General English League Team Programmes

including F.A. Cup and League Cup and Friendlies


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Prices:  Programmes are price by season and are as follows unless otherwise stated:

54/5 10, 55/6 9, 56/7 8, 57/8  7, 58/9 6 59/60 5, 60/1 & 61/2 4.50, 62/3 & 63/4 4

64/5 & 65/6 3.50, 66/7 & 67/8 3, 68/9 & 69/70 2.50 70/71 onwards 2 unless stated



Man City: 50/1 Hull 51/2 Huddersfield 54/5 Everton, Bolton 55/6 Sunderland, Birmingham, A.Villa, Portsmouth, Liverpool (FAC), Huddersfield, Sheffield United, Burnley 56/7 Sheffield Wednesday, Wolves, Luton, Cardiff, 57/8 Preston, Luton, Wolves, Burnley, Blackpool, Sunderland, A.Villa, Birmingham (no token), West Brom, Bolton, Arsenal 58/9 Bolton, Preston, Luton, Wolves, Arsenal, Man United, Leicester, A.Villa, Nottingham Forest, Portsmouth, Newcastle, Birmingham 59/60 Tottenham, Wolves, Burnley, Chelsea, Everton 60/1 Man United, Arsenal, Birmingham, Fulham, West Brom, Stockport (LC), Cardiff, Burnley 61/2 Leicester, Burnley, Everton, Cardiff, Blackpool, Arsenal, Man United, West Brom, Tottenham, Wolves, Sheffield United, Birmingham, A.Villa, Sheffield Wednesday, Blackburn, Fulham 62/3 Everton, Wolves, Birmingham, Nottingham Forest, Manchester United, Arsenal, Sheffield Wednesday, Fulham 63/4 Northampton, Swansea Scunthorpe, Sunderland, Bury, Grimsby, Middlesbrough, Cardiff, Man United (Duke of Edinburgh Trophy - 5), Derby, Huddersfield, Swindon 64/5 Cardiff, Shrewsbury (FAC), Huddersfield, Bury, L.Orient, Ipswich, Charlton, Preston, Rotherham, Coventry, Swndon 65/6 Carlisle, Derby, Norwich, Ipswich, L.Orient, Rotherham (Dec & Jan), Preston, Middlesbrough, Grimsby (FAC), Plymouth, Bury, Southampton, Leicester (FAC), Blackpool (FAC), Coventry, Everton (FAC + 2nd Rep @Wolves) Bristol City, Cardiff, Bolton 66/7 Bolton, Nottingham Forest, West Brom, Arsenal, Blackpool, Leicester, Manchester United, Cardiff (FAC, Liverpool, Bolton (LC), Southampton, A.Villa, Leeds, Newcastle, Sheffield Wednesday, Fulham, Everton, Ipswich (FAC) 67/8 Coventry, Leicester (FAC) 68/9 Tottenham (FAC), Man United, Sunderland 69/70 C.Palace, Tottenham, Chelsea, Sheffield Wednesday, Liverpool (LC), Everton (LC), QPR (LC), Man United 70/1 Burnley, Blackpool, West Brom, Ipswich, West Ham, Arsenal, Huddersfield, Wigan (FAC), Leeds, Wolves, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Man United, Derby, Arsenal (FAC) 71/2 Leeds, Tottenham, Liverpool, Wolves (LC), Southampton, Everton, Sheffield United, Man United, Coventry, Ipswich, Middlesbrough (FAC), Wolves, Huddersfield, West Brom, Arsenal, Derby, Newcastle, Cardiff v Sunderland (FAC 2nd Rep @Man City)


Man United: 55/6 Portsmouth (reprint) 57/8 Sheffield Wednesday 58/9 Tottenham, Preston, Arsenal, West Brom, A.Villa, Blackpool, Wolves, Birmingham, West Ham, Everton, Man City, Bolton, Leeds 59/60 Blackpool, Preston, Sheffield Wednesday (FAC), Wolves, Nottingham Forest, Man City, Arsenal, Newcastle, Blackburn 60/1 Middlesbrough (FAC), A.Villa, Bolton, Arsenal, Burnley, Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield Wednesday (FA Cup), Wolves, West Brom (split spine), Fulham, Man City, 63/4 Ipswich, Everton, Leicester, Stoke, Bristol Rovers (FAC), Aston Villa, Sheffield Wednesday, Birmingham, Liverpool, Sunderland (FAC), Chelsea, Blackburn, Bolton, Wolves 65/6 Liverpool, Blackburn, Tottenham, West Brom, Rotherham (FAC), Burnley, Arsenal, Preston (FAC), Leicester, Sheffield Wednesday, Everton, Blackpool, Leeds, West Ham, Sheffield United, Sunderland, A.Villa, Stoke, Blackpool, Leicester, Northampton 66/7 Leicester, Fulham, Sheffield Wednesday (no token), Arsenal, Everton, A.Villa, Southampton, West Brom, Stoke, Man City, Norwich (FAC), Sheffield United, Leeds, Tottenham, Stoke, Chelsea, Arsenal (Away Closed circuit) 67/8 Tottenham (FAC), Liverpool, Southampton, Man City (Feb & Mar), Fulham, Stoke, Sheffield Wednesday, Chelsea, Nottingham Forest, Arsenal, Leeds, Leicester, Burnley, Coventry, West Ham, 68/9 Leicester, Arsenal, Wolves, Nottingham Forest, Stoke, QPR, Man City, Watford (FAC), Leeds, Everton (FAC), Sunderland, Liverpool, Southampton, Birmingham (FAC) 69/70West Brom, Sheffield Wednesday 70/1 Chelsea, Everton, Coventry, C.Palace, Chelsea (LC), Stoke, C.Palace (LC), Nottingham Forest, Leeds, Tottenham 71/2 Ipswich, Sheffield United, Tottenham, Coventry, Wolves, Southampton (FAC), Newcastle, Middlesbrough (FAC), Everton, Huddersfield, C.Palace, Liverpool, Man City, Southampton, 73/4 Leicester, Liverpool, Derby, Birmingham, Chelsea, Norwich, Southampton, Coventry, Ipswich (FAC), Burnley, Everton 74/5 Bolton, Man City (LC), A.Villa, West Brom, Walsall (FAC), Sheffield Wednesday, Bristol City, Oldham,Blackpool, York 75/6 Stoke, Everton, Norwich, Middlesbrough, 76/7 Tranmere (LC), Middlesborough, Sunderland (LC), Newcastle (LC), Ipswich, Sunderland, West Ham, Everton (LC), Everton, A.Villa, Walsall (FAC), Coventry, QPR (FAC), Newcastle, Man City, Southampton (FAC), A.Villa (FAC), West Brom, Stoke, QPR, Arsenal, Tottenham, Leicester,


Mansfield: 56/7 Stockport 57/8 Gateshead, Stockport, 58/9 Chesterfield 59/60 Halifax 60/1 Northampton, Stockport, Carlisle 61/2 Gillingham, Stockport, Chester, Millwall, Workington, Grimsby (FAC), Cardiff (LC), Wrexham, Hartlepool, Oldham, Barrow, Bradford City, York, Tranmere, Rochdale 62/3 Workington, Stockport, Gillingham, Torquay, Bradford City, Exeter, Oxford, Southport, Ipswich (FAC) 63/4 Crewe, Colchester, Southend, Coventry, Barnsley, Watford, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Watford (LC), Brentford, Oldham, QPR, Port Vale, Nottingham Forest (Notts FA County Cup Semi) 64/5 Luton, QPR (Jan & Mar), Bristol Rovers, Port Vale, Carlisle, Shrewsbury, Brentford, Workington, Colchester, Reading, Hull, Walsall, Notts County (C.Cup Semi), Exeter, Bournemouth, Scunthorpe 65/6 Brentford, Bristol Rovers, Hull, Exeter, Bournemouth, Reading, Workington, QPR, Shrewsbury, Brighton, Peterborough, Watford, Scunthorpe, Southend 66/7 Darlington, Scunthorpe, Notts County (LC), Middlesbrough (FAC), Bristol Rovers, Gillingham, L.Orient, Reading, Shrewsbury, Grimsby, Bangor (FAC), Colchester, Peterborough, Doncaster, Watford, Workington, Middlesbrough 67/8 Torquay, Brighton, Reading, Scunthorpe, Bournemouth, Bristol Rovers, L.Orient, Tranmere, Oxford, Shrewsbury, Peterborough, Swindon, Walsall, Colchester, Watford, Bury, Hartlepool 68/9 Bournemouth, Luton, Northampton, Plymouth, Sheffield United (FAC), Gillingham, Oldham, Reading, Southport, Crewe, West Ham (FAC), Leicester (FAC), Rotherham (FAC), Bristol Rovers, Southend (FAC), Brighton, L.Orient, Shrewsbury, Rotherham 69/70 Luton, Brighton, Rochdale, Shrewsbury, Barnsley, Plymouth, Gillingham, Orient, Bournemouth, Walsall, Bradford City, Reading, Halifax, Bury, Fulham, Barnsley (FAC), QPR, Notts County (LC) 70/1 Wrexham, Tranmere, Walsall, Chesterfield, Brighton 71/2 Tranmere, Blackburn, Chesterfield (LC), Bolton, A.Villa, Notts County (Notts Co Cup Final - 5), Barnsley, Notts County 72/3 Stockport, Chester, Aldershot, Doncaster 73/4 Torquay, Workington, Hull (Watney Cup), 74/5 Cambridge, Exeter, Notts County (Notts Co Cup Semi), Lincoln, Shrewsbury, Brentford, 75/6 Hull (Ang Scot), Shrewbury, Chester, Peterborough, Preston, Gillingham, Grimsby, Wrexham, Southend, Sheffield Wednesday, Rotherham, Walsall, Wrexham(FAC 2nd Rep@ Villa Park), Middlesbrough (Anglo Scot Semi), C.Palace, Scunthorpe (LC), Coventry (LC), Halifax 76/7 Tranmere, Reading, Sheffield Wednesday, Matlock (FAC), Chesterfield, Peterborough, York, Oxford, Brighton 77/78 Stoke, Brighton, Sheffield Utd, Sunderland, Notts County, Plymouth (FAC), Oldham, Southampton, Hull, Tottenham, Charlton, Blackburn, Luton, Bolton, Millwall, C.Palace, Blackpool 78/9 Tranmere, Brentford, Shrewsbury, Oxford, Swindon, Chesterfield, Bury, Watford, Sheffield Wednesday, Chester, Peterborough, Notts County (Anglo Scot Cup), Notts Co (Notts Co Cup Semi), Shrewsbury (FAC), Southend, Gillingham



Middlesbrough: 58/9 Barnsley 59/60 Lincoln 60/1 L.Orient, Plymouth, Luton, Charlton, Southampton, Bristol Rovers 61/2 Luton, Shrewsbury (FAC), Cardiff (FAC), Plymouth, Southampton, Newcastle, Preston, Bristol Rovers 62/3 Huddersfield, Hull, Blackburn (FAC), Luton 63/4 Southampton, Charlton (Dec), Huddersfield, Swindon, Plymouth, Grimsby, Rotherham, Norwich, Bradford (LC), Swansea, Newcastle, Scunthorpe, Northampton, L.Orient 64/5 Sunderland (Fr), Bury, Swansea, L.Orient, Man City, Plymouth, Derby, Swindon, Leicester (FAC), Bolton, Charlton (FAC), Coventry, Rotherham, Charlton, Northampton, Southampton, Preston, Newcastle (t) 65/6 Wolves, Millwall (LC), Norwich, Coventry, Newcastle (Fr), Bury, Charlton, Birmingham, C.Palace, Bolton, L.Orient, Carlisle, Derby, Preston, Plymouth 66/7 York (LC), Mansfield, Swansea, Torquay, Peterborough, Swindon, Bournemouth, Shrewsbury, Bristol Rovers, Walsall, Oldham, Doncaster, Colchester, Gillingham, Oxford, Watford, Shrewsbury 67/8 Millwall, Bristol City, Barnsley (LC), Blackpool, Hull, Preston, Rotherham, Chelsea (LC), Newcastle (Fr), C.Palace, Hull (FAC),Huddersfield, Bolton, QPR, Blackburn, Norwich, Carlisle, Derby, Charlton 68/9 Bolton, Millwall, Blackburn, Carlisle, Hull, Birmingham, Derby, Preston, Portsmouth, Oxford, Blackpool, Huddersfield, Fulham 69/70 Leicester, Bolton, Man United (FAC), Blackburn, QPR, Huddersfield, Cardiff, Hull, Swindon, Birmingham, Oxford, Bristol City, York (FAC), Sheffield United, A.Villa, Carlisle, West Ham (FAC) 70/1 Blackburn, Charlton, Bolton, Hull, Luton, Carlisle, Oxford, Leicester, Sheffield Unted, Sheffield Wednesday, 71/2 QPR, Fulham, Milwall, Hull, Sheffield Wednesday, Charlton, Luton, Man United 72/3 Luton, Wrexham (LC), Swindon, Blackpool, A.Villa, Sunderland, Carlisle, Preston, Huddersfield, Burnley 73/4 Sheffield Wednesday, Luton, Preston, Swindon, Sunderland, Hull, L.Orient, Carlisle, A.Villa, Bristol City, C.Palace 74/5 Everton, Liverpool, Birmingham, Wycombe (FAC), Man City, Ipswich 75/6 Tottenham, Man United, Liverpool, Everton, Wolves, Leeds, Man City, Ipswich, Aston Villa, Leicester, Birmingham 76/7 Arsenal, Arsenal (FAC), Sunderland, Liverpool, Coventry, Hereford (FAC), Leeds, Newcastle, Stoke, West Brom, A.Villa, Wimbledon (FAC), Tottenham, Ipswich, Derby, Everton, Leicester, Norwich


Millwall: 52/3 Norwich 54/5 Bournemouth, Torquay 55/6 Reading, Bournemouth, Rotherham, Norwich, Coventry, Exeter, Brentford, Colchester, Shrewsbury, Newport, QPR, Aldershot, Swindon, Northampton, Southend, L.Orient 56/7 Swindon, Newcastle (FAC), Birmingham 57/8 Charlton, Sunderland, Exeter, Port Vale, Ex Millwall X1, Gillingham, Brentford, Northampton, Plymouth, Torquay, Southampton, Watford, Shrewsbury, Blues v Reds 58/9 Darlington, Port Vale C.Palace 59/60 Doncaster, Carlisle, C.Palace, Stockport, Crewe 60/1 Chelsea (LC), Barrow, Accrington, Exeter, Darlington, Hartlepool, Crewe, Workington, Grimsby, Chester, Northampton 61/2 Doncaster, Tranmere, Rochdale, Chesterfield, Darlington, Stockport, Barrow, Oldham, Bradford City, Carlisle, Gillingham, Wrexham, Walsall (LC), Mansfield, Chester, Southport, Aldershot 63/4 Bristol City, Hull, Brentford, Walsall, Watford, Colchester, Mansfield, Coventry, C.Palace, Barnsley, Notts County, Bristol Rovers, Port Vale, Lincoln (LC), Reading, Peterborough (LC), QPR 64/5 Kettering (FAC), Brighton, York, Charlton (Kent Co Cup) 65/6 Wealdstone (FAC), Reading, Swansea, Hull, Southend, Shrewsbury, Grimsby, Workington (Big Screen promotion prog - 5), Peterborough, Peterborough (LC), York (LC), Brentford, Bournemouth (sof), Watford, Middlesbrough (LC) 66/7 Luton (Public practice), Fulham (Public practice), Northampton C.Palace, Carlisle, Tottenham (FAC), Huddersfield, Brentford (LC), Bolton,Bury, Wolves, Preston, Portsmouth, Charlton 68/9 C.Palace, Carlisle, Huddersfield, Derby, Bristol City, Middlesbrough (FAC), Leicester (FAC), Bury, Blackburn, Cardiff (sof), Preston (sof), Bolton, Hull, Sheffield United 69/70 Charlton, Watford, Cardiff, Sheffield United, Middlesbrough, Carlisle, Blackburn, Leicester, Bristol City 70/1 Watford, L.Orient