General English League Team Programmes

including F.A. Cup and League Cup and Friendlies


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Prices:  Programmes are price by season and are as follows unless otherwise stated:

54/5 10, 55/6 9, 56/7 8 57/7, 58/9 6 59/60 5, 60/1 & 61/2 4.50, 62/3 & 63/4 4

64/5 & 65/6 3.50, 66/7 & 67/8 3, 68/9 & 69/70 2.50, 70/71 onwards 2 unless stated



Walsall: 55/6 Coventry 57/8 Northampton, 58/9 Shrewsbury, Gillingham, Lincoln 59/60 Exeter (Feb,p/p), Peterborough, Hartlepool, Barrow, Watford, Bradford PA, Workington, Northampton 60/1 Bradford City, Newport, Barnsley, Shrewsbury, Southend, Port Vale, Bristol City, Yeovil, Notts County, Grimsby, Coventry, Swansea 61/2 Luton, Bury, Plymouth, Sunderland, L.Orient, Derby, Rotherham, Southampton, Charlton, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Preston, Middlesbrough, Scunthorpe, Newcastle 62/3 Derby, Sunderland, Plymouth, Huddersfield, Middlesbrough, Man City (FAC), Preston, Southampton, Portsmouth, Scunthorpe, Newcastle, Cardiff, Grimsby, Stoke, Charlton 63/4 Port Vale, Coventry, Notts County, Shrewsbury, Crewe, Barnsley, Bristol Rovers, Peterborough (si), C.Palace 64/5 Brentford, Mansfield, Southend, QPR, Bournemouth, Grimsby, Luton, Hull, Barnsley, Bristol Rovers (FAC), Shrewsbury, Workington, Oldham 65/6 Oxford, Grimsby 66/7 Bournemouth, Mansfield, Shrewsbury, Middlesbrough, Oldham, Colchester, Doncaster, Oxford, Reading, Watford, Peterborough, Gillingham, Swindon 67/8 Shrewsbury (LC), Reading 68/9 Barrow (Feb 7), Tottenham (FAC) 69/70 Southport, Bournemouth, Orient, Barrow, Mansfield, Rochdale, Bristol Rovers, Bolton (Fr), Doncaster, Shrewsbury, Brighton (FAC), Barnsley, Reading, Plymouth, Stockport, Rotherham, Orient (FAC) 70/1 Rochdale, Shrewsbury, Doncaster, Plymouth (FAC), Brighton, Tranmere, Wrexham, Torquay, Preston, Chesterfield, Reading, Plymouth, Halifax 71/2A.Villa, Port Vale, Brighton, Wrexham, Bradford City, Bolton, Shrewsbury

Watford:  55/6 Bournemouth,  Colchester, Gillingham, Southampton, Northampton, 56/7 Plymouth, 57/8 Aldershot, Colchester, Port Vale, Southampton, Southend, Bournemouth, Newport, C.Palace, Gillingham, Brighton 58/9 York 59/60 Notts County, Southampton, Northampton, Rochdale, Birmingham (FAC) 60/1 C.Palace (FAC), Swindon, Bradford City, Brentford (FAC), Brentford, Bury, Shrewsbury 61/2 Halifax, Reading, Swindon, Peterborough, QPR, Torquay, Bristol City, Notts County, Barnsley, Bradford, Coventry, C.Palace 62/3 Coventry, Bristol Rovers, Millwall, Poole (FAC), Notts County, QPR, Wrexham, Reading, Bournemouth, Colchester (LC) 63/4 Wrexham, Port Vale, Bournemouth, Shrewsbury, Oldham, Hull, Mansfield, C.Palace, Reading, Bristol City, Crewe, Brentford, Coventry, Notts County, Barnsley, Southend, Bristol Rovers, Luton (d), QPR 64/5 Carlisle, Mansfield, Peterborough, Bournemouth, Bristol Rovers, QPR, Brentford, Shrewsbury, Walsall, Grimsby, Hull, Reading, Barnsley, Gillingham, Workington, Port Vale, Colchester, Portsmouth (LC),65/6 Oxford, Workington, Mansfield, Hull, Exeter, Oldham, Brentford, York, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Scunthorpe, Bournemouth, QPR, Reading 66/7 QPR, Walsall, Brighton, Torquay, Liverpool (FAC), Swansea, L.Orient, Grimsby, Colchester, Mansfield, Middlesbrough, Swindon, Bristol Rovers 67/8 Shrewsbury, L.Orient, Stockport, Colchester, Reading, Sheffield United (FAC), Northampton 68/9 Crewe, Hartlepool, Plymouth, Shrewsbury, Stockport, Bournemouth, Barrow, Barnsley, Oldham, Port Vale (FAC), Orient, Man United (FAC), Mansfield, Bristol Rovers, Northampton, Reading, Brighton, Walsall, Gillingham, Rotherham, Brentford (FAC), Tranmere 69/70 Gillingham (FAC), Carlisle, Blackburn, Birmingham, Millwall, Charlton, Stoke (FAC), Leicester, Bristol City, Liverpool (FAC), Norwich, Oxford, Hull, Preston, Bolton, QPR, Liverpool (LC), Cardiff, Middlesbrough, A.Villa 70/1 Peterborough, Orient, Carlisle, Norwich, Birmingham, Millwall 71/2 Blackpool, Hull, Preston (LC), Sunderland, Luton, Charlton, Middlesbrough, Preston, Norwich, Cardiff, Swindon (Sept), Bristol City, Notts County (FAC), Millwall, Carlisle, Oxford, QPR 72/3 Oldham, Sheff United (FAC), Rochdale, Blackburn, Wrexham, Guildford City (FAC), Chesterfield, Aldershot (FAC), Bolton, Bristol Rovers, Halifax, York, Port Vale, Southend, Charlton, Swansea, Scunthorpe, Shrewsbury, Rotherham 73/4 Shrewsbury, Cambridge 74/5 Southend, Bournemouth, Colchester (FAC), Grimsby, Colchester, Wrexham, Gillingham, Blackburn, Huddersfield, Hereford, Chesterfield, Tottenham (Fr), Charlton, Preston, Swindon, Plymouth, Aldershot, 75/6 Workington, Hartlepool, Rochdale, Doncaster, Darlington, Stockport, Reading, Tranmere, Tottenham (LC), Bradford City

West Brom:  51/2 Stoke, Newcastle, Bolton 55/6 Birmingham, Portsmouth 57/8 Luton, Portsmouth, 58/9 Luton, Brentford (FAC), Bolton, West Ham, Everton, Preston (inc Wolves Res), Blackburn, Burnley, Newcastle, Blackpool, Man City, Nottingham Forest 59/60 Wolves, Arsenal, Blackpool, Leicester, Bolton, Newcastle, Fulham, Bolton(FAC), Plymouth(FAC), Sheffield Wednesday, Tottenham, Burnley, Everton, Nottingham Forest (inc Wolves reserves), Preston 60/1 Fulham, Wolves (Inc Blackpool Res), Everton, Birmingham, Bolton, Arsenal, Blackburn, Chelsea, Leicester, West Ham, Man United, A.Villa, Cardiff (inc Bury Res), Newcastle, Nottingham Forest 62/3 A.Villa, Arsenal/Man City Res, Blackburm, Sheffield Wednesday, Leicester, Burnley, Tottenham, Bolton, Nottingham Forest, Liverpool, Nottingham Forest (FAC), Man United, Wolves, Man City, Birmingham, Everton 63/4 Sheffield Wednesday, Fulham, Arsenal (FAC), Stoke, Arsenal, Birmingham, Burnley, Bolton, Everton (inc A.Villa Res), Leicester, Liverpool, A.Villa, Chelsea, Sheffield United, Blackpool, Tottenham, West Ham, Nottingham Forest 64/5 Fulham, Sunderland, Birmingham, Everton, Aston Villa v Wolves (FAC 2nd Rep at The Hawthorns), Blackburn, Burnley, Tottenham, Nottingham Forest, Leicester, Stoke, Sheffield United, Arsenal, A.Villa (LC), A.Villa 65/6 A.Villa, Fulham, Man United (Dec), Sunderland, Blackpool, Newcastle, Chelsea, Blackburn, Tottenham, Sheffield United, Nottingham Forest, Coventry (LC), A.Villa (LC), Leicester, Liverpool, Burnley, Sheffield Wednesday  66/7 Man City, Everton, Sheffield United, Southampton, Liverpool, Man United, Tottenham, Burnley, Sheffield Wednesday, Chelsea, Arsenal, Leicester, Newcastle, Nottingham Forest, Blackpool, A.Villa, West Ham, A.Villa (LC), Leeds 67/8 Sheffield United, Southampton (FAC), Nottingham Forest, Sunderland, Stoke 68/9 Leeds (Dec & Apr), Wolves, Burnley, Sheffield Wednesday, Coventry, Tottenham, Everton, West Ham, Man City, Ipswich, QPR, Southampton, Arsenal, Leicester, Chelsea, Man United, Nottingham Forest, Norwich (FAC) 69/70 Stoke, Southampton, Leeds, Coventry, Derby, Arsenal, Burnley, Liverpool, West Ham, Newcastle, Tottenham , Everton 70/1 Charlton (LC), Chelsea, Everton, Stoke (inc autos), Man United, Southampton, Tottenham, Ipswich (FAC), Burnley, Huddersfield, Wolves, Arsenal, Leeds,

West Ham: 58/9 West Brom, Leicester, A.Villa (tc), Everton, Man City, Chelsea (d), Nottingham Forest, Burnley, Blackburn, Wolves 59/60 Wolves, Newcastle, Tottenham, Leicester, Blackpool, Burnley, Chelsea (sof), Bolton (sof), Luton, Arsenal, Nottingham Forest,Fulham 60/1 Sheffield Wednesday, Preston, Wolves, West Brom, A.Villa, Fulham, Birmingham 61/2 Tottenham, Leicester, Burnley, Sheffield United, A.Villa (LC), Wolves (sof), Nottingham Forest, Chelsea, Ipswich, Man City, Cardiff, Arsenal, West Brom, Sheffield Wednesday,mFulham 62/3 Sheffield United, Fulham (FAC), Swansea (FAC), West Brom, Liverpool, Tottenham, Birmingham, Everton (FAC), Arsenal, Wolves, Blackpool, Bolton, A.Villa, Man United, Orient, Ipswich, Sheffield Wednesday, Fulham 63/4 Blackpool, Tottenham, L.Orient (FAC), Man United, Stoke, Chelsea, Arsenal, Blackburn, Burnley (FAC), Bolton, West Brom, Fulham, A.Villa, Birmingham, Ipswich, Liverpool, Everton, Burnley 64/5 Tottenham, Sheffield Wednesday, Nottingham Forest, Wolves, Chelsea (FAC), Arsenal, Burnley, Sheffield United, Birmingham (FAC), Chelsea, A.Villa, Blackburn, Blackpool, Stoke, Liverpool, Fulham, Everton 65/6 Tottenham, Blackpool, Sheffield Wednesday, Everton, Chelsea, Oldham (FAC), Liverpool, Leeds, West Brom, Blackburn (FAC), Man United, Leicester, Sheffield United, A.Villa, Burnley, Arsenal, Mansfield (LC,tc) , Fulham, Sunderland, Newcastle, Grimsby (LC), Stoke, Nottingham Forest, Blackburn 66/7 Fulham, Newcastle, Sheffield United, Stoke, Man United, Wolves, Leeds (LC), Nottingham Forest, Burnley 67/8 Southampton, West Brom, Arsenal, Man United, Coventry, Nottingham Forest, Man City, Sheffield United (FAC) 68/9 Coventry (LC), QPR, Nottingham Forest, Everton, West Brom, Tottenham, Sheffield Wednesday, Liverpool, Newcastle, Man United, Coventry, Ipswich, Arsenal, Stoke 69/70 C.Palace, Newcastle, Sheffield Wednesday, Man City, Man United, Southampton, Halifax (LC), Nottingham Forest, Stoke, Coventry 70/1 Wolves, Liverpool, Nottingham Forest, C.Palace, Burnley, Tottenham,Blackpool 71/2 Leeds, Luton (FAC), C.Palace, Huddersfield, Tottenham, Liverpool 72/3 Sheffield United, Birmingham 73/4 Man United, QPR, Sheffield United, Arsenal, Stoke, Chelsea, Coventry, Wolves, Liverpool 74/5 Ipswich, Leeds, QPR, Swindon (FAC), Arsenal, Luton, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Chelsea, Wolves, Birmingham, Coventry 75/6 Arsenal, Stoke, Liverpool (FAC), Norwich, Wolves, Darlington (LC) 76/7 Newcastle, Man City 77/8 Norwich, Leicester, Arsenal, Nottingham Forest, Birmingham, Newcastle, Leeds 78/9 Orient, Notts County, Swindon (LC), Cambridge 79/80 Southend (LC 2nd Replay), Birmingham, Nottingham Forest (LC), Notts County 80/1 Notts County, Preston, Wrexham 81/2 Notts County, Nottingham Forest, Liverpool 82/3 Nottingham Forest, Liverpool

Wigan:  68/9 Netherfield 69/70 Scarborough, Gt Harwood (Lancs Cup), Port Vale (FAC 2nd Rep at Old Trafford) 70/1 Netherfield, Stafford Rangers, S.Liverpool 71/2 Netherfield 74/5 Mossley, 75/6 Gainsborough Trinity, Runcorn 76/7 Goole, Altrincham, Macclesfield 77/8 Man City (Fr), Sheffield Wednesday (FAC), Bangor, Runcorn/Accrington (Lancs Jun Cup Semi), Boston (NPL LC Semi), Goole, Enfield (FATrophy), Northwich, Lancaster, Gainsborough, Gateshead

Wolves: 49/50 A.Villa 55/6 Bolton, Huddersfield, West Brom, 56/7 Bolton, Preston, Bournemouth (FAC), Sheffield Wednesday 57/8 Preston, Portsmouth (FAC), Arsenal, Birmingham, West Brom, Portsmouth 58/9 Burnley, West Ham, Blackpool, A.Villa, Bolton (FAC), Bolton, Preston 59/60 Blackburn, Charlton (FAC,f), Birmingham,, Newcastle, Derby (tc), Bolton(tc), Arsenal (tc) 60/1 Bolton, Sheffield Wednesday, Cardiff, Arsenal, Burnley, Man City, A.Villa, Leicester, Tottenham, West Ham, Preston, Blackburn (tc), Aldershot v Stoke (FAC 2nd rep @Molineux) 61/2 Sheffield United, Carlisle (FAC), Bolton, Man City, Nottingham Forest, Burnley, A.Villa 62/3 Leicester, West Brom, Blackburn, Birmingham, Bolton, Arsenal, Sheffield United, Burnley, Sheffield Wednesday, Nottingham Forest, Blackpool, Tottenham, Liverpool, Everton 63/4 Sheffield United, Arsenal, Blackburn, Man United, Chelsea, Everton, Burnley, Tottenham, Birmingham, Stoke, Leicester, West Brom, Liverpool, Ipswich, Sheffield Wednesday, Nottingham Forest 64/5 Portsouth (FAC), Blackburn, A.Villa (FAC), West Brom, Stoke, Burnley, Sunderland, Nottingham Forest, Tottenham, Man United (FAC) 65/6 Man City, Preston, Everton v Man City (FAC 2nd rep @ Molineux), Middlesbrough, Bristol City, Portsmouth, Charlton, Southampton 66/7 Millwall, Huddersfield (tc), Coventry, Birmingham, Everton, Charlton, Norwich 67/8 Liverpool, Coventry, Burnley, Stoke, Everton, Southampton, Man City, Nottingham Forest, Leeds, Leicester, Newcastle, Fulham, Sheffield Wednesday, Arsenal, West Brom, Chelsea, Sheffield United, West Ham 68/9 Millwall (LC), Liverpool, Southend (LC), Stoke, Sunderland, Everton, Newcastle, Tottenham, Coventry, Nottingham Forest, Burnley, Man United, Sheffield Wednesday, QPR, Arsenal 69/70 Tottenham (LC), Stoke, Derby, Coventry, Tottenham, Leeds, Nottingham Forest 70/1 Huddersfield, Ipswich, West Brom 71/2 Everton, Nottingham Forest, Southampton, Coventry, Huddersfield, Liverpool, Leicester, Chelsea, Leeds 72/3 C.Palace, Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool, Leicester, Man City, Derby, Millwall (FAC), West Brom, Coventry 73/4 Liverpool (LC), West Brom, Leeds, Man United, Tranmere (LC), Ipswich, Coventry 74/5 Liverpool, Leicester, Fulham (LC), Stoke, Coventry, Everton, Derby, West Ham, Birmingham, Chelsea, Man City, Luton, Leeds 75/6 Man United, Birmingham 76/7 Charlton, Luton, Blackpool, Notts County, Man City (Centenary Edition), Blackburn, Bolton, Wolves Old Stars v West Brom Old Stars (@ Gornal Athletic), Oldham, Sheffield Wednesday (LC), Hull, Millwall, Plymouth, Ipswich (FAC), Hereford 77/8 QPR, Nottingham Forest, West Ham, Newcastle, Chelsea, West Brom, Man City, Leicester, Coventry, Everton, Man United, Arsenal, A.Villa, Liverpool, Leeds, Chelsea, Ipswich 78/9 Bristol City, Nottingham Forest 79/80 Leeds, A.Villa, Coventry, West Brom, Brighton, Everton, Middlesbrough, Watford (FAC), Stoke, Man City, Tottenham, Man United, C.Palace, Bristol City, Bolton, Burnley (LC), Arsenal, Liverpool

Workington: 57/8 Mansfield, Oldham, Barrow 58/9 Carlisle, Gillingham, Millwall, Torquay 59/60 Southport, Northampton, Aldershot 60/1 Accrington Stanley, Hartlepool, Exeter, Southport, York 61/2 Chester, Exeter, Worksop (FAC), Hartlepools, Barrow, Oldham, 62/3 Southport, Barrow, Chesterfield, Doncaster 63/4 Chesterfield, Stockport, Chester, Exeter 64/5 Port Vale, Colchester, Bristol Rovers, Bristol City, Shrewsbury, Reading, Barrow (LC), Hull, Grimsby 65/6 Scunthorpe, Millwall, Oxford, Brentford, Oldham, Shrewsbury, Reading, Mansfield, Watford, Peterborough, 66/7 Peterborough, Mansfield, Colchester, Doncaster, Oldham, Darlington, Swindon 67/8 Fulham, Rochdale, Chester, Bradford City, Southend, Doncaster, Crewe, Wrexham, Notts County, Barnsley, York, Port Vale, Aldershot, Bradford Park Avenue, Halifax 68/9 Darlington, York, Scunthorpe, Chesterfield, Rochdale, Colchester, Halifax, Bradford City, Lincoln, Port Vale (FAC), 69/70 York (with Aldershot line up), Northampton, Rochdale (FAC), Brentford, Oldham, Swansea, Notts County 70/1 Exeter, Crewe, Hartlepool, Southend, Bournemouth, Colchester, Peterborough 71/2 Peterborough, Carlisle, Northampton, Darlington, Crewe, Bury, Colchester, Scunthorpe, Reading, Brentford 72/3 Lincoln, Reading, Chester, Torquay, Northampton, Gillingham, Bury, Stockport, Colchester, Crewe, Peterborough, Barnsley, Cambridge 73/4 Carlisle (LC), Exeter, Scunthorpe, Swansea, Rotherham, 74/5 Mansfield, Doncaster, Torquay, Stockport, Northampton, Hartlepool, Cambridge, Lincoln, Shrewsbury 75/6 Cambridge, Rochdale (FAC), Stockport, Northampton, Rochdale, Southport, Torquay 76/7Crewe, Aldershot

Wrexham: 57/8 Crewe 58/9 Hull 60/1 Darlington, Southport, Hartlepool, Oldham 61/2 Barrow, Stockport, Oldham, Doncaster 62/3 QPR, Hull, Millwall, Swindon, Notts County, Shrewsbury, Southend, Bradford, Liverpool (FAC), Reading 63/4 Coventry, Bristol City, C.Palace, Bristol Rovers, Notts County, Peterborough, Portsmouth (LC), Port Vale, Hull (FAC), Hull, Southend 64/5 Hartlepool, Notts County, Oxford, Aldershot, Tranmere, Millwall, Torquay, Chesterfield, Bradford City 65/6 Newport, Chesterfield, Port Vale, Darlington, Tranmere, Chester (LC), Halifax, 66/7 Luton, Chester, Southport (Dec & Apr), Aldershot, Tranmere, Chesterfield (FAC), Crewe, Bradford Park Avenue, Barrow, Barnsley, Brentford, Bradford City, Halifax 67/8 Southend, Chester, York, Cardiff (Welsh Cup), Crewe, Hartlepool, Newport, Brentford, Workington, Bradford, Notts County 68/9 Grimsby, Lincoln, Oldham (FAC), Peterborough, Scunthorpe, Swansea, Brentford, Rochdale, Blackpool (LC), Exeter, Notts County, Darlington 69/70 Aldershot, Chester, Colchester, Crewe (LC), Darlington, Southend, Swansea, Port Vale, Notts County, Exeter 70/1 Birmingham (LC), A.Villa, Rochdale, Fulham, Chesterfield, Shrewswbury 71/2 Walsall, Wigan (FAC,dirty cover), A.Villa (LC), Bristol Rovers, A.Villa, Shrewsbury 72/3 Oldham, Blackburn 73/4 Middlesborough (FAC), Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Tranmere, Cambridge, Shrewsbury (FAC), Shrewsbury

Wycombe: 68/9 Dulwich Hamlet, 69/70 Hitchin, 70/1 Dulwich Hamlet, Barking, Slough (FAC), Enfield (Amateur Cup), Skelmersdale (Amateur Cup) 71/2 Bromley, Walthamstow Avenue, Tooting & Mitcham, Corinthian Casuals, Spennymoor (Amateur Cup), Hayes (Amateur Cup) 72/3 Ilford 73/4 St.Albans City, 74/5 Clapton, Hendon, Middlesbrough (FAC), Slough 75/6 Dagenham, Ilford, Tooting & Mitcham, Rest of League X1, Barking 76/7 Reading (FAC), Merthyr Tydfil (FAC), Woking, 77/8 Kingstonian, 78/9 Dagenham 79/80 Staines

Yeovil: 57/8 Chelmsford, Barrow (Fr), 58/9 Poole, Barnstaple (Western Lg), Colchester  59/60 Bath (FAC), Salisbury 60/1 Boston, Merthyr Tydfil, Cambridge City 62/3 Kettering, Poole, Merthyr Tydfil, Wisbech, 63/4 Trowbridge, Welton Rovers, Cambridge City, Guildford, Bury (FAC), 64/5 Cheltenham, Wellington, Burton, Trowbridge (Sthrn LC), Bedford, Guildford, Hastings, Worcester City (Southrn LC), Wisbech, 65/6 Tonbridge 666/7 Cheltenham (FAC), Oxford (FAC), Poole, Worcester City, Kings Lynn, Burton 67/8 Welton Rovers (FAC), Minehead (Somerset Pro Cup), 69/70 Weymouth 70/1 Arsenal FAC), Hereford Town, Gloucester City, 71/2 Weymouth 72/3 Rugby (FA Trophy) 75/6 Bath, Weymouth, Gravesend & Northfleet (Sthrn Lg Cup), 76/7 Wealdstone,

York 57/8 Hull, Birmingham (FAC) 60/1 C.Palace 61/2 Tranmere 62/3 Hartlepool, Barrow, Southport 63/4 Aldershot, Newport, Gillingham 64/5 Chesterfield, Wrexham, Millwall, Doncaster 65/6 Reading, Brentford, Scunthorpe, Hull, Swindon 66/7 Luton, Southend, Middlesbrough (LC), Newport, Bradford City, Wrexham, Crewe, Brentford, Barnsley, Stockport, Tranmere 67/8 Exeter, Bradford, Wrexham, Rochdale/Barnsley (joint prog) 68/9 Halifax, Newport, Barnsley, Peterborough, Lincoln, Exeter, Doncaster, Notts County, Colchester, Aldershot, Scunthorpe, Southend, Rochdale 69/70 Colchester, Southend, Wrexham (Dec & Apr), Workington, Newport (Feb), Crewe, Port Vale, Peterborough, Northampton, Brentford 70/1 Crewe, Stockport, Bournemouth, Southampton (FAC), Brentford, Hartlepool, Scunthorpe, Southport, Newport, Bolton (FAC), Exeter 71/2 Middlesbrough (LC), Walsall, Shrewsbury, Notts County, Bolton, Mansfield, Brighton, Grimsby (FAC), Rochdale, A.Villa, Torquay, Wrexham, Plymouth, Swansea, Tranmere, Bournemouth, Bradford City 72/3 Blackburn, Oxford (FAC), Scunthorpe, Rotherham, Oldham, Bournemouth, Plymouth, Southend, Swansea, Rochdale, Watford, Port Vale, Walsall, Shrewsbury 73/4 Halifax, Port Vale, Man City (LC), Southport, Rochdale, Aldershot, A.Villa (LC), Bournemouth, Huddersfield (LC), Mansfield (FAC), Orient (LC), Sheffield United, Tranmere, Charlton, Shrewsbury