General English League Team Programmes

including F.A. Cup and League Cup and Friendlies


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Prices:  Programmes are price by season and are as follows unless otherwise stated:

54/5 10, 55/6 9, 56/7 8, 57/8  7, 58/9 6 59/60 56, 60/1 & 61/2 4.50, 62/3 & 63/4 4

64/5 & 65/6 3.50, 66/7 & 67/8 3, 68/9 & 69/70 2.50 70/71 onwards 2 unless stated



Man City: 50/1 Hull 55/6 Sunderland, Birmingham, A.Villa, Portsmouth, Liverpool (FAC), Huddersfield 56/7 Wolves, Carddiff, Sheffield Wednesday, 57/8 Preston, Wolves, A.Villa 58/9 Bolton, Preston, Wolves, Arsenal, Man United, Leicester, A.Villa, Blackburn, 59/60 Fulham, Southampton, Man United, Bolton, Burnley, Arsenal 60/1 Sheffield Wednesday, Wolves, Bolton, Preston, Man United, Newcastle, Cardiff, Blackpool, Everton, Blackburn, A.Villa, Fulham, Arsenal, West Brom  61/2 Birmingham, Arsenal, A.Villa, West Brom, Wolves, Cardiff, West Ham, Man United, Burnley, Sheffield United, Blackpool 62/3 West Ham, Bury, Blackburn, Arsenal, Blackpool, L.Orient, Everton, Tottenham, Burnley, Liverpool 63/4 Swindon, Preston, Sunderland, Norwich, Cardiff, Northampton, Man United (Duke of Edinburgh Trophy - 7.50), Huddersfield, Portsmouth, Rotherham, Derby 64/5 Shrewsbury, Newcastle, Swindon, Rotherham, Bury, Swansea, Preston, Coventry 65/6 Rotherham, Bolton, Coventry (LC), Wolves, Everton (FAC), Bury, Blackpool (FAC), Leicester (FAC), Ipswich, Leicester (LC), Cardiff, Ipswich 66/7 Burnley, West Brom, Cardiff (FAC), Southampton, Ipswich (FAC), Newcastle, Tottenham, Leicester (FAC), Liverpool 67/8 Coventry (Jan & Mar), Burnley, Fulham, Tottenham, Stoke, Sheffield Wednesday, Southampton, Sunderland, Leicester, Chelsea, Leicester (FAC), West Ham, Everton, Arsenal, Liverpool 68/9 Stoke, Everton, Sunderland, Wolves, Coventry, Nottingham Forest, QPR, Arsenal, Newcastle (Feb), Newcastle (FAC,d), Burnley 69/70 Stoke, Sunderland, Tottenham, QPR (LC), Southampton, Everton (LC), Chelsea, Coventry, Newcastle, Derby, Everton, Leeds, Arsenal 70/1 Blackpool, Wigan (FAC), West Ham, Huddersfield, Ipswich, Arsenal (FAC), Burnley, West Brom, Chelsea, Wolves, Leeds, Tottenham 71/2 Everton, Arsenal, Liverpool, Derby, Leeds, Ipswich, Middlesbrough (FAC), Southampton, Wolves, Wolves, West Brom, Sheffield United 72/3 Southampton, West Ham, Everton, Tottenham, Derby, Man United, Stoke (FAC), Coventry, Chelsea, Liverpool, Norwich, Leeds, Leicester, West Brom, Liverpool (FAC), Sheffield United, Newcastle

Man United: 50/1 Aston Villa 53/4 Sheffield Wednesday, 55/6 Portsmouth (reprint), 58/9 Nottingham Forest, Tottenham, Preston, Arsenal, West Brom, Luton, A.Villa, Blackpool, Wolves, Leeds, Birmingham 59/60 Chelsea, Blackpool, Burnley, Preston, Sheffield Wednesday (FAC), Wolves, Nottingham Forest, West Ham 60/1 Blackburn, Everton, West Brom, Middlesbrough (FAC), A.Villa, Bolton, Arsenal, Burnley 61/2 Chelsea, Tottenham, Birmingham, Leicester, Fulham, West Ham, Nottingham Forest, Arsenal (FAC), Preston (FAC Rep), Liverpool v Preston (FAC, 2nd Replay at Old Trafford), Sheffield United 62/3 Everton, Birmingham, Bolton, Man City, Blackburn, West Ham, Liverpool, Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest, Arsenal, Huddersfield (FAC), Blackpool, Tottenham, Aston Villa (FAC), Chelsea (FAC), Ipswich, Leicester, Sheffield United, Wolves, 63/4 Ipswich, Everton, Leicester, Stoke, Bristol Rovers (FAC), Sunderland (FAC), Wolves, Aston Villa, 64/5 Sunderland, Sheffield Wednesday, Blackburn, Leeds, Stoke (FAC), Wolves, Chelsea, Blackpool, Leicester, Liverpool, Arsenal 65/6 Nottingham Forest, Liverpool, Blackburn, Tottenham, West Brom, Northampton, Rotherham (FAC), Burnley, Arsenal, Preston (FAC), Leicester 66/7 West Brom, Newcastle, Burnley, Liverpool, Tottenham, Norwich, Leicester, West Ham, Arsenal (Closed circuit), Everton, Man City, Sunderland, Sheffield United, Leeds, Stoke (FAC), Nottingham Forest, Fulham, Southampton, Aston Villa, Stoke 67/8 Leicester, Tottenham, Stoke, Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United, Leeds, Arsenal, Coventry, Southampton, West Brom, Wolves, West Ham, Tottenham (FAC), Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Fulham, Newcastle, Sunderland 68/9 Everton, Coventry, Chelsea, Tottenham, West Ham, Newcastle, Arsenal, Leeds, Wolves, Liverpool, Sunderland, Watford (FAC), Birmingham (FAC), Everton (FAC), Man City, QPR, Sheffield Wednesday, Stoke, Nottingham Forest, Burnley, Leicester 69/70 Southampton, Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesbrough (FAC), Liverpool, Man City (FAC), Wrexham (LC), West Ham, Ipswich, Nottingham Forest, Burnley (LC), Stoke, Derby (LC), Tottenham, Wigan v Port Vale (FAC @ Old Trafford), Chelsea, Wolves, Arsenal, Derby, C.Palace, Middlesbrough (FAC), Burnley, Man City, Coventry, West Brom 70/1 Leeds, C.Palace, Tottenham, Wolves, Chelsea, Coventry, Stoke, Nottingham Forest, Derby, Ipswich, West Ham, Stoke v Huddersfield (FACup 2nd Rep @ Old Trafford), Arsenal, 71/2 Ipswich,  Sheffield United, Tottenham, Wolves, Coventry, Everton, Huddersfield, Stoke (FAC), Southampton (FAC), Middlesbrough (FAC), Southampton, Liverpool, Newcastle, C.Palace, Burnley (LC), Derby, Stoke (LC), Leeds, Leicester, Nottingham Forest, Chelsea, West Ham (no token) 72/3 Ipswich, Leicester, Chelsea, Coventry, Derby, Birmingham, Tottenham, Liverpool, Southampton, Stoke, Leeds, West Ham, Wolves, West Brom, Newcastle, Norwich, C.Palace, Man City, Arsenal 73/4 Liverpool, Derby, Birmingham, Southampton, Chelsea, Sheffield United, Plymouth (FAC), Burnley, Wolves, Norwich, Middlesbrough (LC), Coventry, Ipswich (FAC) 74/5 Bristol Rovers, Bolton, Notts County, A.Villa, Orient, West Brom, Sheffield Wednesday, Hull, Norwich, Man City (LC), Oldham, Fulham, Walsall (FAC), Norwich (LC), Bristol City, Cardiff, Sunderland, Blackpool, Portsmouth, Charlton (LC)  75/6 Burnley, Peterborough (FAC), QPR, Birmingham, Liverpool, Derby, Wolves (FAC), Middlesborough, Leeds, Everton, Stoke, Man City, A.Villa, Leicester, Brentford (LC), Coventry, Arsenal, Norwich, Newcastle, Wolves, Oxford (FAC), Sheffield United, Tottenham, Ipswich, Burnley 76/7 Tranmere (LC), Norwich, Newcastle (LC),  Everton, Middlesborough, Ipswich, Sunderland (LC & 2nd Rep), Sunderland, West Ham, Everton (LC), A.Villa, Bristol City, QPR (FAC), Derby, Liverpool, Newcastle, Man City, Southampton (FAC), Leeds, A.Villa (FAC), QPR, West Brom, Arsenal, Coventry, Stoke, Leicester, Birmingham, Walsall (FAC) 77/8 Leicester, Newcastle, Birmingham, West Brom (FAC), Leeds, Manchester City, Chelsea, Wolves, Norwich, Derby, Middlesbrough, West Ham, Liverpool, West Brom, Everton, Ipswich, Arsenal, Nottingham Forest, Carlisle (FAC), QPR, Bristol City, Coventry, A.Villa 78/9 Nottingham Forest, Manchester City, Leeds, Bolton, Coventry, Middlesbrough, Southampton, Ipswich, Tottenham, Arsenal, Fulham (FAC), Derby, QPR, Birmingham, Stockport (LC), Everton, Bristol City, Chelsea (FAC), Liverpool 79/80 Spurs (LC), Stoke, Brighton, Norwich, Nottingham Forest,  Bolton, Tottenham (FAC), Tottenham, C.Palace, Leeds, Man City, Arsenal, A.Villa (Jan & Apr), Liverpool, Middlesbrough, Coventry, West Brom, Derby, Wolves, Southampton, Bristol City 80/1 Sunderland, Leicester, Stoke, Brighton, Leeds, Nottingham Forest, Crystal Palace, West Brom, Southampton, Tottenham, Coventry (LC), Man City, Everton, Coventry, Liverpool, Birmingham, Norwich, A.Villa, Ipswich, Brighton (FAC), Arsenal 81/2 Nottingham Forest, Leeds, Birmingham, Middlesbrough,  West Ham, Notts County, Everton,  Man City, Coventry, Ipswich, Swansea, Brighton, Sunderland, Spurs (LC), Arsenal, Spurs, Stoke, West Brom, Wolves, Liverpool 82/3 West Ham (FAC), Man City, Spurs, Liverpool, Coventry, Sunderland, Birmingham, Everton, Ipswich, Everton (FAC), Southampton, Watford, Luton, Swansea, Norwich, Arsenal 83/4 Wolves, West Ham, Sunderland, Leicester, Coventry, Ipswich, Liverpool, QPR, Watford, West Brom, Arsenal, Stoke, Norwich 84/5 Watford, Chelsea, QPR, Everton, Burnley (LC), Leicester, A.Villa, Stoke, Nottingham Forest, West Brom, Bournemouth (FAC), Sheffield Wednesday, Luton, Coventry (FAC), Liverpool, West Ham (FAC), Coventry, Stoke, Everton (LC) 85/6 A.Villa, Coventry, Watford, Chelsea, Leicester, Southampton, Everton, Tottenham, Liverpool, Norwich (Screen Cup), Sunderland (FAC), Luton, Newcastle, Oxford, C.Palace (LC), West Ham (LC), Ipswich, Birmingham, West Brom, Nottingham Forest, Rochdale (FAC), QPR, West Ham, Everton (FL Super Cup) 86/7 West Ham, Southampton, Sheffield Wednesday, Southampton (LC), Nottingham Forest, Oxford, A.Villa, Charlton, Spurs, Norwich, Man City (FAC), Coventry (FAC), Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton, Leicester, Chelsea  87/8 Watford, QPR, Portsmouth, Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool, Chelsea (FAC), Nottingham Forest, Sheffield Wednesday, Norwich, Everton, West Ham, Derby, Luton, Southampton, Portsmouth, Oxford, Charlton, Newcastle, Arsenal, C.Palace (LC)  88/89 QPR, Middlesborough, Southampton, Liverpool, QPR (FAC), QPR (FAC 2nd Rep), Oxford (FAC), Spurs, Nottingham Forest (FAC), West Ham, Arsenal, Bournemouth (FAC), Luton, A.Villa, Wimbledon, Sheffield Wednesday, Nottingham Forest, Norwich, Derby, Newcastle (Mercantile Semi), Everton (Mercantile Lg Cent.Trophy), Charlton 89/90 Liverpool, Tottenham (LC), A.Villa, Res v A.Villa Res, Nottingham Forest, Arsenal, Charlton, Millwall 90/1 Sheffield United, Liverpool, Wimbledon, Derby, Man City, Arsenal, Nottingham Forest, Liverpool (LC), Halifax (LC), A.Villa, Chelsea, Chelsea (ITV Match programme), Res v Leeds Res, Youth v Everton Youth, Bolton, Everton, Sunderland, Liverpool (ITV match programme), C.Palace 91/2 Norwich, QPR, Chelsea, Luton, West Ham, Man City, Nottingham Forest, Arsenal, Tottenham, A.Villa (inc supp), Oldham (LC), Oldham, Liverpool, Everton, Middlesbrough, Sheffield Wednesday 92/3 QPR, Sheffield United, Coventry, Spurs, Southampton, Middlesbrough, Sheffield Wednesday, Blackburn, Arsenal, Ipswich, Liverpool, A.Villa, Man City, Nottingham Forest (t) 93/4 West Ham, Portsmouth (LC), Blackburn, Sheffield Wednesday, Coventry, Sheffield United, Arsenal, Swindon, Norwich, Charlton (FAC), Oldham, Southampton, Everton, Liverpool, Ipswich, A.Villa, Wimbledon, Newcastle, Man City 94/5 C.Palace, Leicester, Blackburn, QPR (FAC), Tottenham, QPR, Wimbledon, Ipswich, Liverpool, Everton, West Ham, Newcastle, Wrexham (FAC), Nottingham Forest, Coventry, A.Villa, Sheffield Wednesday, Southampton, Norwich, Leeds (FAC), Port Vale (LC), Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Leeds 95/6 West Ham, Wimbledon, Bolton, Liverpool, Middlesborough, Sheffield Wednesday, Arsenal, QPR, Everton, Southampton (FAC), Coventry, Leeds, Nottingham Forest, Tottenham, Chelsea, Newcastle, Blackburn, Man City, A.Villa  96/7 Blackburn, Everton, Spurs, Arsenal, West Ham, Chelsea, A.Villa, Tottenham (FAC), Derby, Wimbledon, Liverpool, Newcastle, Swindon (LC), Coventry, Nottingham Forest, Sunderland, Southampton, Sheffield Wednesday 97/8 Coventry, West Ham, Barnsley, Sheffield Wenesday, Blackburn, Everton, Bolton, Arsenal, Wimbledon, Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds, C.Palace, Chelsea, Walsall (FAC), Southampton  98/9 5 each   Leicester, Charlton, Liverpool, Wimbledon, Bury (LC), West Ham, Chelsea (FAC), Chelsea, Middlesbrough (FAC), A.Villa, Southampton, Fulham (FAC) 99/00 Watford, Derby, Leicester, Sunderland, Leeds, Wimbledon, Southampton, A.Villa, Arsenal, Middlesbrough, Coventry, Liverpool, West Ham, Chelsea, Newcastle 00/01 1.50 each Newcastle, Southampton, Ipswich, West Ham (FAC), Coventry, Everton, Leicester, Man City, Charlton, Derby, A.Villa, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Middlesbrough 01/02  1.50 each Derby, Southampton, Tottenham, Middlesborough, Leicester, Everton, Liverpool, Sunderland, Ipswich, Leeds, Bolton 02/03 1.50 each Tottenham, West Ham, Chelsea, West Ham (FAC), Fulham, Liverpool, Charlton, Arsenal, Newcastle, Southampton, Everton, West Brom, Middlesbrough, Bolton, A.Villa, Birmingham, Sunderland, Portsmouth (FAC), Man City, Arsenal (FAC), Blackburn, Res v Liverpool Res  03/04 1.50 each Fulham, Blackburn, A.Villa, Everton, Leeds, Fulham (FAC), Liverpool, Bolton, Wolves, Portsmouth, Man City (FAC), Southampton, Tottenham  04/05 Chelsea, Charlton, Norwich, Liverpool, Middlesbrough, Arsenal, Man City, Arsenal (LC), Southampton, C.Palace, Bolton, Exeter (FAC), A.Villa, Middlesbrough (FAC), Birmingham, Portsmouth, Fulham, Blackburn, West Brom 05/06 2 each Aston Villa, Manchester City, Tottenham, Chelsea, West Brom, Bolton, Burton (FAC), Liverpool, Fulham, Newcastle, West Ham, Arsenal, Middlesborough, Sunderland, Charlton, Birmingham 06/07 2.50 each Fulham, Tottenham, Manchester City, A.Villa (FAC), Portsmouth (FAC), Blackburn, Arsenal, A.Villa, Everton, Bolton 07/08 (2.50 each) Tottenham, Reading, Man City (Munich remembered issue - 5), Arsenal, Arsenal (FAC), Sunderland 08/09 West Ham 09/10 Arsenal, Wolves (LC), Sunderland, Bolton, Blackburn, Everton, Tottenham (LC), A.Villa, Wigan 10/11 (1.50 each) West Ham 11/12 (2 each) West Brom, Man City 12/13 (2 each) West Ham, West Ham (FAC), Fulham (FAC) 13/14 (2 each) West Ham, Hull 14/15 (2.50 each) West Ham, Liverpool, Sunderland

Mansfield: 55/6 Darlington, 56/7 Stockport 57/8 Gateshead, Hartlepool, Stockport, 59/60 Halifax 60/1 Northampton, Stockport, 61/2 Gillingham, Stockport, Colchester, Chester, Millwall, Workington, Grimsby (FAC), Cardiff (LC), Wrexham, Aldershot 62/3 Workington, Stockport, Gillingham (sof), Chester, Torquay, Bradford City 63/4 Luton, Reading, Watford, Shrewsbury, Crewe, Coventry, Bristol Rovers, Southend, Notts County, Watford (LC), Colchester, Hull, Barnsley, Bournemouth, Wrexham, Millwall, Oldham 64/5 Luton, QPR, Bristol Rovers, Port Vale, Carlisle, Shrewsbury, Brentford, Workington, Colchester, Reading, Hull 65/6 Brentford, Bristol Rovers, Hull, Exeter, Bournemouth, Reading, Workington, QPR, Shrewsbury, Oldham (FAC), Brighton, Peterborough, Watford 66/7 Darlington, Scunthorpe, Notts County (LC), Middlesbrough, Bristol Rovers, Gillingham, L.Orient, Reading, Shrewsbury, Grimsby, Bangor (FAC), 67/8 Torquay, Brighton, Reading, Scunthorpe, Bournemouth, Bristol Rovers, Gillingham, Northampton, L.Orient, Tranmere, Walsall, Oxford, Shrewsbury, Peterborough 68/9 Bournemouth, Luton, Northampton, Plymouth, Sheffield United (FAC), Gillingham, Oldham, Reading, 69/70 Luton, Brighton, Rochdale, Shrewsbury, Barnsley, Plymouth, 70/1 Wrexham, Tranmere, Walsall, Chesterfield, 71/2 Tranmere, Blackburn, Chesterfield (LC), Bolton, A.Villa, Notts County (Notts Co Cup Final - 5) 72/3 Stockport, Chester, Aldershot, Doncaster 73/4 Torquay, Workington, Hull (Watney Cup) 74/5 Cambridge, Exeter, Notts County (Notts Co Cup Semi) 75/6 Hull (Ang Scot), Shrewbury, Chester, Peterborough, Preston, Gillingham, Grimsby, Wrexham, Southend, Aldershot, Sheffield Wednesday, Rotherham, Walsall, Wrexham(FAC 2nd Rep@ Villa Park), Middlesbrough (Anglo Scot Semi), C.Palace 76/7 Tranmere, Reading, Sheffield Wednesday, Matlock (FAC), Chesterfield, Peterborough 77/78 Stoke, Brighton, Sheffield Utd, Sunderland, Notts County, Plymouth (FAC), Oldham, Southampton, Hull, Tottenham, Charlton, Blackburn, Luton, Bolton, Millwall, C.Palace 78/9 Tranmere, Brentford, Shrewsbury, Oxford, Swindon, Chesterfield, Bury, Watford, Sheffield Wednesday, Chester, Peterborough, Notts County (Anglo Scot Cup), Notts Co (Notts Co Cup Semi)


Middlesbrough54/5 Lincoln, Notts County 60/1 Rotherham, L.Orient, Plymouth, Luton 61/2 Preston, Luton, Bury, L.Orient, Shrewsbury (FAC), Cardiff (FAC), Plymouth, Southampton, Brighton, 62/3 Huddersfield, Plymouth, 63/4 Southampton, Charlton, Huddersfield, Swindon, Plymouth, Grimsby, Rotherham, Norwich, Bradford (LC), Leeds, Swansea, Newcastle 64/5 Sunderland (Fr), Bury, Swansea, L.Orient, Man City, Coventry, Plymouth, Derby, Swindon, Leicester (FAC), Bolton, Charlton (FAC) 65/6 Wolves, Millwall (LC), Norwich, Coventry, Newcastle (Fr), Bury, Charlton, Birmingham, C.Palace 66/7 York (LC), Mansfield, Swansea, Torquay, Peterborough, Swindon, Bournemouth, Shrewsbury, Bristol Rovers, Walsall, Oldham, 67/8 Millwall, Bristol City, Barnsley (LC), Blackpool, Hull, Preston, Rotherham, Chelsea (LC), Blackburn, Newcastle (Fr), C.Palace, Hull (FAC) 68/9 Bolton, Millwall, Blackburn, Carlisle, Hull, Birmingham, Derby, Preston, Portsmouth 69/70 Leicester, Bolton, Man United (FAC), Blackburn, QPR, Huddersfield, Cardiff, Hull 70/1 Blackburn, Charlton, Bolton, Hull, Luton, Sunderland, Carlisle, Oxford, Leicester, 71/2 QPR, Fulham, Milwall, Hull, York (LC), Sheffield Wednesday, Oxford, Charlton, 72/3 Luton, Wrexham (LC), Swindon, Blackpool, A.Villa, 73/4 Sheffield Wednesday, Luton, Preston, Swindon, Sunderland, Hull 74/5 Leicester, Everton, Liverpool, Birmingham, Peterborough (FAC), Stoke, Sunderland (FAC), Wycombe (FAC), West Ham, Hull 75/6 Tottenham, Man United, Derby, Liverpool, Everton, Wolves, Norwich, Leeds, Man City, Peterborough (LC) 76/7 Arsenal, Leicester, Arsenal (FAC), Sunderland, Man United, Liverpool, Coventry, Hereford (FAC), Leeds, Newcastle, Stoke, West Brom, A.Villa, Wimbledon (FAC), Tottenham, Ipswich, Derby,

Millwall: 54/5 Bournemouth 55/6 Reading, Bournemouth, Rotherham, Norwich, Coventry, Exeter, Brentford, Colchester, Shrewsbury, Newport, QPR, Aldershot, Swindon, Northampton, Southend, L.Orient 56/7 Swindon, 57/8 Charlton, Sunderland, Exeter, Port Vale, Ex Millwall X1, Gillingham, Brentford, Northampton, Plymouth, Torquay, Southampton, Watford, Blues v Reds 58/9 Darlington, Port Vale 59/60 Doncaster, Carlisle, C.Palace, Stockport, 60/1 Chelsea (LC), Barrow, Accrington, Exeter, Darlington, Hartlepool, Crewe, Workington, Grimsby 61/2 Doncaster, Tranmere, Rochdale, Chesterfield, Darlington, Stockport, Barrow, Oldham, Bradford City, Carlisle, Gillingham, Wrexham, Walsall (LC) 62/3 Bradford Park Avenue, Watford, Northampton, C.Palace, Hull, Shrewsbury, Reading, Bournemouth, Margate (FAC), Coventry, Colchester, Brighton, Barnsley, Notts County, Bristol Rovers 63/4 Bristol City, Hull, Brentford, Walsall, Watford, Colchester, Mansfield, Coventry, C.Palace, Barnsley, Notts County, Bristol Rovers, Port Vale, Lincoln (LC), Reading, Peterborough 64/5 Fulham (FAC), Crewe, Shrewsbury (FAC), Newport, Barrow, Tranmere, Notts County, Charlton (Kent County Cup), Kettering (FAC), Lincoln, York, Chester, Halifax, Doncaster, Wrexham 65/6 Wealdstone (FAC), Reading, Swansea, Hull, Southend, Shrewsbury, Grimsby, Workington (Big Screen promotion prog - 5), Peterborough, 66/7 Plymouth, Tottenham (FAC), Portsmouth, C.Palace, Charlton, Northampton, Hull, Birmingham, Preston, Cardiff, Ipswich, Carlisle, Huddersfield, Derby, Bristol City, All Stars X1 67/8 Sheffield United (LC), Northampton (LC), Plymouth, QPR, Norwich, Bolton, Preston, Bristol City, A.Villa, Blackpool, Ipswich, Birmingham, Huddersfield, Blackburn, Hull 68/9 Leicester (FAC), Huddersfield, Carlisle, Cardiff, Portsmouth, Bolton, Oxford, C.Palace, Bury, Middlesbrough (FAC), Sheffield United, A.Villa, Blackpool, Blackburn, Hull, Norwich, Bristol City, Barnsley