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Irish Football Programmes

Prices as per General League

General League

60’S Glenavon
77/8 Glentoran (Ulster Cup)
78/9 Glenavon, Linfield
80/1 Linfield (Gold Cup), Cliftonville
81/2 Portadown, Cliftonville (Ulster Cup,si), Glentoran
82/3 Glentoran, Larne (Bass Cup), Linfield (Ulster Cup)
83/4 Cliftonville (Ulster Cup), Glentoran
84/5 Glentoran (TNT Cup), Cliftonville, Glentoran
85/6 Newry
86/7 Glentoran
88/9 Ballyclare (Ulster Cup)
89/90 Glenavon (Ulster Cup), Coleraine
90/1 Linfield (Ulster Cup), Coleraine (TNT Cup), Glenavon, Bangor, Linfield, Cliftonville,
91/2 Glentoran
92/3 Glentoran, Linfield
94/5 Coleraine/Newry (double issue)
95/6 Glentoran
96/7 Carrick Rangers (Ulster Cup), Glentoran, Cliftonville
97/8 Glenavon/Cliftonville (Coca Cola Cup (double issue), Cliftonville
98/9 Cliftonville (Play Off)
02/03 Portadown(Lg)/Glentoran (Lg Cup) - Joint issue Ards Rangers
99/00 Northern Telecom (Border Reg.Cup Final)

Armagh City:
89/90 University of Ulster, Coleraine
90/1 Bessbrook (B.Radcliffe Cup),
94/5 Dundela
05/06 Institute (League & CIS Cup) (double issue)

Ballyclare Comrades:
84/5 Newry (Bass Cup)
91/2 Cliftonville (Ulster Cup)  

Ballymena United:
64/5 Linfield 80/1 Linfield (Ulster Cup)  
87/8 Glentoran (Cawoods Chalice)
03/4 Glentoran  

Ballynanty Rovers:
81/2 Waterford Bohemians (Jun Cup Semi)  

Banbridge Town:
93/4 Linfield (Bass Cup)  

60’s Portadown, Distillery
77/8 Distillery
80/1 Linfield,
81/2 Larne/Ards (double issue),
82/3 Cliftonville/Crusaders (double issue)
83/4 Coleraine (Lg)/Glentoran (Cup)(double issue)
88/9 Linfield/Cliftonville (double issue)
90/1 Glentoran (Cup)
94/5 Linfield (Lg)/Glentoran (Cup) (double issue)

Bluebell United:
99/00 Shelbourne (Sen Cup)  

84/5 Shamrock Rovers
86/7 Derry (FAI Cup)
88/9 Derry (FAI Cup)
89/90 Cork City, Galway, Drogheda
91/2 St Pats, Bluebell Utd
96/7 Home Farm Everton
01/02 Shamrock, Shelbourne
07/08 Derry/Wolves (Fr) (double issue)  

Bray Wanderers:
85/6 Drogheda
86/7 Home Farm
96/7 St Pats

Broadford Rovers:
94/5 Shelbourne (Lights opening)  Carrick Rangers  
85/6 Distillery (Overnite Cup), Glentoran/Distillery (joint issue)

Celtic Warriors:
1992 5 a side tournament Chimney Corner:  
85/6 Glenavon, Cliftonville:
65/6 Glenavon
76/7 Coleraine (Gold Cup)
77/8 Glenavon
80/1 Crusaders
81/2 Glentoran, Glentoran (Irish Cup), Portadown, Crusaders
82/3 Crusaders, Glenavon, Coleraine
83/4 Glentoran/Bangor (double issue), Coleraine (Henn Gold Cup)
86/7 Glentoran (Ulster Cup)
89/90 Bangor
90/1 Ards (TNT Gold Cup), Omagh (Ulster Cup), Ballymena Utd (Gold Cup), Glentoran
94/5 Omagh
98/9 Linfield, Glentoran, Glentoran (Irish Cup) Player of the year dinner menu
00/01 Glentoran
03/4 Glentoran (Aug & Nov)
04/05 Dungannon Swifts, Glentoran

Cloughleigh Celtic:  
96/7 Home Farm Everton (FAI Yth C.Final)

Cobh Ramblers:
88/9  St James Gate
89/90 Longford, Waterford,
90/1 Bray
91/2 Longford, Monaghan, St James Gate
92/3 Finn Harps
93/4 Drogheda, Kilkenny City (Sen.Challene Cup - 2 separate versions), Monaghan,
94/5 Shelbourne (Sen.Cup), Sligo, St Pats
95/6 Finn Harps, Kilkenny, Longford (Nov & Apr), Monaghan, St James Gate (Dec & Apr), Wateford (Oct & Mar)
96/7 Drogheda, Wateford

79/80 Larne (Gold Cup)
85/6 Glentotan (Bass Final)
90/1 Armagh City
96/7 Portadown
00/01 Glentoran

Cork City:
86/7 Cobh (FAI Cup),
91/2 Bray, Drogheda, Drogheda (FAI Cup), Galway, Shelbourne, St.Pats, Waterford  
93/4 Cobh
94/5 St Pats, UCD
95/6 St Pats, UCD, Athlone, Drogheda, Droheda/Shelbourne (Apr, double issue), Galway, Shelbourne, Sligo,  Sligo (Sen Cup)
96/7 Galway (FAI Cup), Galway, UCD

Crewe United:
88/9 Linfield (Floodlight opening)  

84/5 Glentoran
85/6 Portadown
87/8 Linfield (Gold Cup)
88/9 Grove Utd (Pre Season Fr), Glentoran (Budweiser Cup)
90/1 Linfield
94/5 Glentoran
97/8 Killyleagh (Bass Cup),
00/01 Glentoran, Omagh
02/03 Cliftonville

Derry City:
86/7 Shelbourne, Monaghan
87/8 Bohemians, Cork
88/9 Galway, Longford (FAI Cup), Waterford  
91/2 Sligo (Lg Cup), Sligo (Lg)
93/4 Cobh Ramblers, Cork, Shamrock (Oct & Jan), Monaghan,
07/08 St Pats

81/2 Linfield (Sen Shield Final),
82/3 Glentoran

Donegal Celtic:
10/11 Glentoran  

63/4 St.Patricks (Lg Shield)

86/7 Moynalvey (Challenge C.Final)

61/2 St.Pats Athletic
96/7 St Pats, Cork, Home Farm Everton
97/8 UCD, Kilkenny City, (Oct & Apr) Shelbourne, Cork City, Sligo Rovers, Shamrock Rovers, Derry City, Drogheda, St.Pats Athletic, Bohemians, Finn Harps
98/9 Longford Town (LC), Shelbourne

Dungannon Swifts:
93/4 Moyola Park
03/04 Glentoran

Finn Harps:
06/07 Galway  

Galway United:
84/5 Finn Harps (Lg of Ireland Shield),
87/8 Derry
92/3 Finn Harps, Home Farm, Longford, UCD
94/5 Sligo
99/00 Waterford
10/11 Shamrock  

93/4 Portadown (Shield),  
94/5 Omagh Town (Cup), Monaghan
98/9 Glentoran

78/9 Glenavon
81/2 Bangor (Ulster Cup), Ballymena, Bangor
83/4 Distillery (Irish Cup), Newry, Glenavon (Irish Cup), Cliftonville
84/5 Glenavon (Gold Cup),
87/8 Bangor, Ards/Crusaders (joint issue), Distillery, Linfield
89/90 Barn United (Irish Cup)
90/1 Omagh (Gold Cup), Linfield/Carrick Rangers (joint issue)
91/2 Linfiield, Cliftonville, Omagh/Ards (joint issue)
92/3 Ards
95/6 Omagh (Ulster Cup)
98/9 Newry, Linfield, Glenavon, Omagh Town, Cliftonville
99/00 Lisburn Distillery
00/01 Portadown/Glenavon (joint issue)
01/02 Omagh Town
02/03 Omagh Town
03/04 Newry, Linfield
04/05 Linfield (Irish Cup)
07/08 Linfield, Glenavon

Home Farm:
98/9 Athlone Institute:
02/03 Glentoran
04/05 Portadown  

80/1 Coleraine, Glentoran
81/2 Coleraine
84/5 Ballymena, Cliftonville
86/7 Glentoran
89/90 Cliftonville, Glentoran
94/5 Crusaders
95/6 Distillery

70/1 Ballymena £5,
74/5 Glenavon (Ulster Cup), Ballymena (Ulster Cup), Distillery (Ulster Cup), Distillery, Crusaders (City Cup), Ards, Glenavon, Ballymena
75/6 Ards (City Cup), Portadown (Ulster Cup), Cliftonville (Ulster Cup), Bangor (Ulster Cup), Coleraine (Ulster Cup), Glenavon (City Cup), Distillery (City Cup), Larne, Crusaders, Ards, Ballymena, Banghor (Irish Cup), Coleraine, Glenavon, Cliftonville
76/7 Coleraine, Ballymena
77/8 Distillery (Cup), Crusaders
78/9 Ballymena (Ulster Cup), Crusaders, Coleraine, Ballymena
79/80 Larne , Ballymena, Bangor, Crusaders (Shield), Distillery (Bass Cup), Crusaders Cup),
80/1 Larne, Distillery, Portdown (Cup)
81/2 Glentoran, Larne, Bangor (Cup)
82/3 Ards/Watford (Fr), Bangor (Cup), Bangor, Glenavon, Coleraine (Ulster Cup), Glentoran
83/4 Ards, Shamrock (Jamison Benefit), Distillery, Crusaders (Ulster Cup), Ballymena, Glentoran (Ulster Cup)
84/5 Distillery (Gold Cup), Bangor, Carrick Rangers, Cliftonville, Portadown  
85/6 Crusaders/Glentoran (joint issue)
86/7 Carrick Rangers (Gold Cup), Glentoran, Carrick Rangers
87/8 Glentoran, Glentoran (Antrim Chalice)
88/9 Omagh (Budweiser Cup), Glentoran, Carrick Rangers
89/90 Portadown, Glenavon, Glenavon (Bass Cup)
91/2 Ballyclare Comrades
92/3 Ballymena, Carrick Rangers, Glenavon, Omagh (Bass Cup)
93/4 Glentoran (Cup), Omagh, Cliftonville (Gold Cup)
94/5 Glentoran, Portadown
95/6 Cliftonville, RUC (Lg Cup), Ballymena (Ulster Cup), Crusaders (Gold Cup), Crusaders, Glenavon, Glentoran, Larne (Ulster Cup), Bangor
96/7 Glenavon
97/8 Omagh, Glentoran
98/9 Glentoran
99/00 Portadown
02/03 Cliftonville (Irish Cup), Ards, Omagh (Oct & Apr), Lisburn Distillery/Glentoran (joint issue)
05/06 Loughall (Irish Cup)  

Lisburn Distillery:
00/01 Armagh City
02/03 Portadown

Longford Town:
84/5 Drogheda, Finn Harps, Shelbourne, UCD  
06/07 Bray  

96/7 Cliftonville (Lg Cup), RUC
99/00 RUC
00/01 Dundela

86/7 Cobh Ramblers (Ground opening)

Monaghan United:
94/5 Longford  

Newry Town:
82/3 Cliftonville (Cup)
83/4 Cliftonville (Ulster Cup), Cliftonville
85/6 Ballymena Utd,
86/7 Linfield, Glentoran, Cliftonville (Bass Cup)

Omagh Town:  
82/3 Carrick, Brantwood, Newry
85/6 Tobermore/Chimney Corner/Ballymoney (joint issue)

88/9 Midleton (FAI Cup)

Pike Rovers:
83/4 St Francis (Jun Cup)

78/9 Ballymena (Cup Replay)  
79/80 Cliftonville (Ulster Cup)
85/6 Coleraine (Gold Cup), Bangor (Gold Cup)
89/90 Linfield
91/2 Cliftonville (TNT Cup), Cliftonville (Budweiser Cup), Linfield (Antrim Shield)
92/3 Linfield (Budweiser Cup), Glentoran (Bass Cup, torn corner)
93/4 Omagh (Ulster Cup), Glentoran, Omagh, Linfield
95/6 Glentoran (Dec & Apr), Ards,
02/03 Cliftonville, Newry (CIS Cup), Glentoran (CIS Cup), Glentoran, Coleraine  
03/04 Ballymena (CIS Cup), Omagh
07/08 Newington (Irish Cup)  

Royal Ulster Constabulary:
95/6 Armagh  

Shamrock Rovers:  
80/1 Galway,
86/7 St Pats
89/90 Derry
90/1 Derry
94/5 Sligo  

83/4 Shamrock  
86/7 St Pats, Derry  
88/9 Bohemians, Cork,
89/90 Bray (FAI Cup)
92/3 Cork, St Pats
94/5 St Pats, Bohemians, Cobh Ramblers, Galway United,
95/6 UCD, St Pats
96/7  St Pats (FAI Lg Cup),
00/01 Shamrock (FAI Cup)

Sligo Rovers:
95/6 St.Pats

98/9 Bray Wanderers

St James' Gate:  
91/2 Waterford
92/3 Longford/Finn Harps (joint issue)
94/5 St Pats

St Patrick's Athletic:
81/2 Shamrock
85/6 Longford, Shelbourne
87/8 Derry
88/9 Galway
89/90 Derry, Galway United
90/1 Derry, Derry (Lg Cup Semi), Shelbourne (Lg Cup)
91/2 Bray (FAI Cup), Shamrock (FAI Cup), UCD (FAI Cup)
92/3 Bray (Lg Cup), Bray, Drogheda, Shelbourne, Sligo, Waterford (Dec & Mar), Finn Harps (FAI Cup), Bohemians
93/4 Bray (Lg Cup), Shelbourne
94/5 Shamrock, Monaghan, Shelbourne, Sligo
95/6 Athlone, Bohemians, Dundalk, Fanad (Sen Cup), Galway, Shelbourne, Sligo, Workmans Dunleary (Sen Cup)
96/7 Home Farm, Shelbourne

Tramore Athletic:
92/3 Univ Coll.Cork (Jun Super Cup Final)

University College Dublin (UCD):
92/3 St Pats (FAI Cup)
95/6 St Pats
99/00 Shamrock
07/08 Bray

80/1 Drogheda
81/2 Finn Harps,  Home Farm
84/5 Finn Harps
93/4 Finn Harps, Longford, St James Gate, UCD
94/5 Finn Harps, Home Farm, Kilkenny (Oct & Mar), Longford, St James Gate, UCD,
96/7 Shamrock (Sen Cup)  

Wayside Celtic:
90/1 St James Gate (FAI Cup)
92/3 Cobh Ramblers (FAI Cup)
95/6 Cherry Orchard

Finals and Semi Finals

78/9 Glenavon v Portadown (Irish Cup Semi)
82/3 Linfield v Glentoran (Bass Final), Cobh Ramblers v Sligo Rovers (FAI Sen Cup Semi Final)  
84/5 Linfield v Glentoran (Overnite Gold Cup Final), Shamrock Rovers v Athlone Town (FAI Cup Semi Final), Linfield v Glentoran (Bass Cup Final Replay), Newmarket Celtic v Hermitage (Clare Haughey Cup Final)
85/6 Crofton Celtic v Everton (intermediate Cup Final)
86/7 Glentoran v Linfield (Gold Cup Final) Glentoran v Newry/Coleraine v Larne (Bass Irish Cup Semis, 2 in One) Liffey Wanderes v Celbridge Town (Dalton Cup Final),
87/8 Linfield v Glentoran (Gold Cup Semi Final), Ballymena v Glenavon/Glentoran v Portadown (Bass Irish Cup Semis, 2 in One)
88/9 Linfield v Newry (Gold Cup Semi)  
89/90  Newry v Portadown (League Cup Semi), Cobh Wanderers v Ballyfermot United (Intermediate Cup Semi), Glentoran v Linfield (Cawoods Senior Shield Final), Glentoran v Portadown + Linfield v Glenavon (Gold Cup Semi Finals), Linfield v Glentoran (Budweiser Cup Final),
90/1 Glenavon v Cliftonville/Bangor v Portadown (Gold Cup Semis 2 in One), Bangor Amateurs v Standard Telephones & Cables (Border Regiment Cup Final), Glentoran v Ards (Roadferry League Cup Final)
91/2 Glenavon v Cliftonville/Glentoran v Ballymena (Gold Cup Semis, 2 in One), Ballymena v Gelnavon/Crusaders v Linfield (Bass Cup Semis, 2 in One), Glentoran v Cliftonville (TNT Gold Cup Final)
92/3 Ards v Glenavon/Portadown v Linfield (Ulster Cup Semis, 2 in One), Ballymena v Cliftonville/Bangor v Portadown (Gold Cup Semis, 2 in One), Ards v Clifonville + Bangor v Glentoran (Irish Cup Semi Finals)  
94/5  Coleraine v Glentoran/Crusaders v Linfield (Gold Cup Semis, 2 in One)
95/6 Ballymena v Crusaders/Portadown v Glenavon (Antrim Shield Semis, 2 in One), Ards v Cliftonville/Glentoran v Portadown (Coca Cola Floodlit Cup Semis, 2 in One), Priory United v Kilmallock (Maddens Milk Cup Final), Newmarket Celtic v Shannon Olympic (Carling Cup Final)
96/7  Crusaders v Glenavon/Portadown v Glentoran (Coca Cola Semi's, 2 in One), Glenavon v Omagh/Cliftonville v Loughall (Bass Irish Cup Semis, 2 in One), Galway United v Limerick (1st Div Shield Final)
97/8 Glenavon v Crusaders + Linfield v Glentoran (Bass Cup Semi Final, 2 in one), Glenavon v Crusaders/Omagh v Coleraine (Gold Cup Semis, 2 in One), Ballymena v Cliftonville (Coca Cola Semi Final),Ballymena v Cliftonville/Glenavon v Linfield (Coca Cola Cup Semis,  in One),  
98/9 Glentoran v Linfield/Cliftonville v Distillery (Antrim Shield Semis, 2 in One), Linfield v Cliftonville/Glentoran v Carrick Rangers (Coca Cola Semis, 2 in One)
99/00 [b1] Portadown v Coleraine (Bass Irish Cup Semi final replay)  
00/01 Glenavon v Glentoran (Lg Cup Final), Crumlin United v Drumaness Mills (Border Regiment Cup Final) 01/02 Dundela v Glentoran11 (Steel & Sons Cup Final), Linfield v Killyleagh/Portadown v Coleraine (Irish Cup Semis, 2 in One),
02/03 Coleraine v Omagh/Portadown v Glentoran (Irish Cup Semis, 2 in One)
03/04 Glentoran v Omagh/Coleraine v Limavady (Irish Cup Semis, 2 in One)
04/05 Ballymena v Larne/Glentoran v Portadown (Irish Cup Semis, 2 in One), Glentoran v Portadown (Irish Cup Semi Final Replay)
05/06 Glentoran v Portadown/Linfield v Lisburn Distillery (CIS Insurance Lg Cup Semis, 2 in One)
08/09 Newry v Lisburn/Glentoran v Portadown (CIS INs Cup Semis, 2 in One)
09/10 Portadown v Glentoran/Coleraine v Dungannon Swifts (CIS Ins Cup Semis, 2 in One)

Friendly Programmes v Non Irish Clubs

81/2 West Brom   

Bray Wanderers:
96/7 Kilmarnock

Derry City:  
89/90 Leicester  

80/1 Liverpool
91/2 Celtic
92/3 Blackburn, Millwall
95/6 Brondby

Hearts Finn Harps:  
84/5 Glasgow Celtic, Galway United
06/07 Ipswich (Fr - £5)

90/1 Wolves
97/8 Blackpool

05/06 Wrexham

90/1 Stranraer Linfield:
80/1 Southampton, Stoke, Man United
83/4 Glasgow Rangers
84/5 Bolton/Watford (joint issue)
86/7 Sunderland/Newcastle (joint issue)
95/6 Glasgow Rangers

03/04 Lincoln/Total Network Solutions (joint Issue)

St Francis:
98/9  Dagenham & Redbridge

(All priced at £2 each)

Billy CASKEY  Glentoran v Dundee United Aug 1990


Ian CURLISS: Portadown v Dundalk Aug 1991

Ben HANNIGAN Shelbourne v Millwall July 1994


Michael GODDARD  Dundela/Glentoran Select v Dungannon Swifts/Linfield Select May 1996

Terry HAYES: Linfield v St Pats Aug 1988

Martin LAWLOR Dundalk v Chelsea Aug 1986 £5

Alec LUDZIC: Cobh Ramblers Selection v Cork City Selection May 1990

Terry MOORE: Glentoran v Derry City Aug 1993

Billy MURRAY: Linfield v Shamrock Aug 1987

Robert STRAIN Glentoran 80/1 v Glentoran 87/8
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