General English League Team Programmes

including F.A. Cup and League Cup and Friendlies


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Prices:  Programmes are price by season and are as follows unless otherwise stated:

54/5 10, 55/6 9, 56/7 8, 57/7, 58/9 6, 59/60 5, 60/1 & 61/2 4.50, 62/3 & 63/4 4

64/5 & 65/6 3.50, 66/7 & 67/8 3, 68/9 & 69/70 2.50, 70/71 onwards 2 unless stated



Newcastle: 54/5 Charlton, Preston 555/6 Sunderland (FAC), Huddersfield 57/8 Burnley 58/9 Preston, Bolton 59/60 All Stars Select X1, Wolves, Preston, Bolton 60/1 Fulham, West Brom, Fulham (FAC), Man United, Bolton 61/2 Bury, Peterborough (FAC), Scunthorpe, L.Orient, Plymouth, Norwich, Liverpool, Charlton, Swansea, Luton, Leeds, Sunderland, BristolnRovers 62/3 Grimsby, Sunderland, Scunthorpe, Walsall, Chelsea, Portsmouth, 63/4 Scunthorpe, Sunderland, Norwich, Northampton, Man City, 64/5 Swindon, Northampton, Middlesbrough, Derby, Huddersfield, Ipswich, Bolton, Swansea, Portsmouth, Man City, Preston, L.Orient 65/6 Leeds, Nottingham Forest, Sheffield Wednesday (FAC), Sunderland, Liverpool 66/7 Chelsea, Everton, Nottingham Forest, Sheffield Wednesday, Carlisle (Fr) 67/8 Nottingham Forest, Sunderland, Leicester, Man United, Sheffield Wednesday, Tottenham, Wolves, Sheffield United 68/9 Nottingham Forest, Sheffield Wednesday, Burnley, Chelsea, Man City (FAC) 69/70 N.Forest, Sunderland, Ipswich, Southampton, Burnley, Tottenham, West Brom, West Ham, Chelsea, Arsenal, Leeds, Coventry, Derby, Everton, Man United, Man City, Sheffield Wednesday 70/1 C.Palace, Ipswich (FAC), Man United, Chelsea, Tottenham, Coventry, Liverpool, West Ham, Huddersfield, Leeds, Ipswich, 71/2 Halifax (LC), Huddersfield, Coventry,  Southampton, Everton, Man City, Derby, Tottenham, Wolves, Arsenal, Sheffield United, Ipswich, West Ham, Derby (Texaco Cup Semi Final - 4), Man United


Newport County: 56/7 Walsall, Arsenal (FAC) 58/9 Hull, Plymouth 59/60 Swindon, Grimsby 60/1 Walsall, Swindon, Bradford City, Halifax, 61/2 Lincoln, Port Vale 62/3 Oldham, Lincoln, Darlington, Bury, Exeter, Gillingham (LC) 63/4 Sheffield Wednesday (FAC), Swansea (Welsh Cup) 64/5 Southport, Doncaster, Lincoln, Crewe, Doncaster 65/6 Chester, Chester (Welsh Cup), Rochdale, Aldershot, Doncaster, Crewe, Darlington, Bradford, Hartlepool, Port Vale 66/7 York, Rochdale, Brighton (FAC), Hartlepool, Lincoln 67/8 Hartlepool, Chesterfield, Brentford, Bradford, Workington, Gillingham (FAC), Swansea (Welsh Cup), York, Wrexham, Southampton (FAC), Port Vale, Notts County, Halifax 68/9 Chester, Wrexham, Exeter (FAC), Chesterfield, Brentford, Workington, Aldershot, Peterborough, Grimsby 69/70 Swansea (LC), Chesterfield, Brentford, Southend, Lincoln, Hereford (Welsh Cup), Peterborough, Oldham, Port Vale 71/2 Doncaster, Scunthorpe, Exeter, Hartlepool, Grimsby, Lincoln, Gillingham, Torquay 72/3 Mansfield, Cambridge, Peterborough, Reading, Workington, Northampton, Lincoln, Crewe, Hereford  73/4 Doncaster, Chester, Crewe, Mansfield, Exeter, Torquay, Brentford, Barnsley, Workington, Lincoln, Bradford City, Mansfield (sof), Colchester, Scunthorpe, Merthyr Tydfil (Welsh Cup), Shrewsbury (Welsh Cup), Rotherham 74/5 Reading


Northampton: 59/60 Stockport, Darlington, Hartlepool, Watford 60/1 Bradford, Mansfield, Barrow 61/2 Peterborough, Coventry, Watford, Portsmouth, Notts County, Kettering (FAC), Port Vale, Newport, Hull 62/3 Swindon, Peterborough, Hull, Southend, Watford, Bournemouth, Port Vale, Reading, Millwall, Barnsleyu 63/4 Grimsby, Swindon, Middlesbrough, Portsmouth, Orient, Preston, Rotherham, Charlton, Southampton, Plymouth, Swansea, Scunthorpe, Huddersfield, Bury, Man City, Derby, Newcastle 64/5 Bolton, Cardiff, Swindon, Middlesbrough, Charlton, Swansea, Bury, Plymouth, Huddersfield, Derby, Chesterfield (LC), Preston, Newcastle, Norwich, C.Palace, Portsmouth (LC), Coventry, Ipswich 65/6 (All 5 - Only season in Div 1) Blackburn, Sunderland, Leicester, Newcastle, N.Forest (FAC), Leeds, Blackpool, West Brom, Sheffield Wednesday, Stoke, Chelsea, Nottingham Forest, Tottenham 66/7 Rotherham (LC), Coventry, West Brom (FAC), Bristol City, Cardiff Derby 67/8 L.Orient, Walsall, Mansfield, Bury, Stockport, Oxford, Oldham, Swindon, Watford, Peterborough, Millwall (LC), Torquay, Gillingham, Tranmere, Grimsby 68/9 Barnsley, Torquay, Bristol Rovers, Luton, Bournemouth, Margate (FAC), Rotherham, Oldham, Shrewsbury, Tranmere, Gillingham, Swindon, Orient, Mansfield, Stockport 69/70 Colchester, Newport, Darlington, Port Vale, Workington, Oldham, Notts County, Lincoln, Weymouth (FAC), York, Exeter (FAC), Tranmere (FAC), Chester 70/1 York (LC), Stockport, Barrow, A.Villa (LC), Notts County, Cambridge


Norwich54/5 Brighton 58/9 Mansfield, Tottenham (FAC), 59/60 Shrewsbury, Reading 60/1 Scunthorpe, Lincoln, Sunderland, Charlton, Derby, York (FAC), Oldham, Plymouth, Leeds, Brighton, Sheffield United, L.Orient, Luton, Huddersfield,Oldham (LC) 61/2 L.Orient, Charlton, Scunthorpe, Plymouth, Luton, Brighton, Wrexham (FAC), Preston, Huddersfield, Derby, Stoke, Lincoln (LC), Walsall, Sunderland 62/3 Plymouth, Scunthorpe, Bolton (LC), Middlesbrough, Portsmouth, Huddersfield, Carlisle (LC), Cardiff, Walsall, Derby, Charlton, Sunderland, Fulham (LC), Luton, Rotherham 63/4 Sunderland, Huddersfield, Bury, Preston, Derby, Cardiff, Sheffield Wednesday (Fr), Grimsby 64/5 Preston, Bury, Rotherham, Portsmouth, Swindon, Charlton, Derby, Plymouth, L.Orient, Coventry, Huddersfield 65/6 Plymouth, Coventry, Rotherham, Bristol City, Wolves, Cardiff, Ipswich, Bolton, Walsall (FAC), Blackburn (FAC), Carlisle, C.Palace 66/7 Preston, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Blackburn, Carlisle, Derby (FAC), Bristol City, Northampton, Birmingham, Sheffield Wednesday (FAC), Hull, Huddersfield, Bolton, Coventry, Rotherham 67/8 Sunderland (FAC), C.Palace, Hull, Portsmouth, Bolton, Blackpool, Carlisle, Cardiff, Preston, Plymouth, A.Villa, Derby, Rotherham (LC), Birmingham, Huddersfield, Rotherham 68/9 Middlesbrough, Cardiff, Hull, Southampton (LC), Blackpool, Preston, Derby, Carlisle, Bury, Sheffield United, Portsmouth, Fulham, Huddersfield, C.Palace, Oxford, Bristol City, Millwall 69/70 Cardiff, Bristol City, Watford, Wrexham(FAC), Swindon, Huddersfield 70/1 Charlton, Watford, Chester (LC), Sunderland, Orient, Bristol Rovers (LC), Portsmouth, Sheffield Wednesday, Hull, Sheffield United, Carlisle 71/2 Blackpool, Sheffield Wednesday, Middlesbrough, Hull, Bristol City, QPR, Orient, Brighton (LC), Sunderland, Hull (FAC), Preston, Burnley, Watford


Notts County:  52/3 Hull 54/5 Hull, Doncaster 55/6 Hull, Blackburn 56/7 Middlesbrough, L.Orient, Port Vale, Leicester 57/8 Bristol Rovers, Grimsby, Doncaster, L.Orient, Bristol City, West Ham, Swansea, Derby 58/9 Wrexham, Tranmere, Bournemouth, Halifax, Colchester 59/60 Southport, Torq Leeds, Bolton (FAC)uay, Stockport, Chester, Carlisle, Northampton, Millwall, Exeter, Doncaster, Walsall, Darlington 60/1 Walsall, Grimsby, Hull, QPR, Bournemouth, Reading, Swindon, Chesterfield, Torquay, Bury, Shrewsbury, Tranmere, Bradford City, Southend, Barnsley 61/2 Hull, Yeovil (FAC), England X1 (Fr), Bournemouth 62/3 Northampton, Swindon, Hull, Colchester, Mansfield, Bournemouth, Southend, Carlisle, Reading, Bristol City, Watford, Shrewsbury, Port Vale, Peterborough (FAC), Bristol Rovers, Barnsley, Bradford, Peterborough 63/4 Walsall, Hull (Nov & Jan), Colchester, Bristol Rovers, QPR, Blackburn (LC), Coventry, Shrewsbury, Oldham, Bristol City, Peterborough, Bournemouth, Barnsley, Portsmouth, Bradford (LC), 64/5 Hartlepool, Chester, Rochdale, Bradford City, Halifax, Crewe, Tranmere, Darlington, Newport (LC), Chesterfield, Barrow, Oxford, Lincoln, Bradford Park Avenue, Bury (Fr), Millwall,Torquay 65/6 Luton, Chester, Port Vale, Doncaster, Lincoln, Tranmere (Dec & May), Bradford Park Avenue, Colchester, Chesterfield (LC), Barrow, Newport, Chesterfield, Hartlepool, Rochdale, Wrexham, Aldershot, Halifax, Bradford City 66/7 Hartlepool, Luton, Rochdale, York, Mansfield (LC), Lincoln, Barnsley, Exeter, Halifax, Bradford City, Newport, Rochdale, Tranmere  67/8 Exeter, Aldershot, Bradford, Swansea, Luton, Workington, Wrexham, Port Vale, Brentford, York, Newport, Darlington, Doncaster, Rotherham (LC), Southend, Hartlepool, Barnsley, Chester, Barnsley  68/9 Port Vale, Chester, Rochdale, Peterborough, Scunthorpe, Brentford, Halifax, Lincoln, Rochdale, York, Bradford City, Wokington, Darlington  69/70 Newport, Colchester, Chester, Chesterfield, Brentford, Oldham, Swansea, Scunthorpe, Mansfield, Peterborough, Aldershot, Southend, Lincoln, York 70/1 Workington, Barrow, Bury (FAC), Cambridge, Aldershot, Colchester 71/2 Walsall, A.Villa, Chesterfield, Oldham, Bolton, Halifax, Orient (LC), Shrewsbury, Bournemouth, Barnsley, Newport (FAC), Rotherham, Wrexham, York, Tranmere 72/3 Scunthorpe, York (LC), Swansea, Stoke (LC), Lancaster (FAC), Bristol Rovers, Bolton, Nottingham Forest (County Cup Semi), Southport (LC), Watford, Blackburn, Charlton, Rochdale, Shrewsbury


Nottingham Forest53/4 Bristol Rovers 55/6 Bury, Notts County, Lincoln 56/7 Port Vale, Middlesbrough, Stoke, Sheffield United, Bristol City, Lincoln, Rotherham, Leicester 57/8 Sunderland, Tottenham, Sheffield Wednesday 58/9 Burnley, Bolton, Preston, Bolton (FAC), Luton, Man City, Newcastle, Wolves, Birmingham, Aston Villa, West Ham, Tottenham, Blackburn, Tooting & Mitcham (FAC - 10), Arsenal 59/60 Wolves, Birmingham, Reading (FAC), Everton, Bolton, Leicester, West Brom (corner hole), Blackpool, Luton, West Ham, Newcastle, Sheffield Wednesday, 60/1 Man City, Blackburn, Newcastle, West Brom, Sheffield Wednesday, Tottenham, Everton, Bolton, Chelsea, A.Villa, Birmingham (FAC), Cardiff, Blackpool, Wolves, Burnley, West Ham, Leicester, 61/2 Birmingham, Sheffield United, Blackburn, Wolves, Fulham, Burnley, Bolton, Leicester, West Ham, Sheffield Wednesday (FAC), Blackpool, Cardiff, Arsenal, Sheffield Wednesday, Tottenham 62/3 Sheffield United, Liverpool, A.Villa, Fulham, L.Orient, Burnley, West Ham, Leicester, Sheffield Wednesday, West Brom (FAC), Southampton (FAC), Man City, Arsenal, Wolves (FAC), Leeds (FAC), Ipswich, Bolton, Everton 63/4 Arsenal 64/5 Everton, West Brom, Chelsea, Sheffield Wednesday, Blackburn, West Ham, Tottenham, Norwich (FAC), Man United, Stoke, Leicester, Arsenal, Liverpool, Blackpool, Sheffield United, Leeds, A.Villa 65/6 Man United, West Brom, Arsenal, West Ham, A.Villa, Tottenham, Blackpool, Everton, Newcastle, Sheffield Wednesday, Fulham, Chelsea, Northampton, Leicester 66/7 Chelsea, West Brom, Fulham, Man United, Arsenal, Tottenham, Newcastle (FAC), Swindon, Southampton, Everton (FAC), Man City, Blackpool, West Ham 68/9 Burnley, West Brom (LC), Coventry, Stoke, Newcastle, Arsenal, Liverpool, Leeds, West Ham, Southampton, , West Brom, Man City, Man United, Tottenham, Sunderland , Wolves 69/70 Stoke, Leeds, West Brom, C.Palace, Man City, Burnley, Tottenham, Chelsea, Sheffield Wednesday, Wolves, Sunderland, Everton, Derby, Man United, Coventry, Arsenal, Liverpool, Notts Co (Nottm FA Co Cup final - 4) 70/1 Coventry, West Brom, Leeds, Luton (FAC), Southampton, Everton, Liverpool, Man City, Huddersfield (LC), Tottenham, Chelsea, L.Orient (FAC) 71/2  West Ham, Southampton, Liverpool, Aldershot (LC), Man City, West Brom, Leeds, Everton, Arsenal, C.Palace, Leicester, Coventry, Man United