partick (Mar), St.Mirren (Nov), Celtic (Sep), Dundee (LC)  82/3 Clydebank (LC), St.Mirren (Apr), Kilmarnock (LC), Hibs (Mar), Motherwell (Mar), Dundee (Oct) 83/4 Celtic (Nov), St Johnstone (Jan), Hibs (Mar) 84/5 Hearts (Dec & Apr), Dundee (SC,Mar), Dundee United (Feb), Dumbarton (Oct, Mar), Aberdeen (Apr), Morton (SC), Meadowbank (LC) 85/6 Aberdeen (Sep & Feb)), Clyde (Skol Cup), Dundee (Sep & Jan), Hibs (Oct & LC), Clydebank (Nov), Hearts (Aug & Dec), Motherwell (May), Celtic (Mar)  86/7 Clydebank (Sep & Jan), Hearts (Apr), Dundee United (Aug), Dundee (Skol Cup &Nov), Aberdeen (Sep & Jan), Falkirk (Aug & Dec), St Mirren (May), Hamilton (Jan & Mar), Motherwell (Mar), Hibs (Feb) 87/8 Hearts (SC, Nov & Apr), Dunfermline (Sep, Dec), Dundee (Dec), Raith (SC), Hibernian (Nov, Apr), Dundee United (Dec,Aug), Morton (Sep), Motherwell (Oct,Mar), St Mirren (Feb), Aberdeen (Nov & Apr), Celtic (Oct) 88/9 Hearts (Nov & Apr), Hamilton (Nov & Mar), Dundee (SC), St Mirren (Sep, Feb), Dundee United (Dec, SC, May) , Hibs (Aug & Dec)), Clydebank (Skol Cup), Celtic (Aug,Jan), Motherwell (Nov), Aberdeen (Nov,May), Stranraer (SC), Raith (Feb)  89/90 Aberdeen (Sep & Jan), Dundee (Sep & Jan), Hearts (Sep & Feb), Dundee United (Oct & Feb), Motherwell (Dec & Apr), Hibs (Oct,Mar), St.Mirren (Dec,Aug), Celtic (Nov, Apr), Arbroath (Skol Cup), Dunfermline (Nov) 90/1 St Mirren (Oct & Feb), Hearts (Dec), East Stirlingshire (LC), Hibs (Nov & Apr), St.Johnstone (Dec), Dunfermline (Aug, Jan & SC), Celtic (Sep, Dundee United (Nov))  91/2 Motherwell (SC), Aberdeen (Sep & Feb), Dundee United (Sep), St Johnstone (Aug & Dec), Queens Park (LC), Falkirk (Apr), Dunfermline (Aug) 92/3 Falkirk (Oct), Celtic (Jan), Hearts (Sep & Feb), Airdrie (Aug &Feb), Dundee United (Jan & May), Aberdeen (Mar), Partick (Apr), Dundee (Nov & Mar), Hibs (Oct), Motherwell (Oct)  93/4 Hearts (Scup), Dundee United (Dec & Apr), Kilmarnock (Aug), Hibs (Sep), Raith (Nov), Aberdeen (LC, Apr), Dundee (May), Celtic (Oct & Apr) 94/5 Partick (Nov), Falkirk (Coca Cola Cup & Nov & Mar), Hearts (Jan), Kilmarnock (Feb), Dundee United (Feb), Aberdeen (Nov), Hibs (Dec & Apr), Celtic (Jan) 95/6 Motherwell (Oct), Partick (Dec & Apr), Raith (Sep & Jan), Greenock Morton (Cup), Kilmarnock (Aug & Dec), Stirling (Cup), Hibs (Sep), Hearts (Oct), Falkirk (Nov & Mar), Aberdeen (Nov & Apr) 96/7 Raith (Aug), Aberdeen (Oct), Hibs (LC & Feb), Celtic (Sep), Dundee United (Mar) 97/8 Hibernian (Dec & Apr), Dunfermline (Feb & Oct)), Dundee United (Aug), Aberdeen (Sep), Motherwell (Sep), Dunfermline (Oct), Hearts (Aug)  98/9 Dundee United (Mar), Dundee (Oct), Motherwell (Aug), St Johnstone (Dec) 99/00 Hearts (Dec & May) 00/01 Hearts (Sep & Mar) 01/02 Airdrie (LC), Hearts (Apr), Kilmarnock (Oct), Livingston (Aug), Hibs (Aug), Dundee (Aug) 02/03 Celtic (Dec) 03/04 Motherwell (Jan & May), Kilmarnock (Aug & Feb), Hearts (May), Dundee (Sep), Partick (Nov) 04/05 Kilmarnock (Feb) 05/06 Hearts 11/12 Aberdeen (Jan, David Weir tribute - 3)

Renfrew Early 80s Johnstone Burgh (s/s T.Brown LC - 5), Greenock Juniors (s/s T.Brown LC - 5) 84/5 Coltness (Scottish Jnr Cup) 85/6 Coltness United, Auchinleck Talbot (Scot Jnr Cup), Blantyre Victoria, Lanark United 86/7 Johnstone Burgh, Arthurlie, Larkhall, Forth 87/8 St Rochs 88/9 Forth (West of Scot Cup), Auchinleck Talbot (Fr), Motherwell (Tartan Spec LCF - 5) 92/3 Rutherglen Glencairn

Ross County: 81/2 Hibernian (Fr), 82/3 Aberdeen (Friendly)  83/4 Brora (Mar) 96/7 Arbroath (Apr), Forfar (Nov) 97/8 Dundee (Feb), East Stirlingshire (May), Aberdeen/Dunfermline (Pre season fr), Berwick (Sep & Jan), Albion (Aug & Feb), Airdire (Feb), Arbroath (Nov), Cowdenbeath (Oct & Apr), Falkirk (LC), Forfar (Dec), Morton (LC), Montrose (Nov), Queens Park (Aug & Oct) 03/04 Queen of the South (May) 04/05 Forfar (Bells Cup Semi) 06/07 Airdrie (Oct), Livingston (Feb)

Selkirk 09/10 Hibernian (Pre season)

Spartans: 03/04 Livingston (SC)

Stenhousemuir: 76/7 Clyde 78/9 Forfar (Apr) 79/80 East Stirling (Oct) 82/3 Meadowbank (Oct), Cowdenbeath (Nov), Stranraer (Oct), Queen of the South (Nov), Arbroath (Jan), Montrose (LC), Stirling (Mar), 84/5 Hibernian (W.Ormomd Mem Cup), Berwick (Apr) 85/6 Queen of the South (Apr), Dunfermline (Mar) 86/7 Stirling (Jan), Queens Park (Mar)  87/8 Ayr (Oct) 88/9 Rangers (Pre season Fr,Aug), Queens Park (Oct) 89/90 Queen of the South 97/8 Clyde 00/01 Hibs (Aug), 02/3 Celtic X1 (Fr)

Stirling Albion: 60/1 Alloa, Queen of the South, Falkirk, Hamilton, Morton, Albion 61/2 Stranraer 62/3 Morton 63/4 Stranraer, Albion, Alloa (Aug), Brechin (Oct), Clyde (Sep), Queens Park (Dec) 65/6 Partick, Raith (Aug), Dundee (Nov), Falkirk (Jan), Rangers (Jan) 66/7 St Mirren, Dunfermline, Motherwell, Hibs, Rangers, Airdrie, Dundee, Falkirk, Kilmarnock, St Johnstone 67/8 Celtic 71/2 Cowdenbeath, St Mirren 72/3 Celtic (LC) 73/4 Aberdeen (Oct), Forfar (Nov) 74/5 Alloa (Cup), Hamilton 75/6 Berwick, Raith 76/7 Queens Park (Sep)77/8 Clydebank (Cup), St Johnstone (Mar), Montrose (Dec), Airdrie (Nov & Apr), Arbroath (Feb), Dumbarton (Mar) 78/9 Airdrie (Dec), Raith (Jan), Clydebank (Mar), Hamilton (Aug) 80/1 Celtic (Aug), Raith (Sep) 82/3 East Stirlingshire (May), Brechin (Dec) 83/4 Rangers X1 + Celtic X1 (joint prog, Fr), Albion (Dec), Arbroath (SC & May), Queen of the South (May), East Fife (Oct) 84/5 Alloa (Aug), Brechin (LC), Queens Park (Apr) 85/6 Stranraer (Nov), Celtic (Challenge), Dunfermline (Nov) 86/7 Alloa (Sep), Albion (Mar) 88/9 Larne (Fr) 91/2 Alloa Reserves (Res LC) 92/3 Celtic (Skol Cup), Ayr (May) 96/7 Dundee United (LC), Hibernian (Pre season) 97/8 Rangers (Fr) 01/02 Brechin, Albion (Oct), Peterhead (Aug)

St Johnstone: 62/3 Stranraer (LC), Arbroath (May) 63/4 St.Mirren 66/7 Clyde 67/8 Airdrie (Cup), Dundee United, Celtic, Dundee, Falkirk, Motherwell 68/9 Airdrie, Hibs (LC), Partick 69/70 Morton, Dunfermline 71/2 Partick 74/5 Rangers (Lg Cup) 75/6 Ayr (Mar), Dundee (Apr) 76/7 Falkirk (Apr) 77/8 Hearts (Nov), Brechin (SC), Kilmarnock (Mar) 78/9 Kilmarnock (Sep) 79/80 Clydebank (Apr) 80/1 Raith (Nov) 81/2 Queen of the South (Aug), Clydebank (Apr), Hamilton (Oct) 82/3 Dumbarton (Dec), Clyde (Dec), Falkirk (Sep) 83/4 Aberdeen (Sep), Hearts (Aug), Celtic (Apr) 84/5 Kilmarnock (Apr), 85/6 Partick, Stranraer (Jan) 86/7 Alloa (Feb) 88/9 Ayr (Apr) 89/90 Clyde (Dec), Clydebank (Aug), Alloa (Dec), Partick (Oct) 90/1 A New Era - 5 (Results filled in), Hearts (Dec), Rangers (Feb), Dundee United (Jan), Celtic (Dec & May) 91/2 Rangers (Mar), Dundee United (Feb), St Mirren (Mar) 93/4 Celtic (Oct & Mar), Airdrie (Aug), Dundee (Sep & Feb), Dundee United (Aug & Jan), Hamilton (SC), Hibs (Sep & Jan), Partick (Nov & Apr), Rangers (Aug & Dec), Motherwell (Jan), Raith (Oct) 97/8 Celtic (LC), Rangers (Sep) 98/9 Aberdeen (Sep), Motherwell (Oct), Stranraer (LC) 00/01 Hearts (Aug and Dec), Hibs (Sep) 01/02 Celtic (Nov), Rangers (Mar), Motherwell (Sep) 02/03 Raith (Jan) 03/04 St Mirren (May) 04/05 Clyde (Apr), Falkirk (Bells Cup Semi), Partick (Sep) 05/06 Ross County (Sep), Dundee (Sep), Airdrie (Mar) 06/07 Hamilton (Aug)

St Josephs Boys: 83/4 Celtic (Scottish Tour game) 

St Mirren: 58/9 Aberdeen 59/60 Stirling Albion, Arbroath 60/1 Aberdeen, Raith, Partick, Dundee United, Clyde 61/2 Motherwell, Airdrie, Dundee, Partick, Hibs, Kilmarnock 63/4 Airdrie 67/8 Forfar 70/1 Falkirk, 71/2 Queens Park, Cowdenbeath (Apr,split spine), Stranraer (LC) 75/6 Montrose (Sep) 76/7 Kilmarnock (LC,Aug), St Johnstone (Dec & Mar), Queen of the South (Dec), Dundee (Feb) 77/8 Clydebank (Aug & Dec), Ayr (Aug & Jan), Dundee United (Oct & Mar) Rangers (Sep & Jan), Celtic (Dec & Apr), Hibernian (Nov & Apr), Kilmarnock (LC) 78/9 Motherwell (Anglo Scot Cup), Dundee United (Jan), Celtic (May), Aberdeen (Feb), Hearts (Apr), Rangers LC,Oct), Partick (Sep), Berwick (LC) 79/80 Dundee United (Sep), Dundee (Oct), Rangers (Mar), Kilmarnock (Aug) 80/1 Celtic (Oct), Hearts (Aug), Rangers (Nov & Mar), Airdrie (Feb), Partick (LC) 81/2 Dundee United (Feb), Aberdeen (May) St Johnstone (LC), Airdrie (Mar), Celtic (Oct) 82/3 Ayr (Aug), Hearts (LC,Sep) Celtic (Sep), Hibs (Nov), Kilmarnock (Oct) 83/4 Dundee United (Feb), Hibs (Nov) 84/5 Dundee (Nov), Dumbarton (Dec), Clyde (LC) 85/6 Dundee United (Sep) 86/7 Celtic (Apr) 87/8 Dundee United (Dec), Motherwell (Oct), Rangers (Nov), Falkirk (Nov), Hearts (Aug), Morton (Aug), St Johnstone (Aug) 88/9 Rangers, Hearts (Nov).Celtic (May) 89/90 Clydebank (SC), Hibernian (Mar) 91/2 Hibs (Mar) 92/3 Ayr (Feb) 94/5 Clydebank (Aug) 95/6 Rangers (Aug, challenge), Hamilton (Mar), Dundee (Apr) 96/7 Falkirk (Dec) 98/9 Greenock Morton 99/00 Inverness Cal (Aug) 00/01 Celtic (Dec), Rangers (Jan) 01/02 Arbroath (Feb) 05/06 Hamilton (Nov) 

Stranraer: 60/1 Morton 61/2 Cowdenbeath 63/4 Ayr, East Fife 65/6 Dumbarton, East Stirling, Raith 66/7 Berwick (Dec) 67/8 East Fife 69/70 Berwick 70/1 Alloa (Jan), East Stirling (Mar), Forfar (Nov) 71/2 East Stirling, Alloa (Feb), Forfar (Mar) 74/5 Alloa (Sep), Raith (Sep) 75/6 Alloa (Jan) 76/7 Hamilton (LC) 77/8 Forfar (Dec), Raith (Apr), Falkirk (Apr), Alloa (LC), Cowdenbeath (Sep) 78/9 Dunfermline (Apr), Berwick (Apr) 80/1 Stenhousemuir (Nov) 82/3 Cowdenbeath (LC), Forfar (Sep) 84/5 Stenousemuior (Nov), Stirling (Oct), East Stirling (May) 87/8 Keith (Cup), Albion (Apr) 89/90 East Fife (Sep), Brechin (Skol Cup) 93/4 Cowdenbeath (Sep) 00/01 Airdrie (Sep) 02/03 Whitehall Welfare 04/05 Stirling (Sep) 06/07 Brechin (Sep)

Vale of Leithen 89/90 East Stirlingshire (SC)

Whitehall Welfare: 85/6 Meadowbank (East of Scotland City Cup Semi), Stenhousemuir (SC), 87/8 Gala Fairydean

Wick Academy: 94/5 Cove Rangers 97/8 Lossiemouth/Forres Mechanics (Apr) 98/9 Fort William 09/10 Strathspey thistle (Aug)